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Hidden Surf Spot

Nature Surf

As a surfer we always dream for that glassy overhead waves, on a wide stretch of beach, no crowds and no wind. We dream of finding the perfect spot with the right surfing conditions.

I have been surf for more than 5 years and tried numerous surf spots from the famous commercialized surf spots of La Union and Baler to some hidden unknown beaches. Out of all these surf spots I have been to I can on say One is the best.

I will not mention the location of this Hidden paradise to preserve its beauty, but here are my five reasons why I rank it as the best surf spot I have been to.

  1. There is NO CROWD – it is literally a hidden paradise, there are no signs, no hotels, restaurants or even small inns at this location. You will only see nature with its raw beauty. (Be warned there are no toilets either =) )
  2. Emerald green Clear water – the joy of surfing in clear emerald waters is so satisfying. Its gives you the sense of inner peace.
  3. Fine white sand beach as far as the eye can see – the vastness of the beach can be mesmerizing complimented by the wild trees and bushes that provide you shelter from the sun while resting after a good days ride.
  4. Gentle by power full waves – this is probably the best feature of this beach. No where else I have experienced this kind of wave.
  5. Escape from everything – the remoteness of this location takes you on a different reality itself. You’ll forget about all your problems and clear away your worries, which will be replaced by inner peace.

Eventually people will find this place, but I’am happy to have experienced it on its raw state. I hope that everyone will be able to find their own secret paradise and be able to experience it in their lifetime.

A Day in the Life with a Toddler

7 am On a Saturday morning my little munchkin Skye woke up and it’s breakfast time!!! It seems a lot, many would think she will eat them all but nope, she will just pick up what she preferred hence I gave her varieties to choose from.But Yoghurt drink is her all time favorite.



After her breakfast, I let her watch educational videos in Youtube for about 30 minutes to an hour while I’m taking my breakfast.


Instead of morning walk, she loves biking every morning and human skin can make large amounts of vitamin D when lots of skin is exposed and the sun is high in the sky.



Playtime with her stuffed toys.She loves cuddling them and she even named them, Blue teddy bear is Daddy, the pink one is Mommy and lastly the one in red is Baby.I’m surprised that as early as 2, she knows the concept of a family.



After lunch she takes a nap and I get to study my lessons in VA bootcamp.


Snack time after a quick nap.



And since it’s a weekend, she gets to play with her cousins when we visit them.


When we came home, we went to asleep that fast hence unable to take a photo.And that ‘s how our day went.

Mesmerized by the beauty of Bolinao Pangasinan!

In 2009, I was in college when I first fell in love with the beauty of the pristine beach of Patar Bolinao. It is so-called Boracay of the North. The white grainy sand, crystal clear water and the rock formations is so instagrammable. It is one of the must-visit tourist destinations here in Pangasinan. You shouldn’t miss a chance to do an activity like snorkeling and island hopping. It’s really fun.

Patar Beach Bolinao


Other Attractions in Bolinao

You can also explore other attractions aside from the beach. There are a number of caves and falls nearby,but you should hire a tourist guide as they knew the right direction. Remember to bring water and food because you will certainly get hungry and thirsty when you reach there. The Cape Bolinao lighthouse, one of the tallest lighthouses in the Philippines is just a minute away from the beach. Ten years ago, my colleague and I experienced the 140 stepped spiral staircase up to the top.  you can witnessed breathtaking  scenic beauty of Bolinao plus the strong wind coming from the south china sea, but it’s not open for tourists nowadays. The last time we checked, it was already locked.

Cape Bolinao Lighthouse

Bolinao Falls

Wonderful Cave Bolinao

Where to stay?

Are you a budget conscious? If you are, then, there’s so many transient houses to rent for just an affordable price, and a public beach where you only pay for the parking fee and cottages if you prefer to. 

There are also 3 star resorts but a bit pricey. One of those is the G resort which i highly recommend, it is calm, relaxing and cozy place with very accommodating and hospitable staff. The only thing that i hate about going to G resort is the rocky pavement road, it seems like it is hidden in the forest. But when you passed that road, it’s all worth it. All in all, G resort is the best place to stay. 

G Resort










You can also booked through,, etc. You can select your own choice of resort. Be sure to check the review first because pictures can be deceiving.

Must-visit place in Pangasinan

  • Tondol beach located in Anda Pangasinan
  • Tambobong beach and Colibra island located in Dasol, 
  • Cabongaoan Beach located in Burgos
  •  Hundred Island located in Alaminos City. 
  • Miraculous Church located in Manaoag
  • Sunflower Maze located in Tayug. 

