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A mother’s tale: Breaking the bondage of Overthinking.

I was staring at my 2 yr old child at 3 am as if I was caught in a limbo, and  in a brain fog so to speak. FEAR and the feeling of “what if’s” started to haunt and taunt me. There was an enormous contention of sorts running and engaging in my thought processes perhaps because of the feeling of inadequacy as if paralysis hit  me. I was numb for a moment looking at my child who has GDD, short for Global Developmental Delay. It was truly every mother’s nightmare.

I closed my eyes for a moment and envision her walking, running playing around tossing the ball, calling me “Mama”. It was something I have been waiting for..but whenever worry  grips me that seed of hope suddenly passes into oblivion. Overthinking turned me around and I know it ain’t getting me anywhere.

I wanted to break free and start life a new. My thoughts are not about me, my child, regardless of what life may lead her is the most precious treasure I could ever have. I love her to death, and any disability  will not make me lose that.

God’s promise in His word made me realize this which I almost forgot..

Image result for jeremiah 29:11

I thank God for His mercy and enlightenment never fails. Truly I should steer my thoughts to be positive come what may. I realized it is not about my child,nor the situation, but rather it is how and what i think of  everything. It’s just about time to keep the ball rolling to a more positive outlook in life, hard but definitely doable.



Traveling to Hongkong-Macau is special to me because it’s my and our first time to travel with my girlfriend outside of the Philippines. But actually we’re not alone, we have her whole family with us. As the quote saying, “The family that stays together travel together” and yes indeed true. Why not. As Walt Disney said, “If you can dream it, you can do it.” and that’s what we did. We made it. VIOLA!!!!

Pre Departure: We stayed in front of NAIA Terminal 3

Yes, you read it right. We stayed in front of NAIA Terminal 3. But not literally in front of the airport. Hehehe. We just booked an AIRBNB located in front of the terminal so that it is hassle-free from all of us going to the airport since our departure was 7 am in the morning and also we have my girlfriend’s grandmother and her niece. So think of it, its quite hassle if we will coming from afar. Nice move right?

Boarding Time

Everything was smooth. We checked in, paid for travel tax and passed at the immigration. The immigration that everyone was afraid of. We’re lucky that our officer was kind and don’t have any questions at all. Just luck though.

We boarded on time. Thanks to Cebu Pacific. No delays at that time.

Touch Down (Hongkong International Airport)


Hong Kong International Airport is the commercial airport serving Hong Kong, built on reclaimed land on the island of Chek Lap Kok. The airport is also known as Chek Lap Kok Airport. The airport has been in commercial operation since 1998, replacing Kai Tak Airport.

What did we do in Hongkong?

Enjoy the enchanting view of Victoria harbour

The harbour is a major tourist attraction of Hong Kong. Lying in the middle of the territory’s dense urban region, the harbour is the site of annual fireworks displays and its promenades are used as gathering places for tourists and residents.

Visit 1881 Heritage

In a city that preserves its traditions while looking firmly to the future, 1881 Heritage fittingly combines historical attractions with more contemporary pursuits.

Visitors can shop for international fashion brands and enjoy fine dining on the grounds where pirates were incarcerated and a daily signal was watched by ships in the harbour as they prepared for long and treacherous trans-global journeys. Tradition and innovation, past and present, 1881 Heritage is a real Hong Kong experience.

Enjoy Hongkong Disneyland

I remembered back when I was a kid, I love watching Disney movies/cartoons. I bet when we say HongKong, every one of us will firstly think of the Disneyland in Hong Kong. Right? We enjoyed our whole day stay inside Disney land.  I keep on saying to myself that someday I will be back in here. And of course with my child hopefully. Because I know it was everyone’s dream.

Facts: Although HK Disneyland is smaller than that in other countries, the Adventureland section is the biggest Adventureland of any Magic Kingdom park around the world.

Visit the “Las Vegas of Asia”, MACAU


Traveling to Macau from Hongkong was just a quick 1 hour of travel via BUS. That’s why it’s a must.
Today, Macau (澳門) is formally known as Macao Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China. It is an autonomous territory, so even though it is officially part of China, it has its own currency and immigration policy, separate from that of mainland China or Hong Kong. In fact, even visitors from the mainland and HK will have to pass through immigration and customs check upon entering Macau.

