Where do broken hearts go?

Have you ever heard this Inspirational Quotes with someone?

Or seen in internet, drop this quote on you accidentally?

Did it hit you in some ways and reflects apart of you?

“A hungry stomach, an empty wallet, and a broken heart teach you the most valuable lessons in life”

For me it’s a YES.

I want to share some part of stories in my life I think this quote resembles what I did for this past years,


A Hungry Stomach


It is my birthday that time, and my family was put in debt due to a lot of financing reason, that time my birthday was not meant for a celebration coz we don’t have money to buy some special dishes what makes almost of us used to, it makes me feel the hunger and emptiness not only my stomach but my heart too.

And I promise  that time once I grow old enough I will  get a job,  take my salary , eat what I want , buy things can’t buy before

And as I reached my age where I am now, I learned lot of things

As we grow old I should say, not the hunger of our stomach we wish to fulfill but our heart desires.


An empty wallet

People now a days can’t stand seeing their pockets empty specially their wallet. When I was in college, I can still recall my mom would give me what she thought was enough money for my fare and food so I can go back and forth from college.

Almost of the time, I’m not telling that the money she gave wasn’t that really enough for my expenses, there comes time we need to buy some project , urgent payables for that day, things to bring for the next class, can’t help but cry but still  need to think where can get  money,

Suddenly I realized I’m not focusing on my studies but how will I survive with all the expenses.

I have to do something to survive,

Doing part time, like selling, tutoring kid on elementary, and even looking for scholarship.

Well, I cannot give u the end of story of this one, because I didn’t even finished my college,

Further I looked for some jobs that would suit me and at least do what I can do, to impress my employer,

But I felt that some part of me, have missing something, that when I want to quit my job, I would say

I want to go to study.

That’s it … what my dream always uttering by my mouth.

A Broken Heart

Have u broke your heart to someone hurt u so much?

Feel betrayed? And left you out of the blue?

I was in my twenties, when I broke up with someone special with me, coz I care about his future with me. I set him free because I thought it’s the right thing to do since were so young for our age to get in so called relationship. And so I let him go.

I met a guy came to at least cheer up on me, but it doesn’t work the way it was, he is a player.

In   glimpse I lost every, my family, my work, and me.

I never imagine those days I’m at work and suddenly my eyes started to cry even my body had to focus of what I’m doing.

When I’m on my way home riding on a jeep but suddenly I would stop in that place where I was with him before and cherished moments.When I’m wake up morning can’t help but cry when I felt I was all alone                                   .

I started living empty inside.

I challenged myself start from the scratch to heal my wounds.

I go abroad, save money to help me finish my debts, have my savings, and help my family.

Things I realized long time I’m not doing, my responsibility as a woman, a sister, a daughter.

Now I’m taking responsibility on myself by studying online, a college course and WFHR BOOTCAMP.


I’m doing everything to become where I want to be..





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