Discover the 5 Wonders of Bohol


One of the most famous tourist attraction in Bohol is the geological formation of more than 1000 hills known as Chocolate Hills, a captivating sight year round. Most people who first see pictures of this landscape can hardly believe that these hills are not a man-made artifact.


If you love meeting some unique wildlife then Bohol has a treat for you – the Tarsier. This endangered primate is no bigger than my hand and boasts some of the biggest eyes in the animal kingdom! Stopping off at one of the Tarsier Sanctuaries will give you the opportunity to see these cute little creature in their natural habitat and hopefully snap an epic picture of their intense staring competitions.


Touring Bohol is never complete without touring around Loboc River while having lunch. The floating restaurant will not only fill your tummy, but the lush trees along the serene river in the cruise will surely make you feel relaxed.



Alona Beach is a gorgeous one and a half kilometer breadth of tropical paradise on Panglao Island. It is Bohol’s top beach destination for its white sand beach, blue waters and world class diving. Many of Bohol’s restaurants and activities are centered on Alona Beach. This patch of tropical bliss is surrounded in palm trees that veer towards the crystal clear waters.


Bohol is known for many caves, some historic like the Dagohoy cave yet the most popular of them and the most accessible is the underground Hinagdanan Cave located in Dauis. The cave was accidentally discovered by a farmer; while clearing his land he found 2 holes, curious, he dropped a stone and heard a splash. He built a ladder “hagdan” and was able to access the cave and find its hidden beauty, thus the origin of the name Hinagdanan.

And of course there’s lots more to do on the island too, such a visiting some of the historic churches, the local markets and some world class scuba diving.   So if you’re travelling to the Philippines anytime soon I highly recommend adding Bohol into your itinerary.


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