Calaguas: An awesome beach of relaxation.

Crystal clear water, fresh ocean breeze and virgin white sand; This is exactly what will you see when you reach the shore of Calaguas Island. It is somehow remote but it added an extra factor for relaxation because you won’t mind checking your phone for sms or calls as well as checking your social media sites for notifications. A stress free island indeed!

Calaguas Bay

The island of Calaguas is under the Municipality of Vinzons, Camarines Norte. It was roughly (10) ten hours ride to reach Vinzons Port, and from there another (2) two hours boat ride is needed to reach the island. Amidst of the long transportation hour, Calaguas Island promises to wipe out your exhaustion with it’s exemplary beauty.

Home cook are the best. This is what people of Calaguas Island will serve to you! Fresh seafood’s, vegetable and finest meat, all freshly home cook. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to take a picture of it because I’m quite hungry at that time.


At night, you can have a socialization with your friends under the starry sky. Don’t forget to bring some liquor! Although there is some store in the island I highly suggest to buy beforehand at some fuel stops because the price in the island is quite high. We prefer using tents for our night stay. Our tour guide help us to form the tents and we make sure to assemble it under a roof to avoid getting wet in case it will rain that eventually happen.

The next day we went to another island with so majestic view on top. Here’s a pic.

We do also visit a sandbar but because of the tide unfortunately, it did not show up. Instead, we just went swimming and enjoy!

If you want a break from work stress or you just want to visit a place to relax I can say that Calaguas Island is the best place for it. The island is truly amazing. Don’t forget to bring your best beach outfit and make a remarkable pose.

Love Philippines! Peace!

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