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Today, I’m sharing with you some quick tips on how to start your own t-shirt printing business. It’s not as comprehensive as I want it to be, but it’s enough to get you have an idea what you need to do.

Step 1: Decide the method of printing you will use.
This is an important step, because it will dictate your startup capital, and influence a large part of your business planning. Currently, there are three methods of t-shirt printing you can utilize.

Screen Printing
A traditional technique that makes use of a mesh stencil, blade, or squeegee to transfer the ink to a t-shirt. Because it only prints one color at a time, it may not prove to be cost effective when creating designs that require 4 or more colors, which leads to longer production time.

Direct to Garment (DTG)
Utilizing ink-jet technology, DTG is a digital printing process where inkjet textile inks are applied directly and absorbed by the fibers of the shirt. Unlike screen printing, it can produce full quality color images. The downside is it requires more capital which may range from P11,000 to P700,000.

Heat Transfer
The middle choice of the other two, it uses high quality heat transfer paper to which it can create full colored designs, especially commercial heat press that allows you to receive multiple orders from clients. A heat transfer machine may cost you anywhere from P8,000 to P10,000.

Step 3: Evaluate and assess a profitable location.

The most important aspect of the location of your business is its visibility and accessibility to a customer. Adopting a signage that emphasizes the name of your business as well as what it is can attract prospects.

But it is also possible to base it inside your home. However, this would require you to make extra effort in your sales and marketing. This is where social media can help enormously to get you orders.

Step 4: Register your business.

The best profits from a shirt-printing business comes from bulk orders. If you’re not a legally registered entity, then it would be hard to get orders from organizations and other businesses.

For sole proprietorships and partnerships, you can register with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). For corporations, you must register with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Once registered, acquire a barangay clearance in the city your business is located at, along with the mayor’s permit and BIR certificate.

Step 5: Build a workforce.

Once you’ve learned how the business should run, it’s time to duplicate yourself and hire staff to scale your operations. You can start by getting daily workers, and eventually promote them into regular employees.

Final Tips

If you’re serious in putting up a t-shirt printing business, then I highly recommend attending a seminar or workshop. Most printing suppliers provide classes at a minimum cost.

Also, if you’re looking for shirt suppliers and you’re based in Metro Manila, then check out Juan Luna St. in Divisoria. It’s a great place to buy them in bulk.

Lastly, remember that shirts are bought because of its quality and design. So it’s important to know who your target market is, so you can satisfy their exact needs when it comes to buying a shirt.

12 Things You Wouldn’t Know is Essential when Travelling to Europe

12 Things You Wouldn’t Know is Essential when Travelling to Europe

Travelling to Europe is best when you have three weeks or more to explore the continent. Your goal is not only to visit the iconic places from every country that you want to see, but also to experience a different culture, try the local food, meet new people and of course – TAKE PICTURES!!! Since you’ll be going from one country to another, it is recommended that you pack light so you won’t have a hard time carrying your luggage on a train, walking on a cobblestone streets and bringing it in an apartment or hotel located in a higher floor without any elevator (trust me, it happens…). You may have your checklist on what to bring and that includes your passport, money, credit card, toiletries, OOTDs, accessories, gadgets, charger etc. But there are some things you might not include on your checklist because you wouldn’t think it’s helpful and useful on your trip. I must say, these simple things that I’m going to share with you, will help you travel at ease and save a Euro.

  1. Folding slippers from Daiso
Image grabbed from

These will help you rest comfortably when you’re at the plane having 13 hours or more flight. You can remove your shoes and wear these instantly without any hassle at all. Since these are very light and foldable, it won’t consume any space on your hand-carry bag. You can also use these slippers when you’re planning to stay in an Airbnb. Most Airbnb owners in Europe won’t allow visitors to use their travelling shoes inside the room or apartment. They usually advice their guest to put their shoes in a locker or in a shoe rack, but never ever use it inside the house. In order to avoid walking on a cold floor inside your room, kitchen, toilet etc. these babies will protect your feet at all times.

