Why I Don’t Like to Visit Palawan

The only reason is…I want to stay so I can explore all the beautiful places such as these…   The Underground River I grew up in this wonderful province where nature is all around and it never ceases to amaze you to witness God’s beautiful creation. Since my father discovered this place way back when […]

Where to Eat in Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei

Planning a trip to Brunei? It is said that you know more about the culture or the people of a certain place once you have tasted their food. As a foreigner working in Brunei for six years, I could say that Brunei offers distinct local delicacies and foods. Malay cuisine, for me, usually incorporates sweetness […]

Why is Freelancing is the best option at Home for Mom’s and Dad’s

Being a stay-at-home mom or dad is a full-time job, but it doesn’t pay a full-time paycheck. This makes it difficult for some one-income families to earn enough money to pay for things they need, let alone grow their savings. Good news is, there are ways to earn money without leaving the house or sacrificing […]

Why E-sports have become a thing

Traditionally, Basketball Volleyball Soccer and Rugby to name a few are the famous physical sports yet always watch by many folks around the world. but when technology got in. many youngsters up to people who are into technology really get to play their favorite games and got to develop games as well. And when we […]

My Top 2 Easy To Grow, Inexpensive Air Purifying Indoor Plants: Their Benefits & Care Tips

Snake Plant ( Mother-in-Law’s tongue ) Price Range : Php 80.00 – 250.00 This sword-like leaf lady is very much easy to grow indoors. This is one of the toughest houseplants that can thrive indoor conditions. Unlike any other houseplants, Snake plants can be neglected a couple of days. Let’s say you will be in […]