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As an island girl, I grew up in a place where on your front view is the sea, on your back is a mountain and on your left/right side you can see the tip of the island. And as saying goes, wherever life may take you, you will keep coming back to your hometown.

I grew up in Romblon, located in the MIMAROPA Region. Its main islands include Tablas, the largest, which covers nine municipalities, Sibuyan with its three towns, as well as the smaller island municipalities of Corcuera, Banton, Concepcion, San Jose, and Romblon, the provincial capital.

Just last May I had the chance to visit this secluded island in Sibuyan which locals called “Isla”. They were referring to Cresta de Gallo Islet located at South of Sibuyan Island. Legend says that this island got its name from its shape resembling a cockscomb. Isla can be reached from 45 minutes to 1 hour boat ride from Azagra, San Fernando.

It is truly a pristine islet where no posh establishment just nipa hut, no electricity, weak mobile signal, no big and noisy crowd. Simplicity of life in rhythm with nature. I am more fascinated to see trees line up the shore and I don’t mind I just can’t help but mesmerized by this God’s creation. The powdery white sand, the waves gently kisses the shore, the crystal clear water where everything is perfect.

Definitely, Isla is my kind of island. Far from human touch. I love the untouched beauty of this hidden paradise. Hoping that this uncrowded, serene, virgin island remains the same for our future generation.

Angono, Rizal


Welcome to my hometown 


“The Art Capital of the Philippines”

       Angono is one of the town you should visit here in Rizal.  We have the most friendliest people that you can meet. Why it’s called the Art Capital of the Philippines? Our town have lots of  talented Artists, museum, and galleries. And if you love arts this place is a-must visit! Come and join me in this blog and see with your own two eyes how beautiful our town is.

      You can start to visit Blanco Academy Museum, where you can find paintings made by the Blanco family and some of their students. It is located at 312 Ibanez Street.

There are two more Arts destinations you can visit here in Angono wherein you cannot only see paintings and artworks but you can also dine in and experience delicious and exotic food, cook by our native chefs.

Balaw – Balaw Restaurant

Balaw-Balaw restaurant is also an Art Galery and has been here in our town for as long as I can remember. Actually, this is the very first restaurant that I been to when I was little. According to the elder, it has been around since 1983. It was started as an art studio by the late Mr. Perdigon Vocalan and later on, it has evolved into a restaurant. They serve a different kind of exotic food and other native food that we eat here in Angono. It is located at Dona Justa Street and opens at 8am-12am.


Nemiranda Art House is another resto and art gallery that you can visit and dine in with your friends. Inside, you will not only see paintings but also the sculpture of woods and stone.

Art is Everywhere!

Lucio San Pedro “Sa Ugoy ng Duyan”

Here in Angono not only inside the gallery or an art museum you can see artworks. It’s all over our town, you can find it in the street, cafes, parks, inside the home of ordinary people and in the mall.

SM Angono Center


Angono Art Work




Other Cafe’s and Restaurant’s that you probably like to try.

Inangbina’s Cafe & Restaurant

Inangbina’s serves Filipino and foreign delicacy like pasta. The place can accommodate a big number of people but on a special occasion, you have to make a reservation ‘coz the restaurant often fully booked.

Ramen Doki

Ramen Doki is a Japanese resto that serves delicious food at affordable prices. Their staff is very accommodating and they have the best Ramen in town!

Music Wizard Coffee & Tea Shop

Music Wizard is a Cafe and Tea Restaurant located at Col Guido Street corner Manila East Road. It is also own by the Inangbina’s Restaurant. It’s a place where is nice to drink coffee and have a quiet moment.


Liberty Prod Cafe and Restaurant

Liberty Prod is a residential house converted into a restaurant, catering and event place. Located at 131 A Tiamson Col. Guido Street Brgy. San Roque. The food is good and is also budget-friendly.


Scrapyard Cafe & Restaurant

It is one of the oldest restos in our town. If you’re craving for a Filipino food this resto has it all. They are open 24 hours a day.


