Art + Rubbish = Aesthetic

We’ve all heard that “one man’s trash is another mans treasure”. That saying takes on new meaning when we view the world through the eyes of the artists who makes recycling and re-purposing of rubbish AESTHETICALLY pleasing.

To see possibility in the things we throw away every day is FULFILLING, in a way that, we did not only create beautiful art or found a new purpose on our rubbish but we have saved our planet from hoarding another “weight-in-the shoulder” type of problem that will not just stay for months but years.

Here we feature 5 creations to inspire you that with rubbish we can create functioning aesthetic.

Enjoy glares with this Sun catchers made out of microwave turntables
Mosaic Bowl made from magazine papers.
Tattered jean? why not a Tattered pillow case.
For extra love, Hug your planters with old jeans fabric.
Letting your old rain boots support another life.

Hope we inspired you with this blog. This working aesthetic, ONLY requires Rubbish and art. So go get your rubbish and creating juices get working!

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