3 Stunning Techniques to Type Faster


I was born in a remote area where technology is not yet improved. Even in my college days, I can’t almost take computer lessons. Years past and bring my destiny in a home-based job wherein I have to learn to type fast. My first average typing speed was 14 wpm, which is very frustrating to me.

I try my best to improve it. I’ve searched on Google and in Youtube the techniques on how to type faster. At first, I know it is hard because our hand is got used to of what you used when you start typing. I hope these techniques that I’ve used will help you improve wpm your  aiming. Good luck.

These are the techniques that I’ve learned:

1. Having the correct techniques. It means proper positioning of hands. You should use your 10 fingers when it comes to typing. You can reach your speed if your 10 fingers are active.

2. Have fashion with your typing. Find something that you love to do. Like writing a novel, blog, essay, or writing an e-book, copywriting, content writing, and so much more that are related to writing.

3. Practice. Practice. Practice. They say that practice makes perfect. By continues, practice with consistent, I can assure you that you can reach your typing goal. Whatever it is.

If you follow these techniques I know you can improve your typing skills with no time. I know it is hard and frustrating but it is worth it. I started as 14 wpm, and now I can type like 35 wpm. I know I have to improve this by following these steps.
And I am starting it right now. I started to make this blog to help others that struggle in typing and make the speed that they like. I can’t imagine how people got 100 wpm. The fastest person that can type has an average of 200 wpm. How come she does that. Can we do that also? I think so.

That is my next target. To type 100 wpm. It will help me to achieve my career in the freelancing world. It will become an advantage if I have a fast typing speed.

The decision is ours if we want to have a faster typing speed. I am starting it right now and also starting to write a blog. I think this is my fashion.

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