Day: June 12, 2019

INERTIA DAY DREAMING: How I broke out of it.

Let’s define first what is an INERTIA DAYDREAMER. (This is not an official term that you can find on the Internet; this was just made up to describe a certain feeling.) When someone has a lot of hopes and dreams but never did anything to make it come true.

A day to day life of an inertia daydreamer could some scrolling through their phone looking at someone else’s Instagram account or binge-watching youtubers showing their newly bought house wishing that they have that kind of life but all that they do is just daydream about that life and do nothing to get that life.

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Being a mother doing things every day over and over again. there’s a hard time as usual but if you’re happy with what you are doing its such a pleasure. most of the time I’m worried, angry, sad, crying a lot, laugh and smile because being a mother is triple workload than those who are going to the office every day.

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And for being a mother you have also a goal, you want to help your husband in a financial matter. Somebody says that being a mother is like a superhero (Wonderwoman). you can do all the possibility as it can, being a mother you will always think how to help your kids for their school, their projects and also being a housewife thinking how to have an extra income. for some reason you just wanna prove yourself that you can do anything for family sake.
And now work from home is true, yes it’s true. There are people in the online world that will help you to reach your goal. First, you have a vision that someday that you will earn your own money.
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The alarm clock is for kids going to school, not for an early meeting in the office

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And the best of all is no to heavy traffic, commuting, traveling will ruin your day.
and now your totally a superhero Wonderwoman, because you can take care of your kids, husband and your house at the same time you can earn as much as you want.
You have to explore, research, self-study,  even paid course will help you throughout your journey of being not a mother but a freelancer.