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What’s in my Hometown?

What is your hometown? This is what people usually ask if they want to get to know you or just to simply to find something to discuss with. Whenever I say that I’m from Tanza, I often get an odd look or a big question mark from their faces, as if they haven’t heard of it, followed by the questions, “where is it?”, “is it far?”. Approximately 2 hours drive from Manila, this town is situated along Rosario, Gen.Trias, Trece Martires, and Naic. Well, I can’t blame them, Tanza is just a little and quiet town in Cavite, not as well known as the other cities on the same province like Bacoor, Imus and others.

Tanza Holy Cross Parish Church

“So, what’s in Tanza?”, this is another question that I often get which also made me think and asked myself, what’s in my hometown? When I was in elementary, I can still remember being taught in our history subject the significance of our town in our country’s history. This is where Emilio Aguinaldo took an oath as the first president of the revolutionary government of the Philippines. Personalities who made a mark in our history like, Felipe Calderon, Justiniano Montano, and Antero soriano are also from this town.

August 28 is the feast of St. Augustine which is being celebrated in different parts of the Philippines among Catholics .This celebration here in Tanza is one of the most attended and popular in which a lot of devotees from different parts of the country makes an effort to visit and praise the miraculous saint. Aside from this event, 4 years ago, the municipality just started to have its own festival as a celebration of its founding anniversary being held during the 27th and 28th of February called LOHITOR festival. LOHITOR stands for LObo, the huge sky lanterns, HIgante, the giant paper machetes, and TOro, the bull mascot armed with fireworks chasing around people. Activities like float parade, street dancing competition, pageants, concerts and food bazaars make this celebration complete.

Speaking of food bazaar, Tanza’s very own pancit negra, pancit luglog and pancit estacion are just some of the delicacies that foodies should never miss.

Since this town is not too far from the metro, this is an ideal destination for short notice out of town getaways. We might not have white sand beaches but there’s a lot of private pools and affordable resorts to choose from.

So that’s it, actually there still a lot of things that I haven’t discussed. I just came to realize that my hometown has a lot to offer, a little and quiet town, but a place full of history and rich in culture in which a Tanzanian like me should be proud of.