Comfortly Delicious!

Need some comfort food like pies, cakes and home cooked meal? Banapple started baking pies & cheesecakes years ago, initially for friends and family, and referred food establishments. Shortly, Banapple expanded its client base to include well known food establishments and restaurants, all being served from a home-based kitchen located in Quezon City. Thank God they expand and you can dine with most of the mall from North to South. You’ll find their food so comforting and it makes you want them more not just to comfort but satisfy your cravings. Me personally I love their famous banoffie pie when I first tried it I want to rush to Katipunan to buy a whole cake so I can share the greatness of the pie to my family… Kinda OA but really you want to share the happiness with the chunks of banana, luscious caramel, whipped cream and shaves of chocolate the combination was great!










They are also famous with their cheesecakes and you must try the tiramisu cheesecake. Banapple serves yummy home-cooked style hot meals like the well-loved chicken parmigiano, lasagna roll-ups and hickory-smoked country ribs as well as sandwiches, pastas, and great pancakes. Banapple has become a pleasant landmark, and commuters stop for a quick take out to and from work and school. Bakers and wait staff are friendly and offer fast and personalized service. Great for breakfast, lunch, dinner and late-night snacks, anyone can enjoy yummy meals and excellent desserts alongside good coffee any time at very reasonable price.





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