Beach rock on Virac

Rock on the beach…

When summer heat hit our head makes us feel hot and lead our feet to beat the hot season. Planning a vacation with family and friends will be a great option to feel the summer in the Philippines.

This allow us to enjoy nature tripping in our country today. Like walking bear foot on the seashore kinda inviting us to explore the nature and watch the wonderful tireless waves that slam the shore.  Tasting different delicacies and meet new people will be a great experience to remember this summer before going back to a stressful reality of life.

Looking for a summer to remember? Well take a look on a province far from the southeast part of Manila Philippines. Virac is the first class municipality   and capital of the province of Catanduanes. Going on this place requires a lot of patience while travelling in cheaper way I guess, why? The travel time will take about 14-16 hours of travel by bus and ship. But if the budget is not so tight,  using the domestic flight, it will take just for 45-1 hour from NAIA Terminal 1.

As you reach other island from Tabacco City Albay is the beautiful island of Catanduanes which Virac was the main terminal both by air and sea. Just don’t come on this island if there was a tropical depression coming since this island is considered as the typhoon belt of the Philippines.

There are popular places to visit in Virac, Like the beaches of Baras, Vigaa etc.. But the beach resort which I like most is the Twin Rock Beach resort located in Igang Catanduanes, Virac, Philippines. This resort offers affordable room  either both couple and group rates with breakfast included which depends on the room availability. It also features great facilities and services which can be use upon entering this resort. The place is also good for wedding, family reunion, birthday and even small activities of different group of the society.

I’m so excited to be back on this place again this May with my  family as we spent our time together with our kids!

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Happy trip everyone!



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