Delicacies you should not miss when visiting my Province, ISABELA!

The province of Isabela is the “Rice Granary of Northern Luzon” and “Corn Capital of the Philippines.’” But aside from being known as an agricultural haven, we offer tourist   authentic food that they  will surely feast upon.                                

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                      Batil Patong

Pancit Batil Patong is made out of pansit miki, minced carabao meat (water buffalo), bean sprouts and other vegetables topped with egg and chicharon.  Batil Patong if directly translated means “beat the egg” for Batil and “placed on top” for Patong and that explains the egg on top.

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                          Pancit Cabagan

Pancit Cabagan is a pansit version from the town of Cabagan. It can be considered as one of the most popular food in the province. This pansit version makes use of miki noodles, Lechon Carajay, and eggs similar to that of Pancit Batil Patung. However, the eggs are boiled and not poached. Quail eggs are commonly used to make this dish.

This pansit version also has more sauce compared to the others. The noodles are not submerged in sauce or broth. I think that Pancit Cabagan is a uniquely delicious pancit version that everyone should try.

The toppings make Pancit Cabagan more enjoyable. Imaging topping an already yummy pancit with slices of crispy lechon carajay and cooked igado.

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One of the proud delicacies of Isabela is the binallay. It is made up of glutinous rice flour covered with banana leaves and was steamed in a low heat to achieve the sticky texture of binallay. Its sauce is made up of freshly grated coconut milk and “tagapulot”(whole raw sugar). The blending of the sticky texture of the sticky rice flour cake with the sauce leaves a very soothing feeling upon tasting it.

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Isabelinos are also fond of eating healthy foods. They plant different kinds of vegetables in their backyard, and when the vegetables are harvested they will cook it clean and very fresh. One of the known vegetable delicacies of Isabela is the “dinengdeng” made probably with mixed vegetables like “sitaw”, “pallang”, “okra”, “patani”, “bulaklak ng kalabasa” and etc. It can also be added with fish to enrich its taste. This food gives you a great feeling of being healthy.

These foods are super delicious and very affordable. Surely, your trip to my Province will be even more fun and amazing when you tried these dishes.

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