Cheap Honeymoon Destination – Boracay

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Do you have a very limited budget for your honeymoon? 

Don’t worry, there are still a number of places you can go to for a romantic honeymoon getaway.  One of those affordable options is Boracay.

Boracay is famous worldwide for having powdery white sand beach, blue waters, and good vibes.  It is true that it can get pretty crowded at certain times of the year, and the water can sometimes have a lot of seaweeds.  But if you know the time of year to go there and the hidden gems there that you can go to, you can have the time of your life in Boracay.

My husband and I had a very limited budget for our honeymoon because we are saving our money for starting a family and a business, and so we decided to go for Boracay since it is affordable, romantic, and there are so many food to choose from.   There are many hotels to choose from, from really budget friendly hotels that can only charge you from 400php to 500php per person, up to 5 start hotels just like Shangri-La Boracay.  For this honeymoon trip, we chose to stay at the secluded are of Nami resort.

Nami resort is perfect for honeymooners like us since it is near enough for us to walk to station 1 and 2, but far enough that we won’t get disturbed by the party vibe of boracay.  For around 7,000php, our room has an ocean view that we can look at every morning, or even at night, and there is even a jacuzzi on the balcony  😉  We get to have our own butler to cater to our needs, fantastic breakfast, and its just a piece of heaven on earth.  We made a video of what our room looks like in Nami:

After checking in our hotel, we walked towards station 1 to look for food, and even just walking in Boracay is such a scenic and romantic experience in itself.  One of the things I love about Boracay is that there so many food options no matter what time of the day you want to eat.  In my experience as a beach bum, most of the beaches I went to in the province have very limited food options, and the stores close very early(around 6 or 7pm.  In Boracay, the choices are endless.

There are also many activities to choose from, but we chose just to explore the island by walking and trying out different restaurants.  We love to eat!  I even have favorite restaurants in Boracay that I must go to every time we are in the island.

All in all, our week in Boracay was a very romantic, fun experience and we will defenitely be coming back.

If you want to know more about Boracay whether it is food, hotels, etc., comment below.

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