Visiting Bacolod: Where to Eat?

Visiting Bacolod: Where to Eat?

When I graduated from high school, I got a scholarship from one university in Bacolod so I spent several of my college years there. Aside from the good environment and the kind, very accommodating Bacolodnons, one thing I really love about the City of Smiles is its delicious foods. I love eating; and I can attest that Bacolodnons or Ilonggos in general, are great cooks.

When you happen to be in Bacolod or is planning to be – here are four places you need to try especially if you want to feel like a local.


1. Manokan Country

If anybody hears the word Bacolod, the first that comes to mind is: Chicken Inasal!  Bacolod is famous for Chicken Inasal. Little stall vendors who barbeque even just on the road side actually don’t go without chicken inasal; that’s how staple the latter is in the city. There are a lot of chicken inasal houses in Bacolod but the most famous one that locals frequent is Manokan Country. Manokan Country is actually a series of stalls who serve chicken inasal, other barbeques, and Filipino/Ilonggo foods.

Personally, I always eat at Nena’s Rose BBQ here. I love ordering their Isol. And oh, did I mention that barbecue houses in Bacolod always have the most requested chicken oil? That’s right. All the stalls here offer free unli chicken oil! So, if you want to feel like a local and taste the original and native chicken inasal of Negros, feel the ambiance and have good talks with your company at Manokan Country.

Address: Fr, Father Ferrero Street, Bacolod, 6100 Negros Occidental

2. Calea Pastries and Coffee

Craving for desserts? Bacolod might just be the place for you. Because it is known as the sugar capital of the Philippines, people would expect that sweet foods here would not disappoint. I tell you, it does not. There are a lot of dessert places in the city. And by lot, I mean a LOT. Well what would you expect in the sugar capital of the country? But among all these dessert places, the most famous one is Calea. The place serves cakes, pastries, and several other sweet goodies.

Their best-seller is the Imported Chocolate Cake. First look and you might think that it’s just like any other chocolate cake that you can buy in random café but fear not, it tastes really good and not a lot of air compared to ordinary chocolate cakes. My personal favorite here is the Chocolate Mud Pie. I think this is the best Mud Pie I’ve ever tasted! So if you’re in Bacolod and wants to satisfy your sweet-tooth, visit Calea Pastries and Coffee!

Address: 15th Street, Balay Quince, Bacolod, 6100 Negros Occidental


3. Bascon Café and Restaurant

Bascon Café has always been my favorite dining place when I was still in Bacolod. This is my go-to dining place especially when I don’t have company as one branch is near my boarding house. Bascon is just one of the many cafés in Bacolod but what I like about it is its ambiance in general. It’s cozy, warm, and the staff are friendly in all the branches I’ve been to. The Café serves a variety of food choices from appetizer to dessert, and they also serve delicious coffee for your caffeine requirement.

My personal favorites are their Roast Chicken and their most popular cake; the Baba Cake. Their roast chicken is so flavorful and tasty that you would want an extra rice with it! Oh and their Baba Cake – sweet that you need a water with it, but not too sweet that you can’t finish it. The filling tastes just perfect. I really recommend visiting this place if you’re in Bacolod!

Address: C.L. Montelibano Ave, Bacolod, 6100 Negros Occidental

4. Eron’s Cansi House

Do you love Bulalo? Sinigang? If you are someone from Luzon or Mindanao, or other parts of Visayas who loves both Bulalo and Sinigang, this is the place for you.  Well from the name of the place itself, the main dish being served in this place is Cansi, the Ilonggo version of Bulalo and Sinigang combined. It uses the meat that you use in Bulalo, but the flavor is like that of Sinigang. This dish make use of a fruit called Batwan (used as the souring agent) and you can only find this in Negros Island.

Aside from Cansi, the restaurant also serves a variety of Filipino foods if you’re in the mood for some. Or you can just order Cansi with white rice on the side (but I’m pretty sure you’ll order some extra rice), then pair it with soda and you’re good to go! Lunch or dinner satisfied! You will not regret visiting Eron’s Cansi House!

Address: Capitol Shopping, 62 Narra Ave, Bacolod, 6100 Negros Occidental

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