Angono Lakeside “Wawa”

After the long day of roaming around in our town maybe you would like to relax in the park before going home. Snacks are available at the lakeside. You can enjoy eating your favorite street food while sitting on the bench and watch the sunset fade away. It is located at Ibanez Street, you can never be lost how to go there ‘coz everyone knows where it’s located.

Manggang Hilaw at Singkamas with Bagoong or Salted-Chilli on top

You may want to take souvenir photos of a beautiful site on the lake. A lot of photographers are coming here to take pictures of its beauty.

Growing in this little town of Angono, where I see the growth of its economy and people become more productive in there every day lives. It makes me think of the future. There will always be new establishments to be built and businesses to open. And for that, I know in the coming year ahead there will be a lot of improvement and changes to this town. But hopefully, people will remember where it all began… living a simple life in the peaceful town we called Angono.

There are other places you can visit, food you can taste and experience you may have in Angono. I will include it on my next blog, I hope you enjoy knowing a little bit about my home town and consider to visit it soon.

A Home-based Mom and Dad are truly worthwhile

Many parents are struggling to find a job nowadays just to support their family and some of them were being forced to work abroad and have been working abroad for a decade to only sacrifice everything for the sake of their loved ones even without seeing how their children grew up. It is really hard and devasted to be apart from your family while you are living alone from other countries and the saddest thing is you couldn’t even guide and teach your children the way they should be.

On the other hand, parents who are currently working are also experiencing difficulties even they are living with their families due to stress in work, traffic, and a long way trip to work. They feel so tired once they got home and they don’t have much time for their family as they may not even see them or tend them often, and the biggest challenge is if you are the only one working for such a huge family that you may no longer have time to supervise your children especially if they are too young.

Nowadays both parents are working for the benefit of there children and they have to sacrifice their time especially if the other parent is working on a graveyard shift because there would always have a conflict in time that most often time you miss the special occasions of your family or you can’t even attend to your children’s school activities as well as quality time with your hubby.

Parents these days are becoming practical in saving time and energy when working every day because they can now enjoy working without leaving the house and at the same time, they have enough time to take care of their family. You will now be free from the stress which you always feel every time you have to get to work because a freelance job will make your life so easy without spending too much time or effort to work and you can save a lot of money from food and transportation. A freelance job is an answer for every parent who is struggling to meet the needs of their family not only financially but also quality time because you handle your own time and you work on your own pace.

Tara sa magayonon na Camarines Sur

Welcome to the province of Camarines Sur

The capital of Camarines Sur is Pili there are disputed etymologies, either it came from the Bicol Region’s Pili tree that produces fruit a Pili nut which is one of delightful delicacies of Bicol with a scientific name (Canarium ovatum) The other source of history name Pili derived from the Bicol word “pili” or “to choose”. Even though Pili is the capital of bicol region Naga is the heart of bicol region and the business center. Naga was the former capital during
the Spanish colony.

Camarines Sur has seven languages:

  • Albay Bikol language
  • Central Bikol
  • Inagta Partido language
  • Manide language
  • Mount Iraya Agta language
  • Mount Iriga Agta language
  • Rinconada Bikol language
For reference of the above languages click here

As many people’s advice to have a vacation serves many benefits to us not only for our health we can absorb and imbibe fresh perspectives through natures and cultures.

Here are the list of Beautiful tourist destination in Camarines Sur

  • CamSur Water Sports Complex
  • Consocep Mountain Resort
  • Mount Isarog National Park
  • Itbog Twin Falls
  • Hacienda De Naga Resort
  • The Caramoan Island

CamSur Watersports Complex
Location: Provincial Capitol Complex Cadlan, Pili, Camarines Sur
It offers wake boarding, water skiing, water skating and more for those people that loved extreme sports.

Consocep Mountain Resort
Location: Consocep, Naga City
Operation Hours: Dependent on tour joined
What You Need to Know: It isn’t advisable to bring small children as the trek were quite long. Also, make sure to bring water and insect repellent for the trek.

Mt. Isarog National Park
Location: Panicuason, Naga City, Camarines Sur
Operation Hours: Dependent on tour joined

What You Need to Know: Your fees are inclusive of a round-trip land transportation from Naga City to Mt. Isarog. Also all permits, entrance fees, facilitators, canyoning equipment, souvenir scarf, and certificates are included as well.