2. Coin purse

Image grabbed from

Do you know that you need to pay first before you can use the toilet or washroom in most part of Europe? Yes, and it usually cost one Euro or less depending on the country. That’s why you need a lot of one Euros on your coin purse so you can get it easily and avoid buying something in a supermarket in order to have a change from your paper bills. This tip will help you save a lot of time and money.

3. Laundry bag

Image grabbed from

When you’re staying in Europe for three weeks or more, for sure you’ll have a lot of dirty clothes that are already piling up. I believe as a tourist you’re always in a hurry because you want to have more time in exploring the city. You’ll just plan to bring your used clothes in a laundromat to have it wash and dry for 2 hours, while you’re strolling outside, taking pictures and then just go back once the machine is done. You will need this laundry bag so you can bring your clothes anywhere easily, because there are times that the laundromat may be 10-15 minutes away from your area.

4. Travel bottles

Image grabbed from

Instead of bringing the whole big bottle of liquid soap, shampoo, conditioner or lotion that can add up on the weight and space on your luggage, it is better to fill the travel bottle with enough amount that you can use on your several weeks of stay in Europe. Also, don’t forget to put the filled bottles inside a resealable plastic bags to protect your other things in case there’s an accidental spillage inside your luggage.

5. Laundry mesh bags

Image grabbed from

Most of the self-service laundromat that I have tried in Europe has limited washing type options. It does not have an option for delicate or gentle wash for your clothes that can be easily damaged if not washed properly. Since you don’t have enough time to hand wash your delicate clothes, then it would be best to use a laundry mesh bags to protect and maintain its original appearance.

6. First aid kit

Image grabbed from

As you stay in a country for a long time it is possible that you may experience having blisters on feet because of numerous walks in the city, headache because of stress, allergy attacks because of sudden change in the weather etc. It is very advisable that you bring a handy first aid kit, to avoid inconvenience or any type of interruption when travelling.

7. Portable and foldable mini hair blower

Image grabbed from

Aside from the OOTD, the next important thing for girls is their crown and glory. It is better to bring a portable and foldable mini blower on your travel to dry your damp hair easily. There may be available hair blower on some Airbnb and hotels, but in my experience most of it does not have a cold option, which for me is important because it won’t damage your locks easily. Try to check the brand Klaime which I purchased from Lazada (a famous ecommerce site in the Philippines). It is only 189 pesos and it has 220V that works well in European countries.

8. Universal travel adapter

Image grabbed from

Having a universal travel adapter in your checklist would be a big help to charge all your gadgets in a breeze. You can check the King Power brand that I also purchased in Lazada. Aside from its affordable price it also has 2 USB ports that can be used for charging your mobile phone and digital camera.

9. Tote bag

Image grabbed from

When you want to shop for food, water or any personal needs on a European supermarket, always bring a tote bag with you to avoid paying for their plastic bags that cost less than a Euro.

10. Daiso rain poncho

Image grabbed from

While exploring the streets in Europe, you might experience a sudden rain and you thought your umbrella will save the day. But other times, it won’t! Why? Because sometimes it is not just rain, it comes with a strong wind that will blow your umbrella inside out. In that case, bring a rain poncho on your travels to keep you dry during a bad weather.

11. Ballpen

Image grabbed from

In my opinion, trying the trains in Europe is a must because it will definitely give you a great experience when travelling from one country to another. You may try the Eurail pass, which gives a lot of flexible schedules and discounts. But you should always fill out your travel diary which is included on your Eurail pass, before the conductor will check on it. Remember to use a permanent marker which is a ballpen, not a pencil. Failure to fill out the diary or misuse of the Eurail pass will subject you to a payment of a full-fare ticket and a maximum fine of 200 Euros.

12. Extra duffel bag

Image grabbed from

One of the many characteristics of most Filipinos is always to buy souvenirs and “pasalubongs” before leaving a foreign place. It could be ref magnets, key chains, chocolates etc. Since your luggage is already full because of your personal items for the trip, there’s no enough space for the things you’ve purchased during your travels. Therefore, bringing an extra duffel bag, will solve all your worries on where to pack your excess properly.

