Baganga – Underrated Tourist Destination You Should Never Miss

Baganga is located on the east coastline in Davao Oriental, Southeast of the Philippines. It faces the Pacific Ocean and its western part is the scenic lovely mountains. The sunrise at the seaside of this place is exceedingly beautiful.

Two separate huge rivers, Mahan-ob, and Bagangan (in which its name is derived from) came together in the middle of the town to the ocean.

 Each year, around February, freshwater fish eggs hatch in the ocean and go back to the river in huge numbers. The locals were fishing these tiny species for food discreetly since local municipality is prohibiting it.

Its beaches unspoiled with perfect white sand are its pride and the best part is you can go to beach picnics and swimming from cheaper cost to almost free. Pure uncorrupted waterfalls, hot springs, and islands with its amazing varieties of seafood are phenomenal.  This is perfect for backpackers who prefer uncrowded tourist destinations in its most original condition.

I appreciate this place more after I returned home being away to the Metro in Manila for 10 years. I guess I became matured in my preference between the city and the countryside, the sophisticated versus the provincial ambiance. The latter, of course, is great, and it’s like a ”healing wonder of nature” for me. I feel so lucky enough to be born and raised here.

Away from the fast-paced setting of the city, from the heavy traffic of vehicles in the Metro, the laid-back countryside life is a relief. The fresh plates of seafood are amazing! Not to mention its cheaper cost of living in almost all aspects.


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