You can add all of these places in your bucket list. You’ll surely enjoy the beauty of Pangasinan.

Virtual Assistant Roles:

Social Media MANAGEMENT versus Social Media MARKETING

Image result for social media business

               We can no longer imagine a world without social media. It is often the first thing we check in the morning and the last thing we check at night. As we all must know now, social media allows small businesses to connect and interact with their target audiences easily and at virtually no cost- something you couldn’t even imagine in the past. Customers can now contact business directly online. They don’t even have to go through phone systems or send emails anymore.

Image result for evolution of man to pc

The strongest among these is Facebook, and it doesn’t seem slowing down (it’s just getting bigger and better).

Image result for facebook fastest

               We have a high percentage of active Facebook users among netizens in the world, so when our clients need their social media managed, who better than Facebook experts of the world, other than virtual assistants themselves, right? So let’s talk about your role as a social media manager. Some people confuse Social Media Management with Social Media Marketing.

Image result for social media vs marketing memes

Here’s the difference…

Image result for social media vs marketing memes
The goal of Social Media Marketing (SMM) is to produce content that users will share with their social network to help a company increase brand exposure and broaden customer reach. Social media marketing focuses on things like plans that utilize Facebook ads, Twitter ads, marketing analytics, email marketing, and sales funnels. Your client may ask you to do certain task that are part of social media marketing, but they won’t expect you to know the topic in depth.

While in Social Media Management you are the individual in an organization trusted with monitoring, contributing, filtering, measuring, and otherwise guiding the social media presence of a brand, product, individual or corporation. This is what you’ll be doing as a VA. Related image

The main tasks may consist of the following:
1. Creating a database of posts (text, image, videos ) for your client’s social media accounts.
2. Posting the aforementioned posts according to a pre-defined schedule.
3. Responding to replies, comments, and inquiries on the business account profiles.
4. Maintaining and updating company information on social media accounts.
5. Help people appreciate the company’s account by adding a human touch of personal tone
6. Keep in mind there’s a thin line to draw when it comes to social media. You will be posting as a representative of the company and not as yourself, especially when people start criticizing the company or it’s posts, you have to remember to remain calm and professional.

Image result for do or do not

Get paid by being a Social Media Manager? Learn the Free Crash Course here

– a G.M Edition J.D. Production

Your Favorite Things

Your Favorite Things

Aimer, your favorite singer

I chose Your Favorite Things as the title as it is a cornerstone of the artist in her career.

With her deep unique husky voice, her cover of Lady Gaga’s Poker Face reached the top in the lead album chart for the jazz category in the iTunes Store and its album reaching second. Accompanied by this big jump, her start wasn’t actually an easy one. When she was 15, she damaged her vocal chords by accident but it soon was gradually treated with Silent therapy. Then when her voice came back it was new, different and was to be obsessed with. She entered the industry with mystery – her voice, identity, and style were distinct from others and thus would give anyone an experience they would ever remember in their lives.

Anime, the way to people’s hearts

Not only did Aimer sing for the masses but also for the enthusiasts. It became a sustenance for her career as it would always be there to be an strategic point to combine her music with culture. Her continuing popularity proved its benefits.

I just want to bring up her debut song Rokutosei no Yoru (Night of the Sixth Magnitude Stars) from No.6 anime.

The song evokes good memories and expresses the sadness of a farewell, but mixed with the hope of meeting that person again.
Rokutosei refers to the stars with the apparent magnitude  of 6.
In astronomy, magnitude measures the brightness of a celestial body.
The brighter an object appears, the lower the value of its magnitude, with the brightest objects reaching negative values.
Magnitude six stars are usually the limit human naked eyes can observe. But, only in a very dark sky and in places without light pollution.
So, these nights are the darkest, but also lighten by the dimly shining stars which represent the hope that always exists.


Her songs Brave Shine and Last Stardust were some of the well known hits she made for an anime most likely to an adaptation of a game route called Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works. After Aimer finished the game she made both songs and gave them to the producer, one ended up as the Opening theme and the other as an Insert song in Episode 20 of the series. She also made songs for Bleach, Gundam Unicorn, Natsume’s Book of Friends and Vinland Saga.


Her position did not only ended up being a single singer but also had collaborations and mentions from many notable people. Some of the big names Aimer worked with were  Taka (ONE OK ROCK), Yojiro Noda (RADWIMPS),  TK (Ling tosite sigure) the Tokyo Ghoul OP singer, and chelly (EGOIST). All of her participation with them and other artists songs are compiled in her Daydream album. Aimer’s Kataomoi(One-sided Love) was also recommended in Twitter by Namjoon from BTS a popular K pop group giving her a well deserved attention from more people. Another plus is that she had a performance with Slovak Radio Symphony, an orchestra.