And there you go… You are all set on your travel adventure. I hope my simple tips would be able to help you on your journey as you explore the European continent. Have a safe flight!

Tara, Isabela!

Isabela is the largest province of the Philippines and the largest on the island of Luzon in land area. Its capital is the city of Ilagan. We have our Mengal festival yearly. Where Miss Earth pageant’s Resorts Wear and Talent Portion Competition was recently held at my hometown. I am from Echague, Isabela. Yes, I am an Ilokana and I absolutely love pinakbet, inabraw, inatata and most especially native tinola!

Now, let me tour you first before we talk more about our delicacies. Tempting, I know right!

Magat Dam Magat Dam

First of all, Magat Dam. A major source of power and water supply in Northeastern Luzon, and Southeast Asia’s biggest hydroelectric dam. It is located at the boundaries of Alfonso Lista, Ifugao and Ramon, Isabela. There is no entrance fee so if you want to breathe fresh air while enjoying the nature, you can come here. In addition to that, you can bring your bike or just stroll when you are with friends. My daughter were so thrilled upon seeing fishermen on their boats that she wanted to ride it there and then. While my Daddy took pleasure in fresh and live fish. He bought kilos of fish back then.

Ilagan Sanctuary Image result for ilagan sanctuary

Next destination is the most accessible natural tourist spot in the whole province. Located in a portion of Fuyot Spring National Park that comprises the Northern Sierra Madre National Park. A hike of about 2.5 kilometers from the caves will lead to Pinzal Falls which is the main source of water for the swimming pools right by the picnic areas. The sanctuary also houses several parks and recreation areas including a botanical garden, boating area, a hanging bridge, zip line, fish pond, and a mini-zoo.

Crocodile SanctuaryRelated image

Also, we have the Philippine crocodile or bukarot is considered the most threatened crocodilian species in the world due to hunting, destructive fishing and habitat conversion. It was rediscovered in the town of San Mariano in 1999. The crocodile sanctuary protects this special animal by keeping hatchlings in a rearing station before releasing them in the wild 18 months later.

Image may contain: 6 people, including Bianka Alejandro, Deborah May A. Garcia and Bea A. Alejandro, people smiling, people sitting
With my Mom, nieces and kids. We always have our family picture taking here at the butaka.


In addition we have the butaka. Have you heard of it? It’s a reclining lounge with a lengthy back, extended arms found in many homes here. Isabela is the home to the world’s largest lounge chair (weighing 2,368 kilos) which was built to promote woodcraft/furniture industry. The gigantic chair measures 9.7 feet wide, 20.8 feet long and 11.4 feet high. Found in a shed at the Freedom Park in Ilagan as a town landmark. Both my parents own a butaka at our house. They had their supplier made a little verison, a customized one for their apo, my daughter Grey. And it’s still sturdy. I feel cozy every time I’m at the butaka. I can fall asleep quickly. Likewise, my parents are like my butaka. My security blanket.

Image result for palanan,isabela

Honeymoon Island

Furthermore, as one of the most beautiful beaches in the Philippines with its crystal clear waters teaming with live fishes and corals is a sure haven for sea folks. At around 3:00 in the afternoon, a major low tide affects the area which reveals crazy rock formations, small basins of corals and live fishes. A virgin island that will capture your mind & soul.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>

Palanan Related image

Moreover, stargazing in the coastal town of Palanan is a definitely a must do. The night sky lits up with billions of lights that you could go on staring at them. Aside from the fact that it has wonderful beaches to offer, too.

Now, lets go to our delicacies!


The local tribe of Isabela – the Dumagats, still practice barter trading. You can trade a can of sardines for freshly caught lobsters. Yes, you got it right, lobsters. The Dumagat Tribe is one of the oldest tribes in the country. Dumagat tribe is perhaps the oldest living tribe in the Philippines. I think it would be my privilege and honor to get to mingle with them up close and personal. One day, I will bring my kids to play with them.

