A Day in the Life with a Toddler

7 am On a Saturday morning my little munchkin Skye woke up and it’s breakfast time!!! It seems a lot, many would think she will eat them all but nope, she will just pick up what she preferred hence I gave her varieties to choose from.But Yoghurt drink is her all time favorite.



After her breakfast, I let her watch educational videos in Youtube for about 30 minutes to an hour while I’m taking my breakfast.


Instead of morning walk, she loves biking every morning and human skin can make large amounts of vitamin D when lots of skin is exposed and the sun is high in the sky.



Playtime with her stuffed toys.She loves cuddling them and she even named them, Blue teddy bear is Daddy, the pink one is Mommy and lastly the one in red is Baby.I’m surprised that as early as 2, she knows the concept of a family.



After lunch she takes a nap and I get to study my lessons in VA bootcamp.


Snack time after a quick nap.



And since it’s a weekend, she gets to play with her cousins when we visit them.


When we came home, we went to asleep that fast hence unable to take a photo.And that ‘s how our day went.

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