Author: emmabelle avila



So here we go…It’s my husband’s birthday and to make it extra special…I’ve searched for food places serving fresh sea foods. Until I’ve found this restaurant, not really a big one, but with enough space to cater seafood lovers like us. It is situated in the province of Pampanga, a 1 hour drive from Manila, so it is very accessible. At the entrance, there is a huge crab cast figure in a pirate costume welcoming you.

The staffs are very accommodating. We were guided to our seats respectively. The menus are primarily sea foods offering unlimited crabs and prawns buckets according to your preferred flavors be it on lemon butter, chilli garlic or simply steamed! For a very affordable price of 699 pesos per head, you get to enjoy their mouth watering fatty crabs! Though they also serve other delectable Filipino dishes like kare – kare, crispy pata and bulalo. Before the eating session starts, the staff will plastic wrap the wooden table and provide you with plastic gloves. Watch the video below for more gastronomic viewing!