Macau has a lot to offer. Some of the places that we visited are as follows:

  • Senado Square

  • The Parisians

  • Ruins of St Paul

Walking around Macau really amazed me because there are many Filipinos working and traveling there.  It’s really true that everywhere there is a Filipino.

So what are you waiting for? Travel now with your loved ones.

“Time is free but is priceless. You cannot own it but you can use it. You cannot keep it but you can spend it. Once you’ve lost it. you can never get it back.”-Marvey Mackay


Wearing too many hats. Choice or Decision?

Wearing too many hats. Choice or Decision?

Majority might think that the words decision and choice are the same. There is actually a difference between these two words. An article published by Forbes clearly tackles the Difference between deciding and choosing.

Part of our everyday life is to make decision and choice. The decision or choice we make will lead to either success or failure. We must carefully analyze every factor so we can come up with the best option as possible. We should always remember that distinguishing between decision and choice will make an impact in our lives no matter how small or big it is.

I still remember when I am  single all that matters to me are clothes, foods, friends, trips and my family. Being the youngest and the only daughter in our family, I always put my parents above anything else. I always make it a point that I’m present during doctor’s consultations or at least I can talk to the doctor via phone if I really can’t make it.  I love them and I have big plans for them once I become successful in my career.

There were a lot of challenges in my first career that it made me give up.  Fortunately, I was able to find a job that I like. It is something new to me and I am happy doing perhaps that’s the reason why I was able to climb up the corporate ladder. I experienced pains along the way yet I still managed to handle it because I love what I do. My bosses like me and my team adore me. Recognition given to me and the team became just a norm.

I am so relax with how well I managed my work and personal life. I am very confident that things will never change not until I became a mother.

Everything is happening perfectly to me. My life’s events are on track just the way I planned them to be;  from engagement, wedding and giving birth. I can say everything is a breeze because I have the best husband and supportive family.

Few week before I give birth, my boss asked me what will be the plan after my maternity leave. The “idealistic me” quickly answered, “we will just stay at my parent’s house and before my leave ends we will go back to the condo and look for a nanny. Sadly, it did not turn out the way I wanted it to be.

For 6 months, I worked on day shift and my husband worked on night shift. We had no helper so after work aside from taking care of my baby, I need to clean the house,wash dishes and pump milk. I breastfeed exclusively so I pump milk even during wee hours of the night because I needed to build my stash.

The set up that we had took a toll not only in our own careers but also to our health. I was always late and in a hurry. At the office, I crammed to meet deadlines. I passed the report and headed big projects without even checking if everything is correct. I am totally disappointed with my deliverable because I knew I can do better if I have ample time. In addition, my husband’s health was greatly affected too.

I resigned from my work and I became a full time house wife . It took me long to adjust to the “new me”. There was also a time that I pity myself and will do nothing but finish a whole box of  chocolate cookies in one sitting. Days passed that I will not take a bath and even brush teeth.  My self esteem and my weight decreased drastically. No one knows my predicaments except myself and I did not have plans of finding solutions for it.

One Saturday evening, while I was browsing my phone, I encountered this quote ” It is never too late to be what you might have been ” by George Eliot and I believe this paved the way for me to face reality and do something about it. I also realized that to find the real meaning of  happiness , we should start within ourselves.  Resigning from work entails a lot of consequences, it has pros and cons and it is just a matter of how you perceive things and how do you want to react on it.

I thought of the reasons why I resigned and it is all because of my loved ones. If they are happy and healthy so am I. The decision I made was carefully thought of and prayed for. It is my choice to choose them over my blooming career.

Now, I wake up with a grateful heart because I was able to do more. I never thought that giving up the corporate title will just open so many doors for me. I considered it a blessing that I was able to see things positively. Slowly, I turned my fears in to challenges, my weakness to my inspiration.

Now, I can wear different hats and give ample time for those roles without compromising the quality I would always like to deliver.

