A mom’s desire to work from home

Working from a corporate world is an opportunity and privilege. However, sometimes we need to choose between career and family. Indeed, a difficult situation to be in. The questions are always, “Is there’s a way that I can be with my family while working?” or “Why I cannot do the same job at a time?”

From being a career woman, I became a full pledge mom. A tough decision that I chose. Not until I heard and watched videos about freelancing. The first thing that comes to my mind is “so it’s possible?” all the questions have an answer now. I research about the benefits of having a work from home and analyze it. What if I already hired as a freelance? What are the benefits that I will get from it? Here’s the list of my opinion:

  1. You have time for your family. Yes, you can work while taking good care of your child. You can attend family gatherings and to your child’s school activity.
  2. You have a lot of time. Traveling to one place to another especially in Metro Manila consumed at least 3 hours. So, I don’t have time to meet friends after office hours. Every rest day, you only think to have a good rest. So neglected the Saturday family bonding nor Sunday mass. But, with freelancing, you have a lot of time because of the job schedule. If not graveyard shift because you need to follow the client’s time, it can be part-time.
  3. Financial freedom. I consider not traveling from home and office financial freedom. Why? First, I don’t need to pay a fare to any kind of vehicle. Secondly, I don’t pay a nanny to take care, my child. Lastly, you can get your freelancing salary in full. You are not thinking, how much they get to pay the government mandatory tax and others.
  4. Help our better half of all the expenses. A husband working alone is good but working together is a blessing because you can share and provide in your family needs and expenses.
  5. A dream come true! It is a dream come true for a stay at mom to have work from home. It gives us a self-fulfillment, career contentment and motherly satisfaction.
  6. Lastly, return the good deeds to others. Sharing the blessing of having a work from home to the needy contributes happiness to our heart and soul. God gives us the client, the skills and the intelligent and as His daughter, we need to return those blessings to our brethren.

With these lists, it gives me a firing desire to have work from home jobs. But, with God’s perfect timing, I know He will provide. Have faith and trust God!

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