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That burger I personally craved!


One Sunday afternoon when we, ( my husband and I) decided to eat in one of the famous fast food restaurant here in Cebu. This restaurant is very accessible and convenient since anybody can eat here, foods are cheap and staffs are well-trained and very accommodating. Me, starving didn’t waste time to take my first bite of cheese burger, my ultimate favorite. Since then I really had a great time eating cheese burger at this restaurant. Not until that day that I realized that it’s not the tasty burger I’ve ever liked before. In my dismay I asked my husband why it taste a bit salty this time. He just say maybe because I am pregnant. Yes, I am 4 months pregnant at that time.

My taste buds are unusual, it’s different. I craved for it the whole time yet I feel disappointed when I finally taste it. I am sure pregnant women feels. After that afternoon I really swear that I am not gonna eat that burger again. Sounds funny because I really take that seriously and I blame it on my unbalance hormones at that point in time.

Until one day, hubby came up with a brilliant idea. He suggested to go back to the restaurant where we once dine together with my cousin a year ago. I really had food cravings so without further ado, I agreed thinking sooner the better. A day after, we decided to go in that restaurant. We ordered chicken burger with a healthy drinks made of avocado and cucumber lemon. The chicken burger were perfect with potato fries in it’s side. There are many other options of sandwiches and burgers too. They had pastas and salads too. I can really say that it is delicious and tasty.

The chicken burger were perfectly blend with lettuce and a sliced of tomato delighted with cheese and mayonnaise inside it’s bun. I paired it with avocado shake while hubby take the cucumber lemon juice. There’s a different taste of beverages as well. All healthy with it’s good taste. You can also choose  coffee drinks for those coffee lovers and even “sikwate”. A very traditional cebuano version of hot chocolate. I guess you can never go wrong with their all for Php 50 beverages. All are healthy options.

We have different taste after all, different cravings and different favorites. I am not into burgers personally so it really sinks me when I tried it. One thing is that, their restaurant is just 30 minutes away from our house. Located along the road, very easy to find. Perfect place to dine together with your friends and loved ones. The place is clean and the staffs are very approachable. Real good food for less. Pocket friendly, a must try!




Philippines is one the most beautiful places on earth, It has amazing natural resources and one of its Island is “Boracay”. It is known for its reowned white sand beaches!

It can get crowded so try to travel at off-peak season (somewhere in June to October)
Not only is it cheaper (accommodation, airfare, etc.) but you will also be able to avoid the throng of people. You can’t avoid this kind of ‘touristy’ state because it really comes with very popular places (like come on, what can you expect?).

However, I have to say that the high peak season also has a distinct charm to it because it’s the period wherein a lot of events and parties are abound! I actually remember how fun (and funny) it was to book a getaway trip to Boracay some time ago in March, only to see that almost all of the people I know in university were also taking a breather in the island — from that point on, it turned into a big ‘get-together’ for all of us!

If you’re a foreigner though, don’t worry! Boracay is a great place to meet people. Besides, we Filipinos are known for being friendly and warm so don’t be shy in striking up a conversation with someone.


Don’t confine yourself in the ‘White Beach’
The center of it all is ‘White Beach’ — a 4-kilometer-long postcard-perfect stretch that is divided into three stations (Station 1, Station 2, and Station 3). Apart from the glorious view, this is also the place where all the action happens! From bars, hotels, restaurants, to shops and more! So it naturally happens that this is the most crowded part of the island; fortunately however, there are other white sand beaches in Boracay that you can explore which are above all, less packed.

Contrary to popular belief, it’s NOT expensive to stay in Boracay
There are a lot of hotels and inns that won’t break your travel budget. There are even various restaurants scattered around the island that can offer you hearty yet ridiculously affordable meals.

Pressure to Prayer in to Power

Pressure to Prayer in to Power

When every aspect of life seems to crush you, and the pressure is felt moment by moment. It will bring you at your knees because there’s no one that can help you but coming to God in prayer. The time you surrender to Him your concerns and embrace the process of working in your life, then you will experience His victorious power.

