Almost Head-on Collision – Car Accidents

Almost Head-on Collision – Car Accidents


A dump truck bumped on the road sign and suddenly this Pick up overtakes and miscalculated the incoming tricycle. Luckily this tricycle driver dodged the speeding Pick up.

Issues here are:

1) Non-reflective sign board – Several portions at Carmen Road via Cabanatuan City always using non-reflective sign boards. Quite dangerous because this is really difficult to see from far distances unless you switched to high beam, but if not, you will always be surprised in a few meters away by these annoying traffic signs.

2) Pick up driver’s behavior – Since this is a 7-kilometer dead straight road, drivers always assumed that it’s safe to overtake when there are no incoming lights from a car. Totally wrong because you need to anticipate like this old tricycle with very low head light and covered by another car right in front of him which is also overtaking. On this video, obviously, he didn’t notice this incoming tricycle.


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