Pancit Cabagan Image result for famous longganisa in cauayan

The most popular local specialty to try. It is made of stir-fried, fresh miki noodles with mixed vegetables, quail’s eggs and topped with cripy lechon de carajay or fried pork bits. You can try this in many restaurants but locals recommend always Josie’s Panciteria & Restaurant in Cabagan, Isabela as serving the best variety. But I found a nearer place at Cauayan, Isabela called Triple J’s restaurant.

Aling Luring’s Gotohan

Image result for aling luring's goto
“Sobrang sarap po nitong mga inihain sa amin aa Aling Luring’s! Serkele, Goto, Lumpia, at Okoy, lahat okay! Definitely a must-try kapag napadaan po kayo sa Cauayan, Isabela” ~Sen. Bam Aquino. Cauayan Mayor Bernard Dy (white polo shirt) and Isabela Governor Bojie Dy (black tshirt) with Sen. Aquino.

Originated at J.M. Basa st. Concepcion Baliwag, Bulacan. Established in the early 70s by Leonila “Nanay Luring” Castro Trinidad. The concept of a traditional filipino “meryenda” (snack) such as goto- a rice porridge with stewed ox tripe, serkele, palabok, tokwa baboy, lumpiang gulay, chicken arrozcaldo with puto & kutchinta was born and is continually in existence at this place. The family’s food business branched out to the far northern part of the Philippines at Cauayan, Isabela in 1985. The concept and the original menu has not been altered since then, with the addition of sweet dessert like biko, sapin sapin, pitchi pitchi, bibingka and the fast rising popularity of the side dish “okoy” with special vinegar for dipping.
Good heathy food that will nourish not just your appetite but also your soul.

Inabraw Image result for inabraw picture

Inabraw or dinengdeng is a tasty combination of different fresh vegetables such as jute leaves, bamboo shoots, young corn, patola, eggplant, tomato, okra, malunggay, bitter melon, string beans, squash flowers, and other products with bagoong. This is one of my comfort food. My mom would add malunggay and fried fish, too. Yummy!

Mushroom Image result for mushroom cauayan

Cauayan City  is the “mushroom city of the North.” You can find unique dishes made from farm-grown mushrooms here like the mushroom empanada. It’s filled with sliced oyster mushrooms and sauce instead of meat. The town’s Mushroom Center produces other unique mushroom-based dishes like mushroom pickles, mushroom tempura, mushroom patties, mushroom sisig, mushroom shake – and even mushroom ice cream. I would say, vegetarians will love this.

Inatata & Corn Coffee

Image result for inatata & binallayIsabela is the rice granary of the North. You can find rice delicacies like tupig and suman in different towns. Inatata is a glutinous rice creamed with coconut milk, sugar and a pinch of salt. The name comes from a combination of the words for mother and father “ina” and “tata” to reflect the labor of love from parents because of the care in which it takes to wrap the rice treats. It looks like ammunition belts of a machine gun but paired with hot choco or hot coffee will make your day.

As a corn capital of Philippines too, Isabela offers variety of corn delicacies. One of which is the corn coffee.  It lacks caffeine so you can consume it anytime of the day. Aside from corn coffee, they also have nachos, corn shake and pastillas that are all made of corn.


Image result for binallay


Another homegrown rice cake is Binallay, made of glutinous rice wrapped in banana leaves. “Balay” means “house”. This has religious significance and traditionally served during the Holy Week, to help Isabelinos endure hunger during the fasting period.


Native tinola Image result for native tinola

I grew up eating my vegetables like malunggay, saluyot, eggplant, sigarilyas, string beans, squash and even bitter gourd. I love my mother’s famous tenderly delicious beef steak and her adobo that meat will almost fall on its bone. My all-time favorite is native tinola. Why? Because my father will butcher one of his native chickens then my mother will cook it. See the tandem behind the preparation & cooking? I love the partnership my parents have. That’s called labor of love. They are my Yin Yang. So every time I am home, my dad & mom will cook for me. Native tinola tastes no other. Nothing compares to the aroma and invigorating soup. It warms my heart and my stomach is full, too.

