Caretaker/Caregiver in Taiwan

I’ve been working in Taiwan for almost 3 years now as a Caretaker or Caregiver, my contract will end on September 22,2019 to be exact, And I decided not to continue or renew my contract.The duty of a caretaker or caregiver is to help older individuals who need assistance,help patients get dressed, eat, bathe and complete light housekeeping duties, such as dishes or folding laundry, others may provide basic health services such as monitoring patients’ pulses, respiration and temperature.Caretakers  are not covered by the Taiwan Labor Standards Law we don’t pay income taxes, labor insurance ,only National Health Insurance share and broker’s fee. There is a “brokerage system” in Taiwan, it was passed and it is a law.Taiwan Manpower agencies collect fees from the worker monthly for their services which is NT$1,800(php 2,952) for the first year NT$1,700(php 2,788) second year and NT$1500(php 2,460) for third year of service up until 12 years which is the working period in Taiwan.

The household service workers are protected by the provisions of their employment contracts, which depends on their employer.The total working period in Taiwan is 12 years only.  After their 12th year, foreign workers, including OFWs are not qualified to return to work in Taiwan,although lawmakers are looking to extend it up to 15 years. OFWs must undergo a mandatory medical examination within 3 days from arrival and within 30 days before or after the 6th, 18th and 30th month of employment. OFWs must apply for Alien Residence Certificate (ARC) immediately when reached Taiwan, however brokers are the one who applies for these under Taiwan’s Labor Standard Act, the minimum monthly wage is NT$23,000, but most caretakers, who are not covered by the law, earn only NT$17,000(php 27,790 base on the current rate) a month.

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