I am not a  manager now but at the end of the day I am  grateful that I am a mommy, wife, personal nurse of my father who is on dialysis, quality analyst to our family business and an entrepreneur. I might not be able to earn as much as before but the times I got to spend and help my loved ones  are truly incomparable.

It is not easy to give up work however priorities change over time and we need to weigh the pros and cons. My baby is growing fast, my husband is getting sickly and my parents need me more than ever.

INERTIA DAY DREAMING: How I broke out of it.

Let’s define first what is an INERTIA DAYDREAMER. (This is not an official term that you can find on the Internet; this was just made up to describe a certain feeling.) When someone has a lot of hopes and dreams but never did anything to make it come true.

A day to day life of an inertia daydreamer could some scrolling through their phone looking at someone else’s Instagram account or binge-watching youtubers showing their newly bought house wishing that they have that kind of life but all that they do is just daydream about that life and do nothing to get that life.

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Common Misconception About a Chess Player

Sometimes, in a group of people, I do not disclose that I once played chess and that it was one of the best parts of my student life. Why? You might ask. Because it makes people set boundaries based on these wrong impressions:

Photo Designed by Dooder / Freepik

A chess player is smarter.

We are just like any average people who happen to know chess and considered it as sports. Just like an ordinary student, we need to spend hours studying our lessons to get that passing grades. So please, do not set your expectation too high.

A chess player is not sociable, hates physical activities.

I remember in one of our training, we needed to be ready at 4:00 AM for a morning lap and do some stretching. Yes, though chess is a mind game, we also need to ensure we are physically ready to endure long hours of competition.

We are good at memorization.

Well if this is true, then I should hate chess by now. Or better I should ask my coaches how this trick works. To be honest, I always find myself still struggling with memorization even after playing chess for 10 years.

So the next time you encounter a chess player be nice and don’t build that wall. Remember, we are just also human. 🙂

You may want to watch this cool video to see how “extra ordinary” are we.

Giants in the Bible, were they real or not?

Who were the Nephilim?

And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born unto them,That the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose… There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renownGenesis 6:1-2,4

Disagreement among  Bible scholars

Bible scholars are divided as to who were these Nephilim or Giants mentioned in Genesis 6:4. The Bible gives limited information about them; that they were the children of the sons of God who married the daughters of men, that they were the heroes of old before the great flood came.

Literally, the phrase “sons of God” refers to angels or heavenly beings, yet, some scholars refused to translate the  phrase that way because they believed that to translate the mentioned phrase literally would be a direct contradiction to the statement of the Lord Jesus Himself in Matthew 22:30 that angels in heaven will not marry.

The Godly and the ungodly lines of men

The bible scholars who refused to believe that these  Nephilim were not the offspring of angels and mortal women offered an explanation saying that these sons of God were the godly line of Seth the third son of Adam and Eve and these daughters of men  were the women from the  ungodly line of Cain the firstborn of Adam and the first murderer. They further explained that the Nephilim were not literal giants but were ordinary people with extremely evil character. They were the ones who caused evil to flourish in the time of Noah and thus brought judgment upon themselves.

The Bible supports the existence of real Giants

However, the “godly and ungodly” lines argument is proven to be weak. The Bible itself is supporting the more prominent view that the Nephilim were literal and real giants.

In Numbers 13:31-33, the Bible mentioned that the Israelites under the leadership of Moses refused to attack the cities occupied the Nephilim because their cities were too high and that they were just grasshoppers in the sight of these men.

It was Moses who killed King Og, the last giant king whose iron bed measured 15ft, thus putting the last kingdom of giants to an end. Deuteronomy 3:10-11.

There were giants in the later years but they were serving as mercenaries to ordinary kings because they no longer had their own land or kingdom. One of them was Goliath whom David killed.

What about the words of  Jesus that angels will not marry?

How are we going to reconcile this view that the Nephilim were the result of a forbidden union between mortal women and angels when the Lord himself teaches us that angels will not marry? Well, the Lord Jesus was very specific who are these angels that won’t marry in Matthew 22:30 – “the angels in heaven”. These are the angels who are obedient to Him. But Jude informed us in Jude 1:6 that there were angels who abandoned heaven and defy the authority of God. These were the angels who, like human beings, became slaves of sin.