The Pressure Felt

After working for 12 years in the Middle East I decided to stay for good in my home country, the Philippines, My family agrees that it is time to be together after the longest time that we were apart. Planning to work locally was not easy especially looking for a job due to some considerations of my previous income, my qualifications, and other things. Months past without an income the pressure is felt that my shoulder becomes heavy everyday. Pressure on how I will provide for my family’s need. My situation of having no job, no income boils my character but praise God it brings me to my knees to come to the Lord in prayer.

The Prayer Answered

Many plans come to mind what job I should pursue or what I would do to generate an income. The book of Proverbs says, “Many are the plans in a man’s heart but God purpose will prevail.” I ask for wisdom and God is very generous in answering my prayer. He gave me an idea to why not try to be a Virtual Assistant. Opportunity comes for me to know and enroll at VAbootcamp for my VA course. It was indeed an answered prayer, I enjoyed learning and doing the assignment of each topic. I believe that this is God’s plan-that He put me here at VAbootcamp to become a successful Virtual Assistant. 

The Power Revealed 

Seeking God’s kingdom first and submitting to Him in His processes He show things that I needed. God teach me to be humble while preparing me for the new possibilities of my career. He also, helped me to submit to the authority of VAbootcamp in their processes of equipping me to become a Virtual Assistant. Breaking through pressure I was placed in my life, I will persevere and rise to continue seeing another world of possibilities. Hard work is far more beneficial because the Lord is revealing His power. He is working on my attitude. He is working on my character. He is working on my abilities. He is working on my heart. He is working on me completing every lacking knowledge because there was no way God was going to present me to the world of Freelancer an unrefined, underdeveloped, unequipped.

After crushing me, God exercises His grace by allowing me to experience His equipping process to seek Him in Prayer so that His power will be revealed.

I choose Freelancing

Freelancing my best choice.

My name is Yvette, I graduated as BSN student 9 years ago. I work as assistant nurse for 1 year, I admit our salary back then was horrible. I need to work 8 hours a day with a salary that cannot even compensate my traveling fee. I stayed for 1 year and after that I decided to work on a Call Center. At first, I have been having a hard time applying for the job until six times of failing the final interviews and exams; finally, I got the job and it is a non voice position. Staying with the company for 3 years has given me a lot of opportunities they trained me how to become a subject matter expert and an assistant to our Team Leaders. I was able to apply all of the things that they have thought me when I transfer to another Center for another 3 years.

I was very happy cause I can do all things that a normal single person can do. I eat, drink and travel a lot with my friends. I can go out and do shopping at the mall hours before my shift and many more. I can not blame myself because I always said that “You Only Live


Once”. Sometimes, doing that “YOLO” thing has some consequences and yes you got it right. My reliabilities suffer a lot, I have friends that has a different schedule than mine and they will be out partying without me, what will I do is I send a text message to my TL that I cannot make it to work. I have a very good performance when it comes to QA and CSATS; but when it comes to attendance I always fail.

When I got married 3years ago, my husband convince me to stay at home and take care of our child and I did agree with him. I feel that my child needs someone that can really take care of him. My husband has a lot of work and yet he is also trying to finish his study. I really want to help him and take care of my child as well. I already gave up my YOLO life for them and I need to do something to earn more from my family. I tried checking a lot of websites and facebook pages to see if there is anything that I can do like work, sell some stuffs etc. Then I  found Sir Jason’s VABootcamp, I try  to read all of the post and watch some facebook live videos. I also sent some emails and chats with the former students asking for assistant and what are the benefits enrolling to VABootcamp.


Some advised that was given to me is to be focus and modules and lessons here. You should be really dedicated on the work/assignment that has been given, this will also help you practice navigating the sites. If you failed just try again, there is a lot of room for errors but you really need to learn from that mistakes in order for you to proceed to the next step. Now, I am enjoying being a student at VABootcamp and I am hoping that I can graduate soon so that I can start looking for clients begin to work.