Itbog Twin Falls
Location: Barangay Sta. Cruz, Buhi
Operation Hours: Dependent on tour joined
Fees: Dependent on tour joined
What You Need to Know: You can have a picnic at the falls as long as you clean after yourselves. Make sure to be prepared to take a hike as that is the only way you will reach the falls.


Haciendas De Naga Resort
Location: Nursery Road, Naga, Camarines Sur
Operation Hours: Resort is open 24 hours daily

What You Need to Know: There are a lot of activities to do so it is advisable to keep an open itinerary. They have hotel villas and cabanas to rent out but rates do go higher on weekends, holidays, and peak season

The Caramoan Islands
Location: Caramoan Islands
Operation Hours: Boat rides are hourly from 7AM to 11AM
What You Need to Know: Island and beach hopping is the most popular activity next to spelunking, snorkeling, swimming, and camping. There is also the Mt. Caglago trek where you can get a 360 view of the islands.

Uhhh! don’t forget a Pili nut pasalubong…

Thanks for visiting and reading..

Welcome! To My Home Town

Pagadian, officially the City of Pagadian (CebuanoDakbayan sa PagadianChavacanoCiudad de PagadianSubanenGembagel G’benwa Pagadian/Bagbenwa Pagadian), or simply referred to as Pagadian City, is a 2nd class city and the capital of the province of Zamboanga del SurPhilippines. It is the regional center of Zamboanga Peninsula and the second-largest city in the region, after the independent city of Zamboanga. According to the 2015 census, it has a population of 199,060 people.[4]

Welcome!…sa Pagadian!

Pagadian began as stop-over for traders who plied the road between the old Spanish fort-town of Zamboanga on the southwestern tip of the Zamboanga Peninsula and other bigger towns to the north of the old Zamboanga Province. Except to its sheltered bay and good fishing grounds, it was not a promising site for the foundation of a city, because it is situated on steeply rolling terrain. In the course of its local history, waves of different kinds of people came to stay, and eventually called among themselves “Pagadianons”

Pagadian City – Tourist Spot, Attraction, Things to do and Experience

The iconic tricycle of Pagadian City
The noble tricycle is one of the most popular mode of public transportation in the Philippines especially in provinces. Tricycles in Pagadian City are different from what you normally see in other provinces because the inclined carriage on a 25-40 degree angle in order to be suited for the elevated terrains of the city. I never thought that tricycle rides would be that fun and thrilling. Riding it was comparable to a roller coaster’s ups and downs on the roads of the city. I felt like a kid while riding the peculiar tricycle and I just wanted to ride some more! The tricycle can fit six passengers and my favorite seat is at the back of the carriage because I can feel the wind on my face as the tricycles goes down the slopes.

Isla Puting Balas
Sandbars are trending right now and each province in the country seems to have a popular sandbar. Most sandbars are not very accessible and hard to go to, but Isla Puting Balas is an exception. How to get there? Ride a tricycle from the city proper and tell your driver to drop you off at Santiago Port. Ask the locals around the area for boats that you can rent going to the sandbar. Isla Putting Balas is not yet a very popular destination so make sure to ask if your boat man knows its exact location. (Note: Isla Putting Balas is different from Dao-Dao Dako and Dao-Dao Gamay). We rented a boat which can accommodate six to eight persons. Looking for the sandbar during high tide made it bit difficult. After 40 minutes, we saw cerulean waters amidst the deep blue sea. Submerged under a feet of water, we felt underwhelmed with the sand bar at first. I later realized that for the first time in my life, I was swimming in the middle of the sea without any fear of drowning! The experience was awesome and we really felt the serenity of the place, after all, it was only us and our boatman. I would definitely go back to the sand bar next time and I’ll make sure that the tide is low.

Puting Balas or White Sand Island is a sandbar that even locals are still not that familiar with.  It’s just a bare strip of sand in the middle of the sea that appears only during low tide. Except for a few fishermen gathering sea cucumbers and shells near the shore, we had this tiny piece of paradise all to ourselves.