My kids love Marshmallow, and I like Matcha so I decided to make a combination of these two, and We loved it!

These Healthy Matcha Green Tea Marshmallows sure don’t need any food coloring to look this green, can you believe it?  These are naturally colored with matcha, naturally flavored with vanilla and almond extract, and naturally sweetened with agave nectar.

If you’re craving something sweet, sophisticated, and unique, but don’t want to consume a bunch of white sugar and corn syrup, then these mallows are for you!

Don’t let the word “healthy” turn you off.  These Healthy Matcha Green Tea Marshmallows are just as soft, fluffy, airy, and delicious as the storebought kinds.  And just as sweet, of course!


1 tablespoon matcha

1 cup + 2 tablespoons cold water

3 packets of gelatin

1 1/2 cups sugar

1/3 cup corn syrup

1/4 teaspoon salt

6 tablespoons powdered sugar

2 tablespoons corn starch

1 teaspoon oil

This recipe for UBER fluffy and cloud-like Healthy Matcha Green Tea Marshmallows is surprisingly fun to make and has just 6 ingredients… with no high-fructose corn syrup in sight!

Storebought marshmallows are made with three different kinds of refined sugars, genetically modified corn starch, and artificial food coloring.  Yes, there’s food dye in those white mallows.  Apparently, blue dye makes them appear more white. *rolls eyes*


1. In a mixing bowl, mix 2 tablespoons of water and 1 tablespoon of matcha until all lumps are gone.

2. Pour into the same bowl, 1/2 cup of water and sprinkle in the three packets of gelatin. Let it sit and bloom.


3. In a small pot, combine sugar (1 1/2 cup), corn syrup (1/3 cup), salt (1/4 teaspoon), and water (1/2 cup). Wipe down the inside of the pot with warm water so no sugar residue is left.

4. On medium heat, bring the sugar mixture to 240°F, using a candy thermometer. Take the sugar off the stove.

5. Go back to the mixing bowl with the matcha/gelatin mixture and turn the mixer on low speed. Slowly pour in the sugar mixture from the pot into the mixing bowl. Halfway through the pouring, switch the mixer to medium speed. Once all the sugar has been added, move to a high speed and let it whip for 8-10 minutes.

6. In a small bowl, mix 6 tablespoons of powdered sugar and 2 tablespoons of corn starch.

7. Prep a 9×9 baking pan by coating a thin layer of oil, then layering on parchment paper. Sprinkle on a thin layer of the combined sugar/corn starch.

8. After 10 minutes has passed, take a spatula and run it under warm water so that there’s some water on the spatula.

9. Transfer the marshmallow from the mixing bowl into the pan using the wet spatula. Wet your hands and press down on the marshmallow to spread it evenly.

10. Sprinkle a thin layer of the sugar/corn starch mixture on top.

11. Let it sit for 2-3 hours.

12. Once set, take it out of the pan and onto a board with a thin layer of the sugar/corn starch. Cut the marshmallow into small pieces using a pair of scissors. Coat all sides of the marshmallow with the sugar/corn starch to prevent them from sticking together.

And the result…


This recipe for a small batch of matcha marshmallows makes just 8 marshmallows. They take just 15 minutes to whip up and then they set in a bread loaf pan for a few hours. A quick roll in powdered sugar (or more matcha), and you’re ready!

I would recommend this product to matcha lovers it is very easy and fun to make it is also healthy.



Sea side experience with my “X”

In my case, it was really surprising to meet my former girlfriend unexpectedly, But there’s even more surprising on that very rare moment with her.

Last month only when I accidentally met her at Baclaran area, She used to go there to buy some stuff for her business, She is also no longer a citizen here in the Philippines as she was already married to Taiwanese 7 years ago. Despite of a little nervous I never get shy to offer her my assistance in finding her stuff.

