Do you think pacifying kids with iPad is helpful?Why or Why not?

In my opinion as a mother of three and base on my personal experience, I could say that it depends on the behavior of the kids. First and foremost HOW WHO, WHEN, WHAT, WHERE, & WHY we have to pacify kids with iPad/gadgets. From the very beginning, I set limitations and boundaries from using gadgets. When the time comes that I have a very important thing to do and no one will look for him I will pacify but ill make sure that he will only watch a video that will educate or learn from it. But if there’s someone to look for him I will not allow, better to explore and play outside of the house. And to my side it is helpful, I will do my important matter because my son/daughter is behaving and busy watching on his iPad. 


Here come’s my RULES!


To my first born when she was about age 7 or 8, she used the desktop for 1 to 2 hours every weekend only. When she reaches 12 years old or grade 7  we allow her to use cellphone anytime but not bringing at school and at 9 pm its bedtime and no more cellphone! That rules also applied to my second child. He uses his tablet every weekend only and I allow him to use the desktop for 1 to 2 hrs. But how about my youngest the toddler one….how can I set rules? here’s how…when he’s awake I’ll let him first to play his toys and when he gets bored that’s the only time I allow him the iPad/gadgets and limit for only about an hour or two and then turn it off. And then, again play around the house or outside just to avoid his eyes from iPad.


Setting rules are not easy!!! Why??? Because of all people in the world we ” the MOTHER” have the soft-hearted especially to our kids. But someday, somehow they will understand setting rules, and it will beneficial to them.


At the end…I will pacify my kids with iPad but SET RULES! 


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