1st Aseanovela in the Philippines

The Legendary Siblings 2  (also known as Amazing Twins)

Chinese/Taiwanese soap operas were introduced to Filipino televiewers. It wasn’t as if we had not seen Chinese soaps before. Chinese action dramas have been appearing on different TV networks since I was a little girl, but not many Filipinos watched them. You know those Chinese dramas where the actors, dress in traditional costumes, do martial arts a lot during the fighting scenes. I guess they didn’t strike our fancy, because their stories are far from reality. Besides, they weren’t dubbed in Filipino, there were subtitles.

The 1st Aseanovela captivated the heart of many Filipinos is Amazing Twins.

In 2002, IBC 13 aired the very first dubbed Asianovela (Asian-produced telenovela), “Amazing Twins”. The setting is also Ancient China, but the characters are more realistic than those from old Chinese soap operas. I watched it, because there is more love story in it than action. It wasn’t as famous as Meteor Garden, but it was appreciated by some Filipino viewers.


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