Author: Maria Salvie Dilay

Why is freelancing the best option for stay-at-home moms or dads?

Best Decision you can make for your family

Modernization, Digital Marketing, Virtual Assistant, freelancing and work from home these are the words you will hear with millennial parents. With the continuous changing and modernization in every country so as the traffic and working environment. Some parents choose to have their kids in home schooling and mothers to work from home to be save from bustling and hustle of commuting.  And why not?

Modern mother today wants to spend most of their time in taking care of their kids and watch over them as they grow. The challenge in finding house helper you can trust to assist you and help you in the house chores is more difficult in this time. Specially if you are entrusting them with your children’s welfare and safety. Spending more than four hours of travelling to work and home lost your time to spend quality moment with your children. These can be the reason of changing your mindset from working in the corporate world to work from home set-up.

Freelancing is one of the options a parent can have, working from home. This opportunity able the parents to earn money for the family and support the everyday needs and at the same time be able to provide support and guidance to their children.  Spending quality time with your family is the best reward your can have.

It is like being a boss of your own time since you are your own boss, you can continuously develop your skills and learn at our own pace and the decision is solely yours to make. Of course, not all the positive in freelancing is easy to overcome. There are some challenges one need to face individualy. Working from home needs a lot of focus and commitment.  Since you’re at home, many distractions may come your way. The challenge of finishing your task and not letting the sluggishness slow you down. Strong determination and undivided focus need to be owned in order to be successful in freelancing.