The scene where Chris sinks into a void called “The Sunken Place”.

I love Horror Movies. If you don’t know, Get Out is a Horror Movie that was released in 2017 that was written and directed by Jordan Peele.  I know the movie is a bit old, considering that it was released 2 years ago. However, I do want to share my thoughts about it and why I have included this to the list of my favorite Horror Movies.

I’m quite sure most of us have seen a couple of Horror Movies. So what comes to your mind when you think of the Horror Movie Genre? For most of us, a Horror Movie includes spirits, ghosts, and demons. That’s where Get Out gives it’s viewers (especially the Horror fans) a different experience when it comes to the Horror Film Genre: It’s not your typical Horror Movie.

Here’s a short description of what the movie is about:

The film is about an interracial couple, Chris Washington and Rose Armitage. The couple goes to Upstate New York so that Chris can meet Rose’s family for the first time. This is a big deal for the couple because Chris is Rose’s first black boyfriend. The horror starts unraveling for the couple when Chris notices some strange things about Rose’s family’s black servants and their friends after being hypnotized by her mother. (I won’t go into detail about the movie’s plot so that I won’t be spoiling anything to those who haven’t seen it yet.)

Here are 4 Reasons Why I Love the Film:


4. A Comedian’s Successful Horror Feature Debut.

The shocking thing that you might find out about this Horror Film, is that it was written and directed by comedian–Jordan Peele.

I am a fan of Keagan-Micheal Key and Jordan Peele. I watch their show on Comedy Central and, I sometimes watch their old MadTV skits on Youtube. So, I am quite familiar with Peele’s career as a comedian. I was a bit shocked when I found out that his name would be included in the horror genre. Considering that this was Peele’s directorial debut, I was pleasantly surprised that Peele has crafted a perfect horror satire with knife-edge humor and genuinely chair-grabbing tension.

Keegan-Micheal Key (Left) and Jordan Peele (Right). They have a show called Key and Peele which airs on Comedy Central.

3. Symbolism and References.

 Get Out also contains numerous references to the current and past socio-political climate of the United States. The most obvious example of this is the garden ‘auction’ held for Chris by the Armitage family for their guests. While this links into the story, it is impossible for the audience to not think about slavery.

Auction Scene from the Movie, Get Out.

2. Not Your Typical Horror Movie.

          As I’ve previously stated, Get Out contains no ghosts, spirits or demons as one might expect to see when watching a horror film  And yet it is scary in a way that it manages to build its suspense that I’m sure a die-hard horror aficionado would appreciate the chilling content of the film. It’s funny, it’s tense, it features two great performances from Chris and Rose and Jordan Peele, expertly creates a web of odd tension where you actually don’t know what is happening for the majority of the run time. The movie elevates to a “Holy Shit!” level when it is revealed about what’s actually happening at the family’s estate.

1. It Will Make You Squirm.

A horror film is only good if it is one thing: SCARY. Most films have a core theme or message they wish to convey but an audience still needs to enjoy a film whether it’s thrilling, funny or scary. In the case of Get Out, the film ticks all three traits. The film’s mixture of horror and comedy creates something entirely unique. The mixture of these genres also compliments the story as it aims to confuse the audience. The audience is constantly thrown off by the film’s sudden shifts. They have no idea what is happening and what will happen next.  Get Out removes all the safety nets and even the most experienced horror aficionados will be unable to sit still.


Overall, Get Out is witty and scary and fun. It’s also rattling with outrage, and, in its peculiar and prickly way, a bitter sadness. I haven’t seen a horror movie like it in quite some time.


Here is the Movie’s Trailer:

Our Biggest Investment

Our Biggest Investment

How do you see yourself 20 years from now? 