Finally, I would like to add the most prominent celebration in Isabela is the Bambanti Festival celebrated every January. Named after the Scarecrow which guards the fields from birds and pests, the Bambanti Festival celebrates the agricultural industry, natural resources, culture and industries of the entire province. This year’s festival has got them in Guinness World of records.

I will make another blog about what adventures and where to stay when in Isabela. For now, let’s satisfy our hunger.



Traveling to Hongkong-Macau is special to me because it’s my and our first time to travel with my girlfriend outside of the Philippines. But actually we’re not alone, we have her whole family with us. As the quote saying, “The family that stays together travel together” and yes indeed true. Why not. As Walt Disney said, “If you can dream it, you can do it.” and that’s what we did. We made it. VIOLA!!!!

Pre Departure: We stayed in front of NAIA Terminal 3

Yes, you read it right. We stayed in front of NAIA Terminal 3. But not literally in front of the airport. Hehehe. We just booked an AIRBNB located in front of the terminal so that it is hassle-free from all of us going to the airport since our departure was 7 am in the morning and also we have my girlfriend’s grandmother and her niece. So think of it, its quite hassle if we will coming from afar. Nice move right?

Boarding Time

Everything was smooth. We checked in, paid for travel tax and passed at the immigration. The immigration that everyone was afraid of. We’re lucky that our officer was kind and don’t have any questions at all. Just luck though.

We boarded on time. Thanks to Cebu Pacific. No delays at that time.

Touch Down (Hongkong International Airport)

Hong Kong International Airport is the commercial airport serving Hong Kong, built on reclaimed land on the island of Chek Lap Kok. The airport is also known as Chek Lap Kok Airport. The airport has been in commercial operation since 1998, replacing Kai Tak Airport.

What did we do in Hongkong?

Enjoy the enchanting view of Victoria harbour

The harbour is a major tourist attraction of Hong Kong. Lying in the middle of the territory’s dense urban region, the harbour is the site of annual fireworks displays and its promenades are used as gathering places for tourists and residents.

Visit 1881 Heritage

In a city that preserves its traditions while looking firmly to the future, 1881 Heritage fittingly combines historical attractions with more contemporary pursuits.

Visitors can shop for international fashion brands and enjoy fine dining on the grounds where pirates were incarcerated and a daily signal was watched by ships in the harbour as they prepared for long and treacherous trans-global journeys. Tradition and innovation, past and present, 1881 Heritage is a real Hong Kong experience.

Enjoy Hongkong Disneyland

I remembered back when I was a kid, I love watching Disney movies/cartoons. I bet when we say HongKong, every one of us will firstly think of the Disneyland in Hong Kong. Right? We enjoyed our whole day stay inside Disney land.  I keep on saying to myself that someday I will be back in here. And of course with my child hopefully. Because I know it was everyone’s dream.

Facts: Although HK Disneyland is smaller than that in other countries, the Adventureland section is the biggest Adventureland of any Magic Kingdom park around the world.

Visit the “Las Vegas of Asia”, MACAU

Traveling to Macau from Hongkong was just a quick 1 hour of travel via BUS. That’s why it’s a must.
Today, Macau (澳門) is formally known as Macao Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China. It is an autonomous territory, so even though it is officially part of China, it has its own currency and immigration policy, separate from that of mainland China or Hong Kong. In fact, even visitors from the mainland and HK will have to pass through immigration and customs check upon entering Macau.

Macau has a lot to offer. Some of the places that we visited are as follows:

  • Senado Square

  • The Parisians

  • Ruins of St Paul

Walking around Macau really amazed me because there are many Filipinos working and traveling there.  It’s really true that everywhere there is a Filipino.

So what are you waiting for? Travel now with your loved ones.

