Eleven Popular Instagram Themes Used by Influencers

Instagram themes have never been as bankable as they are today. So, many bloggers and content writers are upping the game in their attempt to increase followers and engagements. It’s really like a competition out there! But which ones are in the running towards becoming the most popular Instagram themes? Well, that’s just what we have listed out for you. Here are some of today’s most Popular Instagram themes.

Stress-free Beach Theme

If you are thinking about Bethany Menzel, you are right to associate the lifestyle blogger with this popular Instagram theme. Menzel’s photos are typically shot in a house, beach, or an outdoor setting with herself or her family as the subject. These simple settings are made superb in pure, low-saturated, light tones such as the picture below.

Popular Instagram Themes: (1) Stress-free beach


Being true to oneself is vital to keep the consistency in this Instagram theme. Your lifestyle should reflect in your posts. Thereafter, originality and consistency follow. That’s also Menzel’s secret in maintaining the aesthetic of her own theme.

Border-style Theme

You may still be looking for your own Instagram Theme. Why not take inspiration from Caroline Ingraham Lee’s Border-style theme? But one piece of caution: this theme is as unique as it is unnerving.  Only few journey to the border world as it can be a lot of work. Take a look at the sample below.

Popular Instagram Themes: (2) Border Style


It may not look like much, but once you dedicate yourself to it, you have to maintain it with every bit of effort. Lee confirms this too as she also spends quite a time to prep her photos. Photo-editing apps, like VSCO, A Color Story, and Afterlight are your best friends to stay consistent with this theme.

Color Blocking Theme

One of the most regular Instagram posters is cosmetic brands. Well, why shouldn’t they be when the most engaged beauty community is in it. But with so many of them flooding in Instagram, it can be difficult for most to penetrate the short attention spanned audience. But Kat Von D Beauty stood out perfectly! Its secret? The Color Blocking theme.

Popular Instagram Themes: (3) Color-Blocking Popular Instagram Themes: (3b) Color-Blocking

Be in awe of how eye-catching your posts can be with this technique. Such aesthetic could rarely go unnoticed.

Versatile and Vibrant Theme

What is hard work compared to 840, 000 followers? Tara of Tara Milk Tea started photography as a hobby, and just like all beginners, she first sucked at it before finally mastering her piece. Her posts are typically about food, fashion, and travel shot on different occasions and in different parts of the world. Here is a similarly-themed photo.

Popular Instagram Themes: (4) Versatile VibrantPixabay.com

Nothing can go wrong with vibrant photos as it is one of the popular Instagram themes, but your posts should go beyond the trend and be diverse as possible.

 Pure Minimalist Theme

With a whopping 413, 000 Instagram followers, Everlane, an apparel start-up, creates tons of gorgeous photos aligned to a simple and clean minimalist theme. It goes well with the brand, and it might also go well with yours. Take a look.

Popular Instagram Themes: (5) Pure Minimalist


Be true to what you believe in and