How to achieve your goals


What is your dream? What is your goal?

Is it to get rich and to never have any problem in money? Is it to find your true love? Work as a freelancer? Get your dream car?

Well what ever your goal is I know it is worth achieving it. But how can you get it if you don’t know how to do it? Or even, how can you stay and be motivated to fulfilling that dreams?

I’ve got one word for it.

Commitment image Commitment.

You must commit to achieve it. Having interest in your goal has a huge different from committing on it. Yeah, you’ve got interest in finding your true love. But can you commit in finding your true love? Interested in getting your dream car or getting rich? But are you committed in doing the process to achieve it?

Did you know that the word commitment actually scared other people? Why? because when you commit you take away a part of your life in doing something in exchange for that something you are longing for.

So how can you achieve your goal? you work for it and commit to the process. By then you wouldn’t notice that you are getting closer to your goal.

When you think of your goals and want to make it a reality. Always remember the word. Commitment.

even in the dictionary, commitment, it’s not just a word it’s an act.

Another thing to remind yourself.

Believe in yourself.

No one will believe in you at the beginning so you must believe in yourself first.

Trust in your process.

Even the smallest progress counts towards your goal. Appreciate it.

You will never lose your sight at your goal and you will achieve it effectively. Commit to your goals now and never turn back again. Always focus your eyes on the road and don’t get distracted by shiny objects.

Do you want to live in the past or in the present?

I hope to see you achieving your goals and living the life you wanted to be.

Albay, your 360° place for vacation

Mt. Mayon as see in Barangay Mabinit

Have you ever been to Albay?

Do you recall having your first visit here and wondered so much of the places you’ve stopped over in yet find out you’ve only visited a few?

For those who haven’t, ever thought of when would you want to and where to start at? Albay, for me, is your 360° place for vacation. The moment you set foot on Legaspi City, whether by plane or by bus, ask folks and they would recommend tourist places in all directions.

I’m lucky this is my father’s hometown province. I got the chance to visit Albay more than I could count with my fingers over the past two decades. I love the serene and tranquil place where my father lives and enjoy my vacation there. I’m not a regular pilgrim there but I always look forward on times I’d come back there. I got the chance to re-visit places I’ve been to and discover new places I’ve never been before.

You’ll never have to worry about getting an inn or a place to stay. There’s a lot to find there. Travel sites can help you find deals and offers that best suit your budget. If you have a friend who lives there, I’m sure he can recommend a nice place for you to stay.

Should you decide to give it a try, here are my personal choices where you can stop by and visit as many places in one go, covering as much as you can. So here you go.

Albay Wildlife and Lingnon Hill Park. These two places are adjacent. Allot a day to visit Wildlife in the morning then climb uphill to Lingnon hill mid-afternoon and stay there until the dusk.

Albay Wildlife entrance
Albay Wildlife entrance
Daylight owl
Man-made lagoon
Lignon Hill Observatory

Cagsawa Ruins and ATV Ride. Set another whole day to roam around Cagsawa Ruins park then ride the ATV and choose between the Green Lava and the Black Lava Tour.

Cagsawa Ruins

Sumlang Lake and Quitinan Hills. Both can be found on Poblacion Camalig. If you are coming from Legaspi City, Sumlang Lake comes first then Quitinan Hills at the city proper.