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Common Misconception About a Chess Player

Sometimes, in a group of people, I do not disclose that I once played chess and that it was one of the best parts of my student life. Why? You might ask. Because it makes people set boundaries based on these wrong impressions:

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A chess player is smarter.

We are just like any average people who happen to know chess and considered it as sports. Just like an ordinary student, we need to spend hours studying our lessons to get that passing grades. So please, do not set your expectation too high.

A chess player is not sociable, hates physical activities.

I remember in one of our training, we needed to be ready at 4:00 AM for a morning lap and do some stretching. Yes, though chess is a mind game, we also need to ensure we are physically ready to endure long hours of competition.

We are good at memorization.

Well if this is true, then I should hate chess by now. Or better I should ask my coaches how this trick works. To be honest, I always find myself still struggling with memorization even after playing chess for 10 years.

So the next time you encounter a chess player be nice and don’t build that wall. Remember, we are just also human. 🙂

You may want to watch this cool video to see how “extra ordinary” are we.