A Penny For Your Thoughts

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I will start this in a saying that most people believe “THE LOVE OF MONEY IS THE ROOT OF EVIL”..it has some points but I think it does not end with that..for me you don’t have to love the money to appreciate it.. its just money anyway, but on the other hand we know that it is indeed important in our lives and being important doesn’t mean you have to be emotionally attached to it, you have to give up everything for it or you have to be a bad a person for it. Speaking of a bad person, some people say that rich people is usually bad ones and poor people is good ones. I don’t believe that. I don’t think life’s work that way, just because you are the rich one then you are the bad ones, it is not your fault to be rich in the first place, you just work hard or your parents work hard for it and know how to use it..that’s why sometimes in life you have to be the cold one the one who is not affected of some people words..because if you let them hurt you by words then you let them controlled you by words .


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that is the reason my beliefs changes in time and right now I must go in a saying that THE LACK OF MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL.. why? because some experienced it..most of us do …you can do bad things to someone ..you can hurt them emotionally and sometimes yourself too.it can change a person in one snap, and become one of the worst people I met that always says “You know what.. you can’t bring your money in heaven to give it or lend it to us, seriously? Who said that I will bring it in the first place… of course not! I work hard for it to leave it to my loved ones, at least I know in the future they can survive without me and I can die peacefully by then..you don’t want to be the person to die without money and be a burden to the left behinds..you don’t want to be the reason why they are suffering after you die and worst case scenario leave a full debt to them because of your lack of money.. you don’t want them to suffer believed me… I know you don’t want to do that to them..so I hope now you know the importance of money in our life, you don’t have to love it to appreciate it..and I hope and pray that somehow on the afterlife( if there is one), there’s no money there to make the world go round, there’s no grief, sadness or pain. but for now, in our world it has, so for you to survived you must always be wise and be appreciative even in small things that you got 😉






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