Day: August 1, 2019

Lost Love is Still Love

Each of us has our own love story to tell. My love story happened many years ago. This is the story of my long lost love, my first love. I will name him Mark in this post (not his real name).

I met Mark when I was in college. We studied in the same school in Baguio City, but I was one year older than him. We used to be neighbors in Bonifacio Street. I remember I always see him every time he would pass by our boardinghouse. We became friends, just friends. It was his friend and roommate who got interested in me and courted me, not him. In as much as I didn’t want to hurt his friend, I rejected him because the feeling was not mutual. I liked Mark, not his roommate. His friend moved on quickly and courted another girl after I busted him.

I couldn’t stop thinking about Mark. I even had a favorite song for him that I kept on playing on my CD player. I never told my friends about my true feelings for him. I just kept everything to myself.

When the time came for him to move to Manila to pursue his dream of becoming a US Navy, I was so sad because I would never see him again. He left Baguio City and I was left brokenhearted.

One day I was surprised when I received a letter from him through snail mail. He told me that he likes me. I was so happy when I learned that he likes me too. I replied to his letter and I revealed my true feelings for him and mailed the letter immediately to him. I was so excited to receive his reply to my letter and so I waited for his letter every day. Communication was so hard at that time as there was no internet yet. Days, week, and months passed by but I never heard anything from him again. After many months of waiting, I finally gave up. I moved on and decided to get over it. We were never meant to be.

If it’s not meant to be, just accept it, move on and get over it…