Disney Junior Shows

Now adays, a lot of kids are watching different kinds of shows. As parents, have you ever wondered if the shows give your kids a benefit for their knowledge and learnings?

I have watched these Disney Junior shows with my kid. The shows are rather fun and entertaining, but what i have observed is that my kid is interacting with the characters of the show. Kids and toddlers enjoy the different colors and sounds that they hear in the shows. They even sing along with the themesongs of the shows. As I was also listening to the songs, I have noticed that the meaning of the words of the song has a moral lesson.

Like the lyrics from a song of Sophia the First, “look for the wrong and make it right, be kind to others day and night”. These words may not sound like a moral if the characters were singing it, but when you listen to the words, you would know the meaning of the song.


I admire the Disney Junior shows for that reason and I would recommend these shows to other kids to watch.

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