Do you think pacifying kids with iPads is helpful? Why or why not?

Ipads and smartphones are great for making kids busy and quiet especially for working parents who has more urgent things to do other than attending to their children.They can also be a powerful bribery tool for kids to behave and just sit quietly.

But is it worth it? Are you thinking of the negative

impact that those electronic gadgets might pose to your children’s health?

Studies shows that increase usage  causes attention deficit disorder. Experts say that it’s because the rapid fine images on these small video screens can lead to problems with concentration.

Also, it can be destructive physically because it offers no physical activity at all, ,making your child a candidate of obesity.Moreover, it can be socially destructive because it does not promote an active lifestyle. Children are supposed to be playing outdoors, read, engage in hobbies and use their imagination.,

But, is it also helpful?

Well, it might be.

As for me,  when it comes to pacifying our kids with  ipads, let us learn to manage their screen time, to maximize the good effects and minimize the bad effects.





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