Challenge Accepted!

I used to be addicted to the hit comedy series “How I Met Your Mother”. It’s famous character, Barney Stinson, likes to take on challenges, no matter how petty or senseless they were. Whenever he thinks he’s being challenged, he would always say “Challenge accepted!”. Sometimes he really proves he can, but there are times he can’t and ends up in sticky situations such as the ‘slap bet’ – where he suffers the consequences.


While it sure is funny when I recall all those episodes, it got me thinking about Barney’s behavior towards challenges. He always have that “can-do” attitude even if he’s not 100% sure what the outcome will be. Sure, he ended up being scared and paranoid on when he will receive his next ‘slap’, but still he gave the challenge his best shot.

We, too, can have that positive attitude in life and it’s challenges. No matter how big or small it may be, we can always think of it as the next level to a video game, another chapter in a novel, another mountain to conquer, another mystery solved, etc. – you get the picture. Once we overcome that challenge, we have that feeling of satisfaction, bragging rights, ‘level unlocked’ sort of thing which builds our confidence and self-esteem.

And though there’s a big risk that we may end up being slapped hard to our face, we can always say we gave it our best shot and learn from our mistakes. And yeah, years from now, we’ll just laugh hard about it.

So the next time life challenges you into something, be like Barney and tell yourself “Challenge accepted!”.


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