Of all the places we visited, this is the place that stood out the most. The sandbar was just so peaceful, raw and uncommercialized.

Pulacan Falls
Labangan is a nearby municipality from Pagadian City. We took a twenty peso bus ride and asked the driver to drop us near Pulacan Falls. Locals who took the same bus as we did were very friendly to give us directions, I can feel that they were excited for us. After 20 minutes and a very steep ascent, the bus stopped nearby a military camp. As we alighted from the bus, we can hear the sound of water gushing from the falls which is just a few steps down the road. It was peaceful and quiet in Pulacan Falls. Trees, bushes and a worn out cemented lane paved the way to the waterfalls. We arrived at the middle tier of the three tiered waterfall. We had the waterfall for ourselves and there was no trace of commercialism. It was a very beautiful waterfall with water gushing from different directions. Trees surrounding the waterfalls provided shade to the basin where one can sit on the boulders and just marvel at its beauty. Too bad I was not able to bring extra clothes, the water was very inviting!

One of   Pagadian  City’s  well-known adventure spots. Here, you’ll find communication towers stand tall at MT. Palpalan’s peak. Standing at 700 feet above level, it also provides a breathtaking view of   Yllana Bay and the city proper. Getting to the peak, you have two options. Either you trek  the road or take a tricycle going up.

Pidro’s lechon
Going around the city on an empty stomach would definitely ruin your day. Our first stop was at the very popular Pidro’s lechon. Charcoal roasted chicken lined up on the grill in the display area lured us into the restaurant. We did not hesitate to enter their newly renovated dining area which is very spacious and could accommodate hundreds of diners. I asked the waitress for their menu and found out that have only roasted chicken, rice and nothing else on the menu! A whole chicken costs 190.00 and believe me, it will be the best roasted chicken you’ll ever try! Juicy and well marinated on the inside, the meat is cooked to perfection. The skin is brown and full of flavor after being roasted in charcoal! At 9 o’clock on a Sunday morning, Pidro’s was already starting to get crowded with families who came from church. Pidro’s lechon is the best way to start your adventure in Pagadian!


Chicken Binakol
If my research will serve me right, chicken binakol is a famous Ilonggo recipe. It is similar to native chicken tinola made with a twist by adding fresh young coconut meat and coconut water into the recipe. I read from another blog that Kamayan sa Pagadian serves very good chicken binakol. After our whole day of exploring Pagadian, we decided to try the chicken binakol. The presentation in a buko shell was a bit fancy but the cost is not very pricey. Tangy and a little bit sweet, the broth was very delicious with a tone of lemongrass blended with the fresh coconut water. Our meal at Kamayan sa Pagadian wrapped our adventure in the very unique way with their chicken binakol.

Dinner at the 2 peso Barbeque

Where to Stay

The most famous and best hotel in Pagadian city is the Hotel Alindahaw. This hotel is perfect for business travellers, vacationers, or families. The hotel is fairly new so you can expect new furnishings and the hotel to be in tip top condition. The hotel is located along Rizal Avenue, within walking distance from Gaisano Capital. You can make reservations using this contact number: 062-215400, 062-2154001.

City Hall & Plaza

You can also visit the City Hall and plaza in the city. There are lots of cheap ukay-ukay stalls selling secondhand clothes and shoes, food stalls in the market and a fountain in the middle of the plaza.

Best Time to Visit

Pagadian city is lovely all year round. Since the city is out of the typhoon belt area, weather systems would not affect your travel plans. Another good thing about the weather in Pagadian city is that it is usually overcast. This may be good or bad news to you, depending on the climate in your area. To me though, the occasional mild sunshine and cloudy days of Pagadian are a welcome treat.

Pagadianons celebrate two festivals every year. The first is the Pasalamat Festival in January – this festival is a form of thanksgiving by Pagadianons for the blessings they received during the past year (pasalamat means to thank or be thankful for). Pasalamat festival features a beauty pageant, parades, and trade exhibits. The other festival in Pagadian is the Megayon festival. The Megayon festival celebrates unity and between the three peoples of Zamboanga peninsula: the Christians, Muslims, and Subanens. The festival runs for a week with activities featuring cultural dances and songs, native sports competitions, peace forums, and environmental events. Megayon is held every September 17th (Zamboanga Del Sur’s anniversary as a province).