“Time is free but is priceless. You cannot own it but you can use it. You cannot keep it but you can spend it. Once you’ve lost it. you can never get it back.”-Marvey Mackay

Batanes: A Paradise of Beauties and Thrills

Tired and bored of your daily routines in spite of long weekends? Then spend time with your loved ones. Appreciate the green rolling hills and sway with the waves of the West Philippine Sea and the vast Pacific Ocean in Batanes – A Paradise of Beauties and Thrills.

Let’s begin our journey to the northernmost province of Cagayan Valley, that is, Batanes – A Paradise of Beauties and Thrills


Image result for Basco Lighthouse


Admire one of the structures of Batanes in the island of Batan with Basco Lighthouse.  Situated on the rolling Naidi Hills, you can view the spectacular panorama of the Baluarte Bay, Basco town and Mt. Iraya.

That pink blob right there is me. Teehee.


Peace your soul with the alluring grass-covered hills, across the rugged seaside landscape of Diura Beach. You can hardly view the Tayid Lighthouse as the fluffy cloud overshadows its structure.

Image result for valugan boulder beach




Walking along the boulders of rocks while watching the graceful swaying of the waves of the sea? Be extra careful or else, you’ll get hurt.

Nakabuang Arch




Of all the beaches surrounding the island of Sabtang, you’ll love taking pictures with its most prominent feature known as Nakabuang Arch, that has become an icon of Sabtang and Batanes as a whole.

Image result for savidug village






Do not leave the island of Sabtang without visiting one of its pride! The Stonehouses in Savidug, covered by cogon roof, were built as the Ivatans protection against strong typhoons.


Batanes is not just notable for its natural beauty but also of its people, the Ivatans. For more information, click here




Though the waters  have a reputation of being rough, turbulent and frightening, still the voyage is safe, full of excitement.  But, here’s another adventure…a nerve wracking trip to


Don’t worry because you can escape the danger through the Itbayat Airport.



Alladin: The Disney Live Remake

Listen, Disney has been re-making their classics into live action. From the last movie Beauty and the Beast (I enjoyed a bit), I think I was more in love with their remake of Alladin. The animation was not my cup of tea growing up yet the remake was incredible! All the colors and lively songs, One of the things I love about it either is they didnt white-wash the movie. All the actors seems like they came from Arabia, the casting was great they fitted the role of their parts perfectly!

My favorite part would have to be Alladin’s entrance to Agraba, where genie introduced him to the Sultan and Princess Jasmine. Genie made a spectacular parade of colors and dance. Will Smith (Genie) made this remake oh so dazzling!

Travel to Sihanoukville, Cambodia. Discover the most beautiful beaches in the country

What to see in Cambodia?

When you hear Cambodia, you’d probably think of Angkor Wat (in Siem Reap) which is their very popular tourist spot. Most tourist in Cambodia go there to experience and see the most historical temple in the country. But what others don’t know is that there’s a lot to explore in this country. One of it is in Sihanoukville.

There’s a lot of beautiful beaches in this province of Cambodia that is conveniently not so busy.

So, here’s a list of most beautiful beaches you should probably visit during your trip to Cambodia.

1. Otres Beach

Is a white sand beach with a crystal clear water you can’t resist to swim. It’s peaceful and not so crowded. On the other hand, if you prefer swimming pool there are also a lot of beautiful hotel and resorts nearby. (Check this) There are also restaurants and bars alongside of the beach that offers good food and comes with a lot of choices.




2. Ochheuteal Beach

This beach is more lively and crowded compare to Otres beach. It has chain of restaurants and bars but it is a good spot for watching the sunset.




3. Koh Rong Island

It is like a virgin island which has a lot of beautiful beaches and bungalows, perfect for wedding occasions and honeymoon. You can also do a lot of water activities such as snorkeling, jetski, scuba diving etc.




There’s still a lot more beaches in Sihanoukville but those three are the most popular and organized. So if you plan to visit Cambodia, make sure you add these to your bucket list. Enjoy!

