Ketogenic Diet and Type 2 Diabetes

The Ketogenic Diet is not just for those who want to lose weight. And those who want to maintain their weight. Studies have been made and are still ongoing on how the diet is helping those who have Type 2 diabetes. What is the Ketogenic Diet? Foods containing carbohydrates, such as bread, pasta, and fruit, are […]

Discover Ormoc – The City of Beautiful People

A city by the bay , full of beautiful destinations, scenic landscapes, historical places, experience adventure as we get to know Ormoc. Take your loved-ones and friends to a tour around our city,  and discover our rich cultural heritage, beautiful destinations.  Prepare yourself for some adventure and fun with nature as we explore Ormoc and […]

Breakthrough : A Mother’s Deep Faith and Love

Last March 2019, I have lost the first man I loved, my father, during those time I felt deeply devastated because I never expected that on that exact month I will never see him again physically. One month has passed, I was able to see a trailer of the movie named Breakthrough and decided to […]

Why is freelancing the best option for working students?

Being the breadwinner of my family and also as a student, it is hard to do it both. But thanks to Freelancing, I can now do it at the same time. Here are some reasons why I shift to freelancing while studying at school. 1) Adjustable TimeYou can adjust your time freely, for example, you […]

HLGG Thanksgiving and Post-Christmas Get Together

Happy to Live Glad to Give (HLGG) is a group of friends who loves to travel to far-flung places throughout the country to reach out to pupils in selected public schools. We bring gifts to the kids such as school kits, bags, books, slippers, and toys. Teachers will receive teachers’ kit, too. We organize community outreach twice […]

Is the world really getting smaller?

During my preschool years, every time we are asked by our teachers to sing “It’s a Small World” I couldn’t help myself to wonder if its really true that the world is small? I couldn’t make a definite conclusion back then. As I grow up, i keep on hearing people mentioned that “What a small […]

Hidden Reality of Motherhood

Being a mother is reasonably the wearisome, most fulfilling career a woman will ever experience. In fact, I could not even define the word mother because we all know that the meaning is basically immeasurable.                 “Mother, the light of the home” is a popular saying in my country (Philippines). As she devotes time and […]