How to get There

If you’re coming from Manila or Cebu, Cebu Pacific and PAL has direct flights to the Pagadian airport. It can also be reached from neighboring cities such as Zamboanga, Ozamiz, Iligan and Cagayan de Oro by bus. Other relatively near airports include Dipolog City in Zamboanga del Norte, and Ozamis City in Misamis Occidental. Zamboanga City is about 5 hours away by land.

Gangnam Davao Korean Street Foods

Gangnam Davao Korean Street Foods is one of our favorite place to eat in Davao City. When we first discover the restaurant I thought it was an ordinary Korean Street foods but I was wrong the food was great and affordable spending only a 100 pesos you can eat different variety of their Korean street foods.

Aside from Korean Street Foods, you can also taste plum wine and soju which is also from Korea, it tastes different from our liquor drinks here in the Philippines and it so perfect for chilling out with friends. The price is a little bit higher from our usual liquor drinks but if you loved Korean products definitely you gonna like this.

The place is so clean and I loved the ambiance, it’s so spacious and the staff is well trained. To experience and taste the street foods of Korea you can visit their restaurant at Abreeza Mall, G/F, J.P. Laurel Ave, Poblacion District, Davao City.

Santander, Cebu

Santander, officially the Municipality of Santander, (CebuanoLungsod sa SantanderTagalogBayan ng Santander), is a 4th class municipality in the province of CebuPhilippines. According to the 2015 census, it has a population of 17,857 people.[3]

Santander is the southernmost municipality of Cebu province about 134 km (83 mi) south of Cebu City with travel time taking about 3-4 hours. It serves as one of the sea ports connecting to the province of Negros Oriental with its passenger ferries making way to Sibulan in just 20 minutes.

Santander is bordered to the north by the towns of Oslob and Samboan, to the west is Tañon Strait, to the east is the Cebu Strait, and to the south is the province of Negros Oriental in Negros Island.

Roll-on roll-off (roro) barges of the Maayo Shipping Lines also carry motorcycles, cars, buses, and trucks between the ports of Liloan (in Santander) and Sibulan (in Negros Oriental) with trips taking about 30 minutes, and between Liloan and Larena (in Siquijor) in about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Santander was originally called Tañong, but as the Spaniards came, it was renamed Santander after a city on the northern (Atlantic) coast of Spain.

The town was established in 1867 and the parish in 1897, It became a municipality during the American occupation in 1918.[4]

Santander is known for its annual Tostado Festival celebrated on the third Sunday of April. Street dancers from different districts dance to moves inspired by the making of tostados.[5]

Santander’s popularity as a tourist destination has increased in the past few years, since it serves as the hub for some world-renowned dive spots like Apo Island, Balicasag, Pescador Island, Sumilon and Siquijor. This is also reflected in the growth of Santander in the tourism industry. Six years ago there were only two resorts, still open today. Today there are eleven.

Sumilon Island

The Island of Sumilon is located at the southeastern tip of the Municipality of Oslob in the province of Cebu. The island has an area of 24 hectares and has clear waters with varying aquamarine hues and white sand beaches in different areas of the island.

It is the first marine protected area in the Philippines and was created as a marine sanctuary in 1974 under the guidance of the Siliman University Marine Reserve of Dumaguete City in the nearby province of Negros Oriental.

The island is famous throughout the country and internationally for the exceptional beauty of its dive sites. Sumilon has four major dive sites, which are Garden Eel Plaza, Nikki’s Wall, Coral Landscape and Julie’s Rock. The island’s diving sites are famous for their superb visibility, stunning reefs and abundance of varied tropical marine species that provide an ideal and memorable dive. There are occasional sightings of black tip sharks during dives.

A popular attraction in Sumilon Island is its sandbar because of its changing shapes and shifting locations around the island depending on the season. Other places of interest in the island are a natural lagoon teeming with high mangroves and natural caves used by fishermen to seek refuge during storms, and a pristine lake.