A Beginner’s Guide to Playing the Guitar

A Beginner’s Guide to Playing the Guitar


Are you a big fan of the guitarists of a certain band you like? Do you fancy yourself playing a guitar in front of a huge crowd while they sing their hearts out? Or, do you just want to have fun jamming with your friends? Then, you’re on the right page! Tell you what, you won’t need to have a musician’s blood in your veins just to play a guitar. As a beginner, you just need to know the basics then afterwards, you’ll be able to tune your beloved guitar to your own melody.


Here are the guitar basics a beginner should know about:


    • Get to Know the Parts.

      This is a vital information for every aspiring guitarist. Of course, you can only win a war using a weapon you’re a master of. Getting to know the parts of the guitar should be your first lesson. These parts are the bridge, neck, headstock, tuning pegs, frets, and sound hole. When you’ve understood their uses, then you’ll recognize their distinct contribution to the music you’re making.

    • Tune and Hold the Guitar Properly.

      There are many ways of holding the guitar which do not compromise the correct posture and give comfort to the guitarist. For beginners, discomforts are to be expected in areas like shoulders, arms, hands, and neck as they tend to slide the guitar down to see what’s going on. On the other hand, tuning a guitar requires you to know the various string and fret combinations. You must familiarize yourself with the name of each string, as well.

    • Choose the Pick.

      You can always use your thumb or index fingers in strumming the guitar, but certain times come when you just won’t last long. There comes the pick. Picks can be thin or thick, medium thin or medium thick. For beginners, a standard shaped medium thickness pick is advisable. No worries. You can always decide what suits you better later.

    • Time for the Chords!

      E Minor chord and D2 are two of the easy chord shapes. Chords create the music. You may find it hard for your muscles to move with coordination. That’s okay! At least, you have a good start! Practice as many times as you can in a day. This way, your fingers will remember the chords. Then, changing chords later will be a smooth one for you.

    • Make your own music.

      Now that you’ve known the basic in playing the guitar, it’s time for you to get up, hold your guitar, play the chords, and compose your own music.


    Playing the guitar becomes easy when you’ve got the determination to learn all about the instrument. Your music may not be that good at the start. But as days pass by, you’ll get better with constant practice. And eventually, you’ll be able to tune your guitar to your own melody. So, pick up your guitar and have a good start today!

What should people visit Cebu

Cebu is a province of the Philippines located in the Central Visayas region. The name “CEBU” came from the old Cebuano word sibu or sibo (“trade”), a shortened form of sinibuayng hingpit (“the place for trading”). It was originally applied to the harbors of the town of Sugbu, the ancient name for Cebu city.

In Cebu there are some places that you can choose to stay while spending your vacation, I would rather suggest to stay at the hotel that has great accommodation in the city if you preferred, but the most common place to unwind at Cebu was on a beach to experienced vacation more great.

One of the famous activities in Cebu was Sinulog festival. A  traditional celebration in Cebu City held every third Sunday of January to honor the Sto. Nino (child jesus). The word sinulog came from the Cebuano’s word “sulog” which means “like water current movement”, which describes the forward-backward movement of the Sinulog dance.

For every destination, Filipino is known to bring a pasalubong to the folks back home and there are some famous delicacies that Cebu was known are lechon, dried mango, danggit, masareal, otap, chicharon, guitar and etc., So, there are the reasons why people visit our province and I’ll hope to see you there..

Suroy sa Misamis Oriental

Credit to Eat Bulaga Miss Millennial 2018

When we heard about Mindanao some people think negatively because of the chaos that happened at Marawi City. The Martial Law in Mindanao declared by President Rodrigo R. Duterte still ongoing and tourists and travelers afraid to visit some beautiful tourist spot of Mindanao. Well, you should not be afraid, why? because the Provinces of Mindanao has their own unique, beautiful, delicious delicacies and friendly people. Let us talk about one of the provinces in Mindanao “Misamis Oriental”

Why Misamis Oriental on your travel bucket list? Why not! Misamis Oriental has lots of tourist spots where you can choose depending on your personality and hobbies. If you love adventure Misamis Oriental has different adventure places like Water rafting at Cagayan River, Dahilayan adventure park where you can experience extreme rides and the dual longest zipline in Asia. Another new is pragliding its new in Misamis Oriental where you can experience to fly and to see the heart of the city at the top. And not to forget the new seven seas water park where you can experience extreme water slide.

