7 Main Benefits of Blogging

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Today I’m starting my very first blog. It is because I learned that a blog can be very beneficial in a lot of ways.  Blogging has been around for decades now and continues to be a widely used medium in communicating information online. By reading a blog or blog posts, people get informed, inspired, educated or entertained.

Here I will be sharing you seven great advantages of blogging that explain why it is a great idea to start one:

1. Blogging can help you develop your writing skills. Blogging is synonymous to writing and blogging will require you to do a lot of writing. Since you will always need to create contents for your blog mostly in the form of written texts, you will develop the habit of writing. As you continue developing your blog, you enhance your skills in crafting your ideas from your sentences and paragraphs.

2. Blogging is good outlet for expressing your ideas. If you have something to say; a personal opinion, a bit of knowledge to share, an announcement, a story to tell (or even a rant), a blog lets you do it with so much ease. With just a click on the publish button, the world can start reading about your ideas. Blogging indeed is the best (self) publishing tool ever invented that’s available today.

3. Blogging expands your knowledge. In order for you to create a good blog post that can benefit your readers, you often need to read from a lot of other different resources and do research. As you actively research for topics and ideas, you deepen your knowledge about things which can help you in your studies, career or life as in general.

4. Blogging is a worthwhile hobby. It was even regarded by Dearblogger as the “Hobby of the Century.” Main reason: it has all the benefits listed in this article. Aside from that, blogging will not cost you that much (or even costs nothing at all). You just need to have any device where you can access the internet (desktop, laptop, tablet or a smartphone) and a commitment to start and grow your blog.

5. Blogging can be a simple way to help and serve others. Why would you want people to read your blog? Perhaps the best answer is that you have a message to share. You want to publish an article that  would make your readers smile, get motivated, solve a problem or learn something. This way, you enrich their lives and make a difference.

6. Blogging keeps you updated with latest news, trends and events. People nowadays turn to blogs for latest updates on tech, fashion, sports and others since passionate bloggers aspire to become the go-to authority in their respective fields. As you read other blogs with the same interest as yours, you keep abreast with what’s going in your industry.

7. Blogging unleashes your creativity. Blogging isn’t as simple as writing a post and publishing it. It challenges how creative you can become, starting from choosing a domain name and blog title, designing its look and appearance up to deciding on a topic to write about and promoting it. I even read an article that says “Your blog is an extension of you.” To make the best out of your blog, you must always try to be creative in a lot of ways possible.

These are just some benefits of having a blog. Once you start one, you may discover a lot more yourself.  So start your own blog now!

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