The Future Of Cryptocurrency

A cryptocurrency is a digital currency created and operated using advanced cryptographic techniques. With the launch of Bitcoin in 2009, cryptocurrency made the jump from being a research theory to (virtual) truth. Although Bitcoin attracted increasing numbers in the following years, in April 2013, it caught significant attention of investors and media when its record […]

The Effect of greeting Good Morning to a human’s hearts

Good Morning Philippines! today, will talk about the effect of greeting a GOOD MORNING to someone’s heart and its purpose. Greeting someone like Good morning is equivalent to wishing a person to have a great day and be safe all day. Saying it to someone is giving him/her an energy to pursue life, to finish […]

How does a long distance relationship survive?

Surviving the distance My husband and I met during our college days. We’ve been together for 12 years now and I can say that most of those years, we spent them apart. He works overseas, and I am here in the Philippines, with our daughter. What really keeps us strong is our faith and genuine […]