After about an hour, we’ve finally found what she needs but I invite her first for lunch and suggest to come back after. She just mentioned earlier that she really wanted to try seafood dish here in the country, I’m not familiar with the place but I previously heard about Seaside market and it’s only a pedicab away to get there. As we reached the place we see different kinds of fresh kinds of seafood on the ground floor which obviously a market area and we able to locate the restaurants at the second floor, I prefer to choose the bigger one to become us more comfortable and it’s also seem’s like we are the early bird of the day.

We get more excited when we see the menu they offer, the staff was very entertaining which made us try 6 different types of seafood; Alimango, Tanige, Squid, Oyster, shell food (forgot what it is) and Swahe. With their specialty listed on the menu, we order a half kilo per each type and its all serve after 30 minutes of waiting except swahe which I just order it late as additional. We really enjoyed the taste each serving, we also plan to invite some of our friends here in the future believing that this would be the perfect place for food trip and cheaper as I based it on their menu list it would only cost at about 1200 pesos.

And this is the moment which surprises me most, Upon receiving the bill having the amount of 2865 pesos, and finding out that there’s an additional 1700 charge for all fresh seafood which they took from the market and was only reflected on the receipt but not from the price reflected at their menu, and without telling us everything before we start making order especially they are aware that we’re having wonder at price for the first time. I don’t think it is reasonable on our part or at least they gave us a chance to choose our fresh seafood on the market.

Lesson received that day and sometimes its really hard to be a stranger in one place. I never start any arguments or even questioning the staff. We just request to take out the remaining food from my most expensive lunch ever and got another surprise, My “X” paid it all and we left the place with a smile.




A few ways on How to BE LATE – in everything

So, how to be late?! That is the question.


Snoozing our alarms for those extra 5 minutes of precious sleep. Dragging ourselves in the wee hours of the morning just to get ready for work. Rushing out our homes to our cars in order to be able to beat the traffic that seems so endless just so that we can arrive on time for school/work.

Ah..the “joy” of being early. Which sometimes feels more similar to a nightmare rather than a wonderful experience. Wouldn’t it be so great to just be able to curl up comfortably in bed without the worries of getting “late”?!

We’re always expected to turn up early on most situations, and that is a social norm. One is expected to be early at work, at school, at a doctor’s appointment, at parties even, etc. But you know what?! Life is short, so why don’t we try out something new aside from sticking to what is considered as “normal”?!

I don’t think that I’m the first person to ever make this kind of list but here are a few things (based on my own experience) on HOW TO BE LATE – in no particular order:


Sleep very late
– don’t even dare to close those eyes after 10 pm. Preferably until 3 am.
– I heard its some sort of noise you can activate that can potentially ruin your sleep. No thank you!
Breakfast and coffee
– mmm.. Who doesn’t want some complete breakfast with coffee while reading the news in the morning?
Hot baths
– because we all deserve to have one every morning.
What to wear?
gently rummage through your closet and try on pieces until satisfied. Oh and match the shoes too! Gotta look perfect!
Hair & makeup
– for the ladies and who like to make themselves purdy, take your own sweet time until you’ve perfected that wing liner and hairstyle. Nothing worse than looking like a total beast once you step out of the house.
No bus for the kids
– cancel the bus schedule for kids so you can just pick and drop them yourself.. After you’re done with your morning routines of course!
Long routes
– why take short cuts when there’s traffic? Go for the long route instead and drive at your own pace.. Traffic-free!
Organized shmorganized!
– “organize” everything the next day before you leave home.. Total waste of time to do anything of those a day before. No rush man!
– what is running even? Why is there a need to be in a hurry? Stop and smell the flowers!! YOLO!!!


So, I hope you enjoy these few ways on how to be late in almost everything and hopefully would be able to apply in your own lives. Of course this list isn’t as extensive as others but you gotta learn things on your own along the way. And if you do, share the blessing because like they say…EARLY is for the weak! 😉


(DISCLAIMER: Here’s to hoping you got the joke!)

The life of Being an OFW is not easy.