On the south portion of the island, a lighthouse rests on a protected tree park and beside it is a “baluarte,” a historical watchtower built as part of a warning system to thwart slavers and marauders in the 19th century.

Besides diving, you can also go bird watching, do beach picnics with the family, fishing, hiking, island tours, paddling and trekking.

Santander, Cebu Pebbles Beach

PEBBLES BEACH RESORT – One of the best stress relievers that is actually needed by each of us once in a while is a relaxing vacation. You’ve been doing this and that everyday and it’s time to deviate from the routine and go to awesome places like the Pebbles Beach Resort in Santander, Cebu.

Oslob, Cebu Whale shark

Whale sharks can be spotted in Tan‑awan which is 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) from the center of the town. It has become a popular tourist attraction. Local fishermen feed the whale sharks by hand which tourists find entertaining.

In the vicinity of whale shark swimming is a recent attraction: Tumalog Falls. Most tourists and visitors who go whale shark swimming in Tanawan usually include this waterfall in their itinerary

12 Things to Do in Negros Occidental

Negros island is compose of two provinces Negros Occidental and Negros Oriental. The sugar bowl of the Philippines archipelago. Sweets, sugar and everything sugarcane are most scenery of this island. Negros occidental is home of primarily dominant hiligaynon and a hint of Cebuano dialect. Surrounded by sea and home of a famous active Canlaon Volcano, tons of activities in store for outdoor traveler. Culinary tour are delicious destination from Chicken inasal to Fresh seafood and Sweet Piaya to Sweet Calea Cakes.

Let’s explore Negros Occidental.

1. Campuestuhan Highland Resort.

Resulta ng larawan para sa campuestohan

A highland resort one of the top local destination. Bacolod and Talisay city overlooked on this resort and sorrounded by mountain background. The whole family loved this because it has alot of activities to do. bungee jump, Zipline, hampster wheel and sky bicycle for intense activity. adventurous kids would love to Rope course and walk on hanging bridge. tito and tita would love to explore the dino park and its ground. Dip to the pool for relaxing cold water. Experience the fun wave pool and bubble kids would love is part of the event. The resort has professional photographer to capture wonderfull moments.

2. Mambukal mountain resort

Resulta ng larawan para sa mambukal

A serene and relaxing place to stay. boating and walk around and hear the quietness and awe at the beauty of nature. home of local flying foxes and amaze the at the butterfly garden. family and friends enjoy the generous place to camp and cool temperature makes couple bond together. Dip therapeutically on Japanese hot spring after the massage spa. On the other side, adventurous friend may also find physically challenge to hike and chase up to seven falls and enjoy the view on the top.

4. Negros Museum

Kaugnay na larawan

A place to understand the culture and know the people. Stories of the people of the province displayed her thru modern and contemporary art. Enjoy negros of the past.

5. Old Pala-pala Market

Resulta ng larawan para sa old pala pala market bacolod

Eat fresh catch fish and cooked the way you like it is a must when visit bacolod. A visit for the culinary adventourous traveller. A fish market since during the golden age of sugar haciendero.

6. Chicken Country

Resulta ng larawan para sa chicken country bacolod

You did not go to Negros occidental/Bacolod when you did not go and eat at Chicken country. Serves all part of the chicken serve in special insal way. A Bacolodnon a favorite.

7. San sebastian Cathedral

Resulta ng larawan para sa san sebastian cathedral bacolod

A iconic religious church date to the spanish era. Build by Agustinian Recolects, it became great influence the faith of this island in shaping its people.

8. Bacolod Public Plaza

Resulta ng larawan para sa bacolod plaza map

A unique checkered painted Bacolod public plaza. A venue of the famouse masskara festival. It witness numerous events and nice group photo souviner.

9. Provincial Lagoon

Resulta ng larawan para sa Lagoon negros

A picturesque place of negros occidental and always a good set for an hiligaynon telenovela of the past. Its one of the ramaining lungs of the city. joggers and lovers lane of the negrosanon.

10. Balay Negrense

Resulta ng larawan para sa balay negrense

An old haciendero house is must to complete your negros experience. A old saying says in Negros “Money are pick and shovel” in this era. A rich culture are displayed in this house. Its also use as set in a filipino film.