Are you still employed and earning good money? Are you still able to provide for the needs of your family? Are you living the life of your dreams? Have you already ticked all the boxes in your bucket list? Or maybe its the other way around? At this point in your life, have you really thought about your biggest investment – your retirement?

The Sad Truth

        In your prime, you feel you are successful. Your measure of success is your capability to buy the things you want. A brand new car, an upgraded gadget every time a new model comes out, a wide flat screen TV or a whole collection of signature bags and shoes. But when asked if you have savings? Your answer is, “Yes, i am saving up for a house and lot for my family.” or “I am saving up for the latest car model now.” or much worse some would say “None.” or “A little bit.” It’s sad but it’s true that most of us Filipinos do not have the mentality of saving up for our future retirement. We are happy and contented thinking that we can depend on our SSS pension that may not even be enough to cover our maintenance medicines and checkups. Then you might think you can depend on your children when you know they already have their own families and expenses. And sometimes, this happens in real life, they are unwilling to take care and provide for you. Would you want to be in that hopeless position of regret and just look back at all the things that you now think you should have done when you are still full of energy, life and vitality?

Start Now

        So what are going to do while you still have time left in your hands? It’s never too late to take action. Stop borrowing. Start saving for the needs of your future self. Protect your loved ones. Invest to beat inflation. Spend your money wisely. Buy thinking quality over quantity. It’s okay to splurge and treat yourself sometimes. Invest on experiences instead of things. It’s better to delay gratitude rather than having it all now and losing everything later in life. Plant seeds now. Harvest abundance later and share it with the one you love. 🙂




OFW Mom & Dad

To earn for a living abroad is a great sacrifice.

The times and sweet memories you’re supposed to share with your love ones, passes by so fast.

When starting your own family, the first 1000 days of a child is the most significant days of a child. Where he grows so fast and needs the assistance and guidance of a parent.

I stopped working the moment I gave birth to my first child. Living abroad is difficult, but with the help of my mother, we overcame all the challenges financially. Days and nights gone by so fast and there’s a need for me to work again. Both me and my husband decided to leave our son in the Philippines, need to face our fears of separation.  To think of leaving my son breaks my heart enormously because we haven’t been separated since the day he was born.

Until a friend of mine, introduces a freelance work where I just need to work from home. A big decision not to go back on my previous work abroad and to take a Virtual Assistant Bootcamp has beed decided. I am happy to think that I will not be separated with my son. I just need to stay focused on the course and do my best. I’m planning to go back abroad with my son to be with my husband and work as a home based mom there. I thank God for all the opportunities He have given me.

I choose HOME


Working away from home, I’ve done that. It’s not easy, it’s not as happy as what other people saw in our pictures. We smiled, we go out to eat, we do shopping as often as we want compared to the times when we were working in the Philippines. Other people think that once you are working abroad you have lots of money, we do have money higher than what we have compared to the times that we were working in the Philippines, but they don’t know how difficult it is for us to be away.

Being away with our family and special someone is difficult to the point that all you can do is cry because you miss them, thinking that you were not there during special occasions. Talking to them through video calls is not enough it makes me miss them more.

Working away from homemade me realized that no amount of money can buy the happiness being with your family and love ones, and nothing in this world can turn back the times that’s been lost being away from them.

Why Visit Davao?

Why Should You Visit Davao?



The Davao Province has extremely transformed from being a conservative quiet place into a fast growing business sector that it is today and yet the local government units from different cities and municipalities have impressively managed to preserve its forests and farms.


Just a few minutes away from the city is a distinguished  paradise called Samal Island. This island is filled with beaches, waterfalls and other tourist spots.


With the various attractions available in this island, you will never run out of things to see when you visit Samal. You can choose to spend your vacation among the most coveted resorts like Pearl Farm Beach Resort, and Secdea Beach Resort or indulge yourself from the heavenly view of the scenic Davao mountains and forestry.


