Cook Pub, my Korean food cook hub

Cook Pub, my Korean food cook hub!

When you think of Korean food, what comes to your mind first? Let me guess, I bet it could be kimchi or spicy noodles, right? Well, for me, I love everything except for radish. No offense to radish lovers but sorry guys its unpleasant smell really loses my appetite.

My love for Korean food started with the love of K-dramas.  Almost all dramas always indulge into food.  I was curious then and started to crave the food the actors were eating.  Good thing there was a Korean restaurant near my working area.  But still I did not dine right away because I thought the price is quite expensive.  Not until my husband’s birthday that I experienced the food.   

Cook Pub is a modern Korean bistro and bar.  Located in Cebu at the 2nd Floor Island Central Mactan, Lapu-lapu City.  It is just a 5-minute trip from Mactan International Airport to the shopping center. 

There are wide array of Korean food with fusion of Filipino flavors to choose from.  I had ordered their best-seller bibimpan because it looks delicious in the menu. And yes, it is so good indeed!  It is a combo meal with rice, spicy pork, and assorted sautéed and seasoned shredded fresh vegetables.  Bibimpan has to be stirred thoroughly before eating so I let the server do the mixing since it is first time.  This meal goes along with pickled cucumber and kimchi as side dishes for free.  Among my other favorites are kimchi stew with pork, spicy squid salad, and beef bulgogi.  I also love tteokgalbi combo with Korean pancake, seaweed dumpling soup, rice, pickle, and blended iced tea.  Now I can relate the food the actors were eating in K-dramas! 

If you happen to visit Cebu, drop by and dine at Cook Pub.  The food is absolutely wonderful, from preparation to presentation and very pleasing free starters.  Aside from food, the place is sophisticated. The staffs are very friendly and very attentive to our needs. 

Great food!  Great service! Great price value!  I am looking forward to dining again in Cook Pub soon.

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