Avengers: Infinity Wars

The Hype

I watched this most anticipated film this year a week ago – Avengers: Infinity War with the couple, my sister with her hubby, you can say I was third-wheeling but hey, it was for free! This was their treat. Anyhow, When I was a kid I was already a fan of the comics. I’m a mix of everything but on this one, probably, you can say my geek side is dominant on the matter. (Lol!)

To be honest I was imagining scenes before the movie was actually playing because I know the story and how it ended — but you know, I’m pretty cynical myself so I already thought too that the original plot. The characters and some events may vary or they’ll just revise it into something isn’t from the original plot/story. That’s the pattern they do for it to fit into their movie-like agenda (profit!). Before I watched the film it was making news and has breaking All-time records. So, I thought it was really good.

The Real Score

As for me, I was disappointed because I am expecting the main plot would not be tampered that much by whoever has the power to do so. There are many revisions but I wouldn’t recall them all because it was a decade ago or more. When I last read it and the fact that I was just a kid. I was fond of the idea that Marvel Comics is eventually making it to the big screen because it was a vision of ours too, years ago.

I liked the graphics and stuff they did to the movie. But, honestly didn’t like the movie that much at all. All I really like was I able to go out and see a movie once again after months of not having to do so. If ever you’re wondering what is my rating for this movie it’s — 6/10.

So, for those who want to watch it in the future. Here is the trailer. Enjoy!


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