Misamis Oriental, as a coastal province, is dominated by two bays to the north; the Macajalar and the Gingoog Bay.[3] The central portion of the province features several rivers originating from the highlands of Bukidnon, such as the Cagayan. And because of that many beautiful beaches, waterfalls and water springs in this province.

If we’re talking food and pasalubong Misamis Oriental has different kakanin or native food. We have sweet Bibingka (rice cake), Puto Maya, Binaki (sweet tamales) biko (sticky rice) Toasted Peanut by cheding’s and many more to say. Each town of Misamis Oriental has their own story they have their own souvenirs too. In our town which is Salay Misamis Oriental, we have Salay Handmade Paper Industries Inc. (SHAPII) they cater a different kind of souvenirs that made by their creative hands. You can visit their facebook page to see how beautiful their products are.

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” Explore, Experience Life is short, Philippines has 7,107 islands to visit. Take every chance you get in life, because some things only happen ONCE. What are you waiting for Tara suroy nata sa Misamis Oriental!

Beach rock on Virac

Rock on the beach…

When summer heat hit our head makes us feel hot and lead our feet to beat the hot season. Planning a vacation with family and friends will be a great option to feel the summer in the Philippines.

This allow us to enjoy nature tripping in our country today. Like walking bear foot on the seashore kinda inviting us to explore the nature and watch the wonderful tireless waves that slam the shore.  Tasting different delicacies and meet new people will be a great experience to remember this summer before going back to a stressful reality of life.

Looking for a summer to remember? Well take a look on a province far from the southeast part of Manila Philippines. Virac is the first class municipality   and capital of the province of Catanduanes. Going on this place requires a lot of patience while travelling in cheaper way I guess, why? The travel time will take about 14-16 hours of travel by bus and ship. But if the budget is not so tight,  using the domestic flight, it will take just for 45-1 hour from NAIA Terminal 1.

As you reach other island from Tabacco City Albay is the beautiful island of Catanduanes which Virac was the main terminal both by air and sea. Just don’t come on this island if there was a tropical depression coming since this island is considered as the typhoon belt of the Philippines.

There are popular places to visit in Virac, Like the beaches of Baras, Vigaa etc.. But the beach resort which I like most is the Twin Rock Beach resort located in Igang Catanduanes, Virac, Philippines. This resort offers affordable room  either both couple and group rates with breakfast included which depends on the room availability. It also features great facilities and services which can be use upon entering this resort. The place is also good for wedding, family reunion, birthday and even small activities of different group of the society.

I’m so excited to be back on this place again this May with my  family as we spent our time together with our kids!

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Happy trip everyone!



Magpupungko in Siargao

This is perfect for summer getaways to visit Magpupungko in Siargao!




Siargao is the island located in Surigao Del Norte Province.  It has many tourist spots destinations, surfing places  that is why many people and foreigner visited it. One of the best tourist destination is “Magpupungko” Rock Pools. It is known for various intricate rock formation, beach with strong waves and clear turquoise blue water surface that is only visible during low tide . It has white sand that you can enjoy as you walk without slippers and many delicacies you enjoy eating when buying in stores and mini-restaurants. Through “habal-habal” you can travel in here. Habal-habal is  built around a motorbike and they are the most compact public transportation vehicles. It is  simply a motorbike with driver for rent. From Dapa port estimated time frame for travel is forty five minutes to one hour  and cost four hundred to six hundred pesos. There is also entrance fee of P50.00 in Magpupungko Beach. They say to see is to believe so once again let’s have a look again about Magpupungko Rock Pools.