Filipinos started dreaming to go out from the country to give the better life on their family. Thinking that you can give more financial assistance to your family, they think that if you are working abroad you are earning in a dollar, that is true, you are earning a dollars and you also spending in dollars too. Cost of living in the different country is higher than what we expected especially in the Middle East, America, Europe Country, and others.Adjustment is very important if you want to work abroad you will need to follow their culture and tradition of their country.


Being an OFW is a promise of the good life you get to earn more than you earn in the country. Leaving your Family is the hardest decision in many Filipinos, especially if you have children who need your guidance in their everyday life. Most of the parents choose to leave the country to sustain their everyday living we all know that in our country our salary is not enough to provide all the needs of our children especially the education.

Most of them have more than one job to be able to send a bigger amount in their Family.I am an OFW in Israel, I am working as a Caregiver, to think that I didn’t even take care of my father before he passed away. We most of the time sacrifice our life and time to other people because we know that we can earn from them but we don’t even realize that our parents are getting older and they need us to take care for them, but how we can do that, if we cant even sustain the needs of our family.

In other word being an OFW is not easy you need a lot of SACRIFICES and HARD WORK!

How to treat your gf soon to be your wife.

How to treat your gf soon to be your wife.

How How How…



First of All your alone and single. Dreaming about your Dream Girl I guess your searching and probably with a high standard of course 101%! Most of the Boys they searching like this Including me but this is not about me. About you and them most of all me again nah! exclude me! hahaha but really Yes of Course before we got married we are expecting a mother that is beautiful, Hot, good at twerking damn! hahaha I’m bad yes I know you too I know you like this one too right?? don’t Lie please. back to the topic searching for a PERPECT WIFE.! they searching for.

Back for the searching and still single or maybe you want to be settle of because your jealous of all your friend, classmate batch mate name it even your pets already in relationship the hardest part they have already a baby.. ahh so sad and still your searching and your pressure because your already in late 30? nah! we will make it maybe going to 30 we will say around 28 maybe? I think this is the right time to get married right? or maybe because this time your still UNEMPLOYED and scared about the priorities because if you get married you will have now responsibilities and priority so its better I think to have a work rather than you get married and you are still depending on your mother and father? which is not REALLY REALLLLY ok at all!

Before you get married everything should be perfectly right? I mean you have work, house, Ferrari car, 10 atm card with 500k each card, own a company. but naah!!! not 3 of this come to my life huhuhu but I’m hoping the perseverance is there and hoping someday if I have this three hahahaha. maybe in my dream.. I got yah! ahahaha..

but seriously Bro! a house, stable work, with your wife and baby always at your side your already a billionaire.

I believe in this quotes.

“Spending time with family is more worth than every cent. You can earn money every time, but once your family left you they will never return”

YES! RIGHT! family is important than money. but without money how can you enjoy your family right?? you cannot go on vacation with them to do shopping, surprising your wife a gift of diamond ring that shining 100 miles from you. haha exagg? just joking!

That’s why  we work 8 hrs. a day 40hrs a wk. f*** this system! hahaha.. you go to work of course waking up early in the morning eating your breakfast go to work then finally a traffic to your work you get furious again hahaha and a lot of wrinkles wtf?! hahaha yes finally you arrived but your late again f** f** f*** hahaha finally the boss shouting at you why?! why? why?! why?! etc. again the last whhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyy is your zipper is open and the color of your brief is pink. hahaha because you are in a hurry in the morning you took your wife panty hahaha.. yah! I know this is not funny and not working at you because nah! where are we again?? haha.. ahh searching for your perfect wife.


and then you found a girl whooahh! so beautiful, with a curve and most of all the butt perfectly for twerking hahaha but your girlfriend boss sad life 🙁 nah. again you found along the street while you are in break this girl passed by and you cannot stop looking at her and you bump with this nerd lady with her eyeglasses casual attire that you bump but you didn’t care even though all of his belonging fell down you didn’t even care you bastard! because of course that girl beautiful curve body most all the butt the butt again the twerking remember?! hahaha.. and you forgot this f*ng nerd lady you didn’t care.. and then for how many months your asking your self again how when where can I find that lady. ok bro I will help you go to the club, nightclub you will find your perfect girl there.