Did you know she only revealed her face in 2016? Hidden behind the angles of the spotlight during her concerts and even the cameras avoided showing her face. And guess what, she wears glasses while singing live which all the more contributed to her shy and mysterious persona.

“Because my best feature is my singing voice, I wanted people to focus only on my music without prejudice by excluding other information because nowadays you can get various kinds of information quickly.” – Aimer

Another reason we see here is that in one time,”dry” voice like an adult, and “sweet” voice like a child, that voice a “DRY & SWEET”. She really appreciates it if her voice is described in that way and it also really comes close to her 2nd cover album entitled Bitter & Sweet.

The pseudonym Aimer (エメ, pronounced eh-meh) is a French word which means “to love”. She didn’t reveal her real name but she said that she’s from Kumamoto, Japan. She sings  jazz, pop, ballads, orchestral and rock. Aimer entitled herself as singer-songwriter. Read this blog for about her position in the music industry.

Other facts? In an early age, Aimer started well with music as her father was a bassist of a band. During her elementary years she played the piano. With the inspiration from different musicians she looked up to, she made a move to learn guitar in junior high. She also writes music in English has good authority on the language because of her experiences living abroad.

With all these information, I reckon that Aimer is like a flower blooming in the desert, amongst the parched barren sands, a different beauty is secretly hidden like a gem waiting to be found and be kept again in a grandiose of collection. Truly a mystery.

We await more of her concerts because she is only in her adult ages born July 9, 1990. Here are the tickets.

Thanks for reading!

A mom’s desire to work from home

Working from a corporate world is an opportunity and privilege. However, sometimes we need to choose between career and family. Indeed, a difficult situation to be in. The questions are always, “Is there’s a way that I can be with my family while working?” or “Why I cannot do the same job at a time?”

From being a career woman, I became a full pledge mom. A tough decision that I chose. Not until I heard and watched videos about freelancing. The first thing that comes to my mind is “so it’s possible?” all the questions have an answer now. I research about the benefits of having a work from home and analyze it. What if I already hired as a freelance? What are the benefits that I will get from it? Here’s the list of my opinion:

  1. You have time for your family. Yes, you can work while taking good care of your child. You can attend family gatherings and to your child’s school activity.
  2. You have a lot of time. Traveling to one place to another especially in Metro Manila consumed at least 3 hours. So, I don’t have time to meet friends after office hours. Every rest day, you only think to have a good rest. So neglected the Saturday family bonding nor Sunday mass. But, with freelancing, you have a lot of time because of the job schedule. If not graveyard shift because you need to follow the client’s time, it can be part-time.
  3. Financial freedom. I consider not traveling from home and office financial freedom. Why? First, I don’t need to pay a fare to any kind of vehicle. Secondly, I don’t pay a nanny to take care, my child. Lastly, you can get your freelancing salary in full. You are not thinking, how much they get to pay the government mandatory tax and others.
  4. Help our better half of all the expenses. A husband working alone is good but working together is a blessing because you can share and provide in your family needs and expenses.
  5. A dream come true! It is a dream come true for a stay at mom to have work from home. It gives us a self-fulfillment, career contentment and motherly satisfaction.
  6. Lastly, return the good deeds to others. Sharing the blessing of having a work from home to the needy contributes happiness to our heart and soul. God gives us the client, the skills and the intelligent and as His daughter, we need to return those blessings to our brethren.

With these lists, it gives me a firing desire to have work from home jobs. But, with God’s perfect timing, I know He will provide. Have faith and trust God!

Bayawan City the best place to visit

Bayawan City the best place to visit

Your Dream Vacation is Here

CAMAYA-AN Paradise Beach Resort.

You can sit, dine and relax in one of our beautiful beaches here, not to mention, affordable.


With a magical sunset display and relaxing sceneries, this place–the longest boulevard in Negros–can definitely clear your mind. 


As one of the few hotels in the City of Bayawan, it is rather lavish as one would expect. Serving comfortable services in your trip in peaceful Bayawan, and an overwhelming downstairs restaurant.

Bayawan Cuisine

Baye-baye is the famous Bayawanon delicacy made up of glutinous rice, grated young coconut, and ground corn kernel. This mouth-watering delicacy will definitely leave you asking for more.


