A City Resort

Looking for a place to go to this summer??? Do you want a place that would make you feel far away from the city and yet not leave the city at all? Well…. Sofitel could make you feel just like that! This 5-star hotel offers a lot of amenities, IG worthy views as well as great food to choose from. This is a cool family place to have fun and enjoy the company of each other.

The Million Dollar View at Sofitel

You could opt to just stay in the comfort of your room and enjoy the so-called “million dollar view” (or should I say peso) and capture the much talked about Manila Bay sunset from your balcony. You need not go out of the metro to feel the breeze and enjoy the fresh air, you could go out of your room and lounge comfortably on their viewing deck. They have provided some very nice and comfortable lounging chairs and beds (yes! beds!) for you to watch the beauty of nature right in front of you.

So next time you want a city getaway…..you may want to try and go to Sofitel.

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