11. Calea

Resulta ng larawan para sa calea bacolod

Cakes, cakes, cakes are most sought of the tourist visiting the province. A must carrot cake pasalubong and spoiled yourself on the mudpie ice cream cake.

12. The Ruins

Kaugnay na larawan

lastly don’t forget to take your mandatory picture. the taj Mahal of Negros.

Depression Hits Me!


Depression is classified as a mood disorder. It may be described as feelings of sadness, loss, or anger that interfere with a person’s everyday activities. It’s important to realize that feeling down at times is a normal part of life. Sad and upsetting events happen to everyone. But, if you’re feeling miserable or hopeless on a regular basis, you could be dealing with depression.

Nowadays, depression seems to be a very familiar word to everyone of us. In our daily lives, how challenging to encounter many unplanned and unexpected events, circumstances and experiences that may change our way of thinking to become better or worst person that we can be.

Getting married at late 30’s, pushed me to leave my career in province to continue life with my husband in Manila. Married life did not get as easy, savings started to get down and tight. I was not able to get job so badly. My husband needed his daily medicines for his kidney problem. Started a  business but failed. Become a victim of swindler, and I had to file a case in court. My mom got sick and I had to go back to province to take care of her. Afterwards, I got sick and I have to undergo surgery. My personal life goes so depressing! 


Depression hits me, I almost give up! I don’t know what to do, I am upset, sad, anxiousness, restlessness, feeling empty and hopeless. I cried and cried! But, I have to accept and let go all the tears and pains. After crying and lifting up to Almighty God, I feel  relieved. I thought of my love ones, who gives me strength to fight after all.

Hidden Surf Spot

Nature Surf

As a surfer we always dream for that glassy overhead waves, on a wide stretch of beach, no crowds and no wind. We dream of finding the perfect spot with the right surfing conditions.

I have been surf for more than 5 years and tried numerous surf spots from the famous commercialized surf spots of La Union and Baler to some hidden unknown beaches. Out of all these surf spots I have been to I can on say One is the best.

I will not mention the location of this Hidden paradise to preserve its beauty, but here are my five reasons why I rank it as the best surf spot I have been to.

  1. There is NO CROWD – it is literally a hidden paradise, there are no signs, no hotels, restaurants or even small inns at this location. You will only see nature with its raw beauty. (Be warned there are no toilets either =) )
  2. Emerald green Clear water – the joy of surfing in clear emerald waters is so satisfying. Its gives you the sense of inner peace.
  3. Fine white sand beach as far as the eye can see – the vastness of the beach can be mesmerizing complimented by the wild trees and bushes that provide you shelter from the sun while resting after a good days ride.
  4. Gentle by power full waves – this is probably the best feature of this beach. No where else I have experienced this kind of wave.
  5. Escape from everything – the remoteness of this location takes you on a different reality itself. You’ll forget about all your problems and clear away your worries, which will be replaced by inner peace.

Eventually people will find this place, but I’am happy to have experienced it on its raw state. I hope that everyone will be able to find their own secret paradise and be able to experience it in their lifetime.

A Day in the Life with a Toddler

7 am On a Saturday morning my little munchkin Skye woke up and it’s breakfast time!!! It seems a lot, many would think she will eat them all but nope, she will just pick up what she preferred hence I gave her varieties to choose from.But Yoghurt drink is her all time favorite.



After her breakfast, I let her watch educational videos in Youtube for about 30 minutes to an hour while I’m taking my breakfast.


Instead of morning walk, she loves biking every morning and human skin can make large amounts of vitamin D when lots of skin is exposed and the sun is high in the sky.



Playtime with her stuffed toys.She loves cuddling them and she even named them, Blue teddy bear is Daddy, the pink one is Mommy and lastly the one in red is Baby.I’m surprised that as early as 2, she knows the concept of a family.



After lunch she takes a nap and I get to study my lessons in VA bootcamp.


Snack time after a quick nap.



And since it’s a weekend, she gets to play with her cousins when we visit them.


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Mesmerized by the beauty of Bolinao Pangasinan!