I think its lowest percentage you will find a perfect and right wife there. With there boobie its like exploding with tight short showing nearly of there parts. really bro you want like this kind of gurl? Of course yes yes yes! haha temporarily maybe not for long time, Quickie? hahaha I will leave this to you. seriously still you want a curve body and twerking a** ? me of course! hahaha..

But No no no..

We like something that wife is taking care of you and your baby. Coming at home with a hug kiss of your lovely wife a simple I love you removing your clothes massage at you and the food is ready for you. talking to together I mean the BONDING is the important of all.  Playing with your children. And you sitting at your favorite soft cotton sofa watching your wife and children you say anything but a smile on your face you wish it should like this everyday but day by day you will get old and your children grow. it should be at the end of the day you can say your ready to die because you already satisfied here on earth and you wish you will stay together in heaven and continue your life there. This is what we called forever baby 🙂

but where is the title how to treat your wife? and the nerd lady what happen?

we will continue this if we have fans already.

btw this is really really my first time blogging and to write I don’t know what happen I just type on and on whats on my mind I’m not writer or anything but nah the twerking hahaha..

I hope you enjoy and sorry for my English. I hope you got it what I wrote here I knows its not good

but bro please this is my first I deserved something on this just like I’m happy with that.

1 like = 1 prayer..






Where do broken hearts go?

Have you ever heard this Inspirational Quotes with someone?

Or seen in internet, drop this quote on you accidentally?

Did it hit you in some ways and reflects apart of you?

“A hungry stomach, an empty wallet, and a broken heart teach you the most valuable lessons in life”

For me it’s a YES.

I want to share some part of stories in my life I think this quote resembles what I did for this past years,


A Hungry Stomach


It is my birthday that time, and my family was put in debt due to a lot of financing reason, that time my birthday was not meant for a celebration coz we don’t have money to buy some special dishes what makes almost of us used to, it makes me feel the hunger and emptiness not only my stomach but my heart too.

And I promise  that time once I grow old enough I will  get a job,  take my salary , eat what I want , buy things can’t buy before

And as I reached my age where I am now, I learned lot of things

As we grow old I should say, not the hunger of our stomach we wish to fulfill but our heart desires.


An empty wallet

People now a days can’t stand seeing their pockets empty specially their wallet. When I was in college, I can still recall my mom would give me what she thought was enough money for my fare and food so I can go back and forth from college.

Almost of the time, I’m not telling that the money she gave wasn’t that really enough for my expenses, there comes time we need to buy some project , urgent payables for that day, things to bring for the next class, can’t help but cry but still  need to think where can get  money,

Suddenly I realized I’m not focusing on my studies but how will I survive with all the expenses.

I have to do something to survive,

Doing part time, like selling, tutoring kid on elementary, and even looking for scholarship.

Well, I cannot give u the end of story of this one, because I didn’t even finished my college,

Further I looked for some jobs that would suit me and at least do what I can do, to impress my employer,

But I felt that some part of me, have missing something, that when I want to quit my job, I would say

I want to go to study.

That’s it … what my dream always uttering by my mouth.

A Broken Heart

Have u broke your heart to someone hurt u so much?

Feel betrayed? And left you out of the blue?

I was in my twenties, when I broke up with someone special with me, coz I care about his future with me. I set him free because I thought it’s the right thing to do since were so young for our age to get in so called relationship. And so I let him go.

I met a guy came to at least cheer up on me, but it doesn’t work the way it was, he is a player.

In   glimpse I lost every, my family, my work, and me.

I never imagine those days I’m at work and suddenly my eyes started to cry even my body had to focus of what I’m doing.

When I’m on my way home riding on a jeep but suddenly I would stop in that place where I was with him before and cherished moments.When I’m wake up morning can’t help but cry when I felt I was all alone                                   .

I started living empty inside.

I challenged myself start from the scratch to heal my wounds.

I go abroad, save money to help me finish my debts, have my savings, and help my family.

Things I realized long time I’m not doing, my responsibility as a woman, a sister, a daughter.

Now I’m taking responsibility on myself by studying online, a college course and WFHR BOOTCAMP.


I’m doing everything to become where I want to be..