Day: August 2, 2019

Depression Hits Me!


Depression is classified as a mood disorder. It may be described as feelings of sadness, loss, or anger that interfere with a person’s everyday activities. It’s important to realize that feeling down at times is a normal part of life. Sad and upsetting events happen to everyone. But, if you’re feeling miserable or hopeless on a regular basis, you could be dealing with depression.

Nowadays, depression seems to be a very familiar word to everyone of us. In our daily lives, how challenging to encounter many unplanned and unexpected events, circumstances and experiences that may change our way of thinking to become better or worst person that we can be.

Getting married at late 30’s, pushed me to leave my career in province to continue life with my husband in Manila. Married life did not get as easy, savings started to get down and tight. I was not able to get job so badly. My husband needed his daily medicines for his kidney problem. Started a  business but failed. Become a victim of swindler, and I had to file a case in court. My mom got sick and I had to go back to province to take care of her. Afterwards, I got sick and I have to undergo surgery. My personal life goes so depressing! 


Depression hits me, I almost give up! I don’t know what to do, I am upset, sad, anxiousness, restlessness, feeling empty and hopeless. I cried and cried! But, I have to accept and let go all the tears and pains. After crying and lifting up to Almighty God, I feel  relieved. I thought of my love ones, who gives me strength to fight after all.

12 Things You Wouldn’t Know is Essential when Travelling to Europe

12 Things You Wouldn’t Know is Essential when Travelling to Europe

Travelling to Europe is best when you have three weeks or more to explore the continent. Your goal is not only to visit the iconic places from every country that you want to see, but also to experience a different culture, try the local food, meet new people and of course – TAKE PICTURES!!! Since you’ll be going from one country to another, it is recommended that you pack light so you won’t have a hard time carrying your luggage on a train, walking on a cobblestone streets and bringing it in an apartment or hotel located in a higher floor without any elevator (trust me, it happens…). You may have your checklist on what to bring and that includes your passport, money, credit card, toiletries, OOTDs, accessories, gadgets, charger etc. But there are some things you might not include on your checklist because you wouldn’t think it’s helpful and useful on your trip. I must say, these simple things that I’m going to share with you, will help you travel at ease and save a Euro.

  1. Folding slippers from Daiso
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These will help you rest comfortably when you’re at the plane having 13 hours or more flight. You can remove your shoes and wear these instantly without any hassle at all. Since these are very light and foldable, it won’t consume any space on your hand-carry bag. You can also use these slippers when you’re planning to stay in an Airbnb. Most Airbnb owners in Europe won’t allow visitors to use their travelling shoes inside the room or apartment. They usually advice their guest to put their shoes in a locker or in a shoe rack, but never ever use it inside the house. In order to avoid walking on a cold floor inside your room, kitchen, toilet etc. these babies will protect your feet at all times.

2. Coin purse

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Do you know that you need to pay first before you can use the toilet or washroom in most part of Europe? Yes, and it usually cost one Euro or less depending on the country. That’s why you need a lot of one Euros on your coin purse so you can get it easily and avoid buying something in a supermarket in order to have a change from your paper bills. This tip will help you save a lot of time and money.

3. Laundry bag

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When you’re staying in Europe for three weeks or more, for sure you’ll have a lot of dirty clothes that are already piling up. I believe as a tourist you’re always in a hurry because you want to have more time in exploring the city. You’ll just plan to bring your used clothes in a laundromat to have it wash and dry for 2 hours, while you’re strolling outside, taking pictures and then just go back once the machine is done. You will need this laundry bag so you can bring your clothes anywhere easily, because there are times that the laundromat may be 10-15 minutes away from your area.

4. Travel bottles

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Instead of bringing the whole big bottle of liquid soap, shampoo, conditioner or lotion that can add up on the weight and space on your luggage, it is better to fill the travel bottle with enough amount that you can use on your several weeks of stay in Europe. Also, don’t forget to put the filled bottles inside a resealable plastic bags to protect your other things in case there’s an accidental spillage inside your luggage.

5. Laundry mesh bags

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Most of the self-service laundromat that I have tried in Europe has limited washing type options. It does not have an option for delicate or gentle wash for your clothes that can be easily damaged if not washed properly. Since you don’t have enough time to hand wash your delicate clothes, then it would be best to use a laundry mesh bags to protect and maintain its original appearance.

6. First aid kit

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As you stay in a country for a long time it is possible that you may experience having blisters on feet because of numerous walks in the city, headache because of stress, allergy attacks because of sudden change in the weather etc. It is very advisable that you bring a handy first aid kit, to avoid inconvenience or any type of interruption when travelling.

7. Portable and foldable mini hair blower

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Aside from the OOTD, the next important thing for girls is their crown and glory. It is better to bring a portable and foldable mini blower on your travel to dry your damp hair easily. There may be available hair blower on some Airbnb and hotels, but in my experience most of it does not have a cold option, which for me is important because it won’t damage your locks easily. Try to check the brand Klaime which I purchased from Lazada (a famous ecommerce site in the Philippines). It is only 189 pesos and it has 220V that works well in European countries.

8. Universal travel adapter

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Having a universal travel adapter in your checklist would be a big help to charge all your gadgets in a breeze. You can check the King Power brand that I also purchased in Lazada. Aside from its affordable price it also has 2 USB ports that can be used for charging your mobile phone and digital camera.

9. Tote bag

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When you want to shop for food, water or any personal needs on a European supermarket, always bring a tote bag with you to avoid paying for their plastic bags that cost less than a Euro.

10. Daiso rain poncho

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While exploring the streets in Europe, you might experience a sudden rain and you thought your umbrella will save the day. But other times, it won’t! Why? Because sometimes it is not just rain, it comes with a strong wind that will blow your umbrella inside out. In that case, bring a rain poncho on your travels to keep you dry during a bad weather.

11. Ballpen

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In my opinion, trying the trains in Europe is a must because it will definitely give you a great experience when travelling from one country to another. You may try the Eurail pass, which gives a lot of flexible schedules and discounts. But you should always fill out your travel diary which is included on your Eurail pass, before the conductor will check on it. Remember to use a permanent marker which is a ballpen, not a pencil. Failure to fill out the diary or misuse of the Eurail pass will subject you to a payment of a full-fare ticket and a maximum fine of 200 Euros.

12. Extra duffel bag

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One of the many characteristics of most Filipinos is always to buy souvenirs and “pasalubongs” before leaving a foreign place. It could be ref magnets, key chains, chocolates etc. Since your luggage is already full because of your personal items for the trip, there’s no enough space for the things you’ve purchased during your travels. Therefore, bringing an extra duffel bag, will solve all your worries on where to pack your excess properly.

And there you go… You are all set on your travel adventure. I hope my simple tips would be able to help you on your journey as you explore the European continent. Have a safe flight!