In 2009, I was in college when I first fell in love with the beauty of the pristine beach of Patar Bolinao. It is so-called Boracay of the North. The white grainy sand, crystal clear water and the rock formations is so instagrammable. It is one of the must-visit tourist destinations here in Pangasinan. You shouldn’t miss a chance to do an activity like snorkeling and island hopping. It’s really fun.

Patar Beach Bolinao


Other Attractions in Bolinao

You can also explore other attractions aside from the beach. There are a number of caves and falls nearby,but you should hire a tourist guide as they knew the right direction. Remember to bring water and food because you will certainly get hungry and thirsty when you reach there. The Cape Bolinao lighthouse, one of the tallest lighthouses in the Philippines is just a minute away from the beach. Ten years ago, my colleague and I experienced the 140 stepped spiral staircase up to the top.  you can witnessed breathtaking  scenic beauty of Bolinao plus the strong wind coming from the south china sea, but it’s not open for tourists nowadays. The last time we checked, it was already locked.

Cape Bolinao Lighthouse

Bolinao Falls

Wonderful Cave Bolinao

Where to stay?

Are you a budget conscious? If you are, then, there’s so many transient houses to rent for just an affordable price, and a public beach where you only pay for the parking fee and cottages if you prefer to. 

There are also 3 star resorts but a bit pricey. One of those is the G resort which i highly recommend, it is calm, relaxing and cozy place with very accommodating and hospitable staff. The only thing that i hate about going to G resort is the rocky pavement road, it seems like it is hidden in the forest. But when you passed that road, it’s all worth it. All in all, G resort is the best place to stay. 

G Resort










You can also booked through,, etc. You can select your own choice of resort. Be sure to check the review first because pictures can be deceiving.

Must-visit place in Pangasinan

  • Tondol beach located in Anda Pangasinan
  • Tambobong beach and Colibra island located in Dasol, 
  • Cabongaoan Beach located in Burgos
  •  Hundred Island located in Alaminos City. 
  • Miraculous Church located in Manaoag
  • Sunflower Maze located in Tayug. 

You can add all of these places in your bucket list. You’ll surely enjoy the beauty of Pangasinan.

Virtual Assistant Roles:

Social Media MANAGEMENT versus Social Media MARKETING

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               We can no longer imagine a world without social media. It is often the first thing we check in the morning and the last thing we check at night. As we all must know now, social media allows small businesses to connect and interact with their target audiences easily and at virtually no cost- something you couldn’t even imagine in the past. Customers can now contact business directly online. They don’t even have to go through phone systems or send emails anymore.

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The strongest among these is Facebook, and it doesn’t seem slowing down (it’s just getting bigger and better).

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               We have a high percentage of active Facebook users among netizens in the world, so when our clients need their social media managed, who better than Facebook experts of the world, other than virtual assistants themselves, right? So let’s talk about your role as a social media manager. Some people confuse Social Media Management with Social Media Marketing.

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Here’s the difference…

Image result for social media vs marketing memes
The goal of Social Media Marketing (SMM) is to produce content that users will share with their social network to help a company increase brand exposure and broaden customer reach. Social media marketing focuses on things like plans that utilize Facebook ads, Twitter ads, marketing analytics, email marketing, and sales funnels. Your client may ask you to do certain task that are part of social media marketing, but they won’t expect you to know the topic in depth.

While in Social Media Management you are the individual in an organization trusted with monitoring, contributing, filtering, measuring, and otherwise guiding the social media presence of a brand, product, individual or corporation. This is what you’ll be doing as a VA. Related image

The main tasks may consist of the following:
1. Creating a database of posts (text, image, videos ) for your client’s social media accounts.
2. Posting the aforementioned posts according to a pre-defined schedule.
3. Responding to replies, comments, and inquiries on the business account profiles.
4. Maintaining and updating company information on social media accounts.
5. Help people appreciate the company’s account by adding a human touch of personal tone
6. Keep in mind there’s a thin line to draw when it comes to social media. You will be posting as a representative of the company and not as yourself, especially when people start criticizing the company or it’s posts, you have to remember to remain calm and professional.

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