I choose HOME


Working away from home, I’ve done that. It’s not easy, it’s not as happy as what other people saw in our pictures. We smiled, we go out to eat, we do shopping as often as we want compared to the times when we were working in the Philippines. Other people think that once you are working abroad you have lots of money, we do have money higher than what we have compared to the times that we were working in the Philippines, but they don’t know how difficult it is for us to be away.

Being away with our family and special someone is difficult to the point that all you can do is cry because you miss them, thinking that you were not there during special occasions. Talking to them through video calls is not enough it makes me miss them more.

Working away from homemade me realized that no amount of money can buy the happiness being with your family and love ones, and nothing in this world can turn back the times that’s been lost being away from them.

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