As what everyone knows Mount Apo is the highest mountain in the Philippines and very mountaineer longed to climb the famous mountain. 


In Davao City there is Roxas Night Market,which is  famous for its delicious and savory street food,It has became a go-to for tourists who want to try different delicacies that the city has to offer. Hundreds of stalls offering different Filipino,Chinese,Japanese and even Korean cuisines are available in this area every night from as early as 5 pm till midnight.


Truly Davao has a wide array of enchanting tourist spots and memorable experiences to offer. So, for everyone already drafting their summer adventures don’t forget to include Davao in your itineraries. Have fun!





Fiber for the Heart



What Is Fiber?

There are two types of it: soluble and insoluble, although most fiber-rich foods contain some of both.

Fiber is also considered either “dietary” or “functional.” The dietary kind is the indigestible part of plants that we eat, like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans, and nuts. You get it naturally in whole foods. The functional kind is extracted or made in a lab — it’s the type of fiber you’ll find in supplements or fiber-enriched foods.Still, experts say you don’t need to overthink it. They say it’s best to aim for a balanced diet rich with plenty of fiber-laden foods.

“It’s the whole pattern that seems to have the effect,” says Rachel Johnson, PhD, a professor of nutrition at the University of Vermont. “It’s hard to tease out exact foods. Food is a complex thing.”

                                  Heart-Health Perks

Most people associate fiber with a healthy digestive system, but research has shown it can do a lot more than just keep you regular. Scientists are still working to figure out how exactly it works in the body, though. Some of the ways it helps your heart include:

Lowers cholesterol. Soluble fiber can reduce both “bad” LDL and overall cholesterol, perhaps by binding with cholesterol particles in your digestive system and moving them out of the body before they’re absorbed.

Protects against strokes and diabetes. Replace refined grains with fiber-rich whole grains in your diet, and you might lower the risk of a stroke by up to 36% and the risk of type 2 diabetes by up to 30%, research shows. Both conditions are tied to an increased risk of getting heart disease.

Lowers blood pressure. In another small study, researchers put 233 volunteers on a high-fiber diet that includes lots of whole wheat and whole oats. They found that after 12 weeks, participants had a drop in blood pressure and pulse pressure.

Encourages a healthy weightFiber can also be a weight loss weapon, because it gives you a feeling of fullness that helps stave off hunger.

All those benefits can add up to not just better heart health, but a longer life. In a 2011 studyresearchers followed nearly 300,000 participants over 9 years. They found that eating lots of fiber was even linked to a lower risk of early death among men and women.

Get Your Share

Women under 50 years old should try to get about 25 grams of fiber a day, and men should shoot for 38 grams.

Most Americans struggle to get enough, though. On average we get just 15 grams a day.

“I think it’s tough. I really do,” says cardiologist Suzanne Steinbaum, DO, the director of women’s heart health at the Heart and Vascular Institute at Lenox Hill Hospital. “But I think it’s a crucial part of a heart-healthy diet.”

Cimperman, for one, is convinced. She often talks up the benefits of fiber when working with heart patients — but as part of an overall healthy diet.

“I think it’s important to keep in mind that fiber is important,” she says. But “understanding the big picture helps.”

Do you think pacifying kids with iPads is helpful? Why or why not?

Ipads and smartphones are great for making kids busy and quiet especially for working parents who has more urgent things to do other than attending to their children.They can also be a powerful bribery tool for kids to behave and just sit quietly.

But is it worth it? Are you thinking of the negative

impact that those electronic gadgets might pose to your children’s health?

Studies shows that increase usage  causes attention deficit disorder. Experts say that it’s because the rapid fine images on these small video screens can lead to problems with concentration.

Also, it can be destructive physically because it offers no physical activity at all, ,making your child a candidate of obesity.Moreover, it can be socially destructive because it does not promote an active lifestyle. Children are supposed to be playing outdoors, read, engage in hobbies and use their imagination.,

But, is it also helpful?

Well, it might be.

As for me,  when it comes to pacifying our kids with  ipads, let us learn to manage their screen time, to maximize the good effects and minimize the bad effects.





How To Have A Good Marriage

I am not a perfect wife and Luke is certainly not a perfect husband too. We made a lot of mistakes in our marriage, but we are too proud to admit it. There are times we are happy but most of the times we are talking like “frienemis” (Friend+Enemies). It seems like we are just showing to everyone that we are a happy family. I started questioning him and myself, What happened to the most wonderful man that I married? what happened to me? Is this the life that I dreamed of? Is this the family that I want for my children? And definitely the answer is NO! We realize something is wrong with us that even our children are being affected. So we push ourselves to learn this things and I want to share it with you guys. Hope that it will help you too!


       1.Communicate to each other. Communication is a very powerful tool to a      marriage. Don’t suspect your spouse to know what inside your mind. Specially women like me, Example: He forgot your dinner date and he came home late from work, and you are so mad and not talking to him (of-course whose not gonna be mad). And he is telling a story on what happened to him the whole day and you are just ignoring him. And he begins to ask What’s wrong? And you say “Nothing” even if there is, and you want him to remember what he forgot without telling him. So your husband will believe nothing is wrong and he keep on telling a story, but you are not listening. So he will ask you again what is wrong with you? And again you will say “NOTHING!” And you kept it until bed time, and he still doesn’t seem to remember, and you slept not telling him, you decided to keep it in yourself. Men are not good in reading minds, they always want a short cut, means you always need to tell them what inside your mind, What do you want or if they did something wrong. They are not sensitives like women who knows everything. It is okay to tell them what they did or what they forgot. Communicating with each other will help you have a good marriage.

       2. Respect your Partner. Respecting each other shows up how you love each other. Wife- Respect your husband when it comes to decision making, They always want to feel they are man enough to decide for the household. And it is your duty as a wife to support him. Learn to control your words, sometimes we not careful by using harsh word and they feel like we are stabbing them with those words. Learn to control our words specially when we are mad. Don’t be such a bossy wifey type “As the Bible says Wife Submit yourself to your husband”. Husband- Respect your wife when it comes to budgeting, Respect her with love, Respect her when you see the house is mess, when the laundry is full, when she can’t cook your food, Respect her when you go to work and she was home with the kids. Respect her with understanding. Do not correct her around other people (it offends her). Don’t be such a controlling hubby type. As the Bible says “Love your wife as Christ love the church”. Learn to respect small things or big things about your spouse. It’s like give and take.

       3. Spend time with each other. Set a date at least a month. Watching movie, eating outside, no friends, no kids, just the two of you. Refresh your mind away from stress, and just talk. I think this is one of the thing relationship is lacked of. They think that being together in the same room or same bed is enough, after a long stressful day. Have devotion with each other, read the Bible together. Give yourself a break sometime. Have a weekend vacation will not hurt you. Spending time with your partner can save marriage. Talk like you didn’t talk the whole week.

        4. Hold on to your commitment. What did you promise to each other on your wedding day? “In richer or poorer, In sickness and in health till death do us part.” You promise to love each other what ever happens. Hold on to your promise! Do not look if he/she is doing his/her part, just do what you ought to do. The commitment that you made between him and God. If your partner saw your dedication on your marriage, he/she will also dedicate his/her life to it.

       5. Pray for your Partner/Pray for your marriage. Prayer is the best tool of us talking God. Pray that God gives us more patient and more love to our partner. But first, pray that God would change us on how we treated our partner in life. That even sometimes we are controlling them and not respecting them. Pray that God will change our hearts when it comes to submission. Pray that God will change husband’s hearts when it comes to decision making and that God change them for good reasons.

My last tip for you is to learn your Spouse Love Language. Love Language is the language that use when it comes to marriage. I will make another blog about this “Love language”. I hope that you learn something about this tips. It help me as well. To God be the Glory!