Beautiful Bohol

Bohol is a place where I spent my whole life. I can say that it changed into something beautiful. It is a small province where you can see a lot of big differences in terms of tourism. It becomes the number one tourist destination in the Philippines.

Why Bohol?

It is not unknown to everyone that Bohol is one of the provinces that have numerous tourists. The province is a popular tourist destination with its beaches and resorts. Panglao Island is located in the Southwest of Tagbilaran and famous for its diving locations and is routinely listed as one of the top ten diving destinations in the world.

How to get there?

Less than an hour plane ride from Manila or a 2-hour ferry ride from Cebu City is the beautiful tropical island in the province. You can explore the island by renting a motorcycle of you can also rent a car where you can travel with ease by going to top destinations in Bohol. You can choose between a vehicle that can fit up to 4 or more for a comfortable journey. Traveling to the far depths of Bohol with your own itinerary.

Visit Bohol and try to wander all the beautiful places and experience these serene and beautiful white beaches. Do not miss these wonderful creations God has given.

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