Day: August 24, 2019

Angono, Rizal


Welcome to my hometown 


“The Art Capital of the Philippines”

       Angono is one of the town you should visit here in Rizal.  We have the most friendliest people that you can meet. Why it’s called the Art Capital of the Philippines? Our town have lots of  talented Artists, museum, and galleries. And if you love arts this place is a-must visit! Come and join me in this blog and see with your own two eyes how beautiful our town is.

      You can start to visit Blanco Academy Museum, where you can find paintings made by the Blanco family and some of their students. It is located at 312 Ibanez Street.

There are two more Arts destinations you can visit here in Angono wherein you cannot only see paintings and artworks but you can also dine in and experience delicious and exotic food, cook by our native chefs.

Balaw – Balaw Restaurant

Balaw-Balaw restaurant is also an Art Galery and has been here in our town for as long as I can remember. Actually, this is the very first restaurant that I been to when I was little. According to the elder, it has been around since 1983. It was started as an art studio by the late Mr. Perdigon Vocalan and later on, it has evolved into a restaurant. They serve a different kind of exotic food and other native food that we eat here in Angono. It is located at Dona Justa Street and opens at 8am-12am.


Nemiranda Art House is another resto and art gallery that you can visit and dine in with your friends. Inside, you will not only see paintings but also the sculpture of woods and stone.

Art is Everywhere!

Lucio San Pedro “Sa Ugoy ng Duyan”

Here in Angono not only inside the gallery or an art museum you can see artworks. It’s all over our town, you can find it in the street, cafes, parks, inside the home of ordinary people and in the mall.

SM Angono Center


Angono Art Work




Other Cafe’s and Restaurant’s that you probably like to try.

Inangbina’s Cafe & Restaurant

Inangbina’s serves Filipino and foreign delicacy like pasta. The place can accommodate a big number of people but on a special occasion, you have to make a reservation ‘coz the restaurant often fully booked.

Ramen Doki

Ramen Doki is a Japanese resto that serves delicious food at affordable prices. Their staff is very accommodating and they have the best Ramen in town!

Music Wizard Coffee & Tea Shop

Music Wizard is a Cafe and Tea Restaurant located at Col Guido Street corner Manila East Road. It is also own by the Inangbina’s Restaurant. It’s a place where is nice to drink coffee and have a quiet moment.


Liberty Prod Cafe and Restaurant

Liberty Prod is a residential house converted into a restaurant, catering and event place. Located at 131 A Tiamson Col. Guido Street Brgy. San Roque. The food is good and is also budget-friendly.


Scrapyard Cafe & Restaurant

It is one of the oldest restos in our town. If you’re craving for a Filipino food this resto has it all. They are open 24 hours a day.


Angono Lakeside “Wawa”

After the long day of roaming around in our town maybe you would like to relax in the park before going home. Snacks are available at the lakeside. You can enjoy eating your favorite street food while sitting on the bench and watch the sunset fade away. It is located at Ibanez Street, you can never be lost how to go there ‘coz everyone knows where it’s located.

Manggang Hilaw at Singkamas with Bagoong or Salted-Chilli on top

You may want to take souvenir photos of a beautiful site on the lake. A lot of photographers are coming here to take pictures of its beauty.

Growing in this little town of Angono, where I see the growth of its economy and people become more productive in there every day lives. It makes me think of the future. There will always be new establishments to be built and businesses to open. And for that, I know in the coming year ahead there will be a lot of improvement and changes to this town. But hopefully, people will remember where it all began… living a simple life in the peaceful town we called Angono.

There are other places you can visit, food you can taste and experience you may have in Angono. I will include it on my next blog, I hope you enjoy knowing a little bit about my home town and consider to visit it soon.