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I had created this Facebook group on December 6, 2016, with a total of 60+ members from the sales team including our General Sales Manager,  Group Managers, and the Sales Agents in the Automotive dealership that I had worked with a few years back. I was the dealer  Vehicle  Finance Coordinator that handles auto loan credit applications, customers proof of income and other documents that would testify the customers’ true identity. Prior to the creation of this Facebook group, all our transactions were done via email that caused  me  hard  to  pre-qualify the customers auto loan credit application due to slow downloading, and some of the salespeople  were  sending  messages including their bulk attachment of documents from the customer to my personal Facebook account that  made  me  decided to create a group.

I apparently made a closed Facebook group intended only for all sales team and has its own policy that synchronizes our existing company policy. I also gave guidelines on how to post documents that would not be viewable to the public to maintain the company and customers privacy that only members are able to see posts.   Different forms and templates were also uploaded for in case members would need they can easily access and have their own copy.

We found it very helpful in our everyday transactions. I could easily see their posts and give immediate suggestions if necessary. The transfer of information was very effective and no queries that were not responded. On the first quarter of 2017,  we hit our target of auto loan approvals from different banks and increased our sales because of fast transmission of documents and no credit applications that were not be processed.

Kudos to the Facebook author! The sales team really appreciate this platform and had our Dealer General Manager joined the group.

Arlene Sobredilla






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