"What I really love most about Bayawan City is the people. They are an amazing bunch and their hospitality is overwhelming. It's a clean and peaceful place and if you're willing to escape your stress and the toxic life of the big city, then this is the place to be."
Chris Jones
Travel Blogger

Savour Your Next Holiday

Why Bayawan City?

28 years. I’ve been seeing that house for 28 years (First photo). Yes, you read it right. You might be asking yourself, whose house is that? Is it a historical place? Is there something important with that house? Okay just to give a heads up, that is the house of our national hero Dr. Jose Rizal. It’s one of the popular spots you can see in Calamba. I remember my childhood every time I see that house. Good memories to be exact and also there’s a wishing well inside the house and every time we go there I make sure that I will drop a one peso coin and make a wish. Once you enter the house you will feel that you’re in a different era. The house is well preserved and also It’s weird because of the smell. I’m not saying it’s bad but it really feels that you travel back in time. I recommend you stay in the center of the city which is near that house. You can see a lot of places you visit and for sure it’s an IG worthy post. On the other side of the street, you will see the church of St. John the baptist. That church was built in 1859 during the Spanish colonial era and I remember when I was a child this church is very special to me. I had my first communion here and I can still remember the name of our catechist sister Lucy. She’s very kind and down to earth. Going back in front of the church you will see the biggest Banga or clay pot in the Philippines. The name of the Calamba was derived from Kalan and Banga. Actually, if want to relax, you can also visit the infamous hot springs Calamba and also you can find the famous delicacies as well like Espanol and buko pie. Calamba has a lot to offer. So what are you waiting for, come and visit Calamba.


Movie-time Weekend: First look at Avengers End Game.


As a fan of Marvel Cinematic Universe, I have always been rooting to watch every super hero movie that Marvel Studio has released, may it be X-Men, Spiderman, Iron Man, etc… you name it and you bet that I know it.
The thing that makes their movies unique are the action-packed scenes, superb special effects, and above all, the stories behind every character. I normally get bored easily with movies with obvious story line flow, the typical movies wherein you know the start and you’ll probably can guess the ending even before it happens. But with Marvel franchise, it seemed like the characters are not whatsoever related at the start but as the story goes on, you’ll be surprised how their fate gets intertwined, and see how one movie gets related to the other, until they end up joining together and helping each other out, which excites me most of the time.
The Avengers series is one of my favorites. It’s a movie that you can’t really fully enjoy if you weren’t able to watch the previous parts (1 & 2) plus the other movies related to it. Remember what I said earlier, the other Marvel Super Hero movies are somewhat related to the Avengers series (like Black Panther, Spider Man, etc…), so it’s therefore recommended to watch them first before even thinking of watching the Avengers.
This weekend, my family and I watched the Avengers: End Game movie (actually before watching it in cinema, I already watched it in low definition in some random site in the internet… 😊). And as always, I can say that the movie never failed my expectations. As expected of Marvel, they did a good job laying out the story line for the Infinity War continuation, revolving around how the heroes struggled to get the infinity stones from Thanos to restore balance in the universe.
Personally, I loved the part when they’re just testing the time machine that they invented (courtesy of the genius Tony Stark portrayed by Robert Downey Jr.) when Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) returned to the past to see his family which he missed very much (they were among those killed by the infinity stones in the future). I really felt his sadness and longingness to be with his beloved family but sadly time was too short, and he was immediately blasted back to the future…well, the good part was they knew that the time machine worked.
As a comic lover, I personally had read how the story unfolded, but as expected of the franchise, several spices were added to the story line: more twists and turns, a number of revelations, and a couple of ups and downs, which I think made every fan waited in anticipation with excitement and chill.
The part where the movie got me emotionally was when Tony Stark sacrificed himself to save everyone by stealing all six infinity stones to kill Thanos and all his minions. This automatically drained his life force bringing him to his death (note the even Hulk almost died when he used the stones to reverse the universe-wide catastrophe that Thanos created and bring everybody back to life). I literally cried (really couldn’t stop my tears from falling) while Tony Stark lies against the rubbles, and spider man talks to him trying to make him stay awake. With shallow slow breathe, Pepper, his wife, approached him, holding back her teary eyes, bid him her final farewell assuring him that everything is gonna be alright and that it’s ok for him to rest…Man! I can still feel the sadness till now!


The Avengers: End Game also somewhat affected me in real life. Remember the expression “I love you three thousand”, between Tony Stark and his daughter? My daughter and I also tell the same expression to each other.
I don’t know about you guys, but I personally think that this is by far the best Marvel movie to this time! I could not be more excited to the next Marvel movie that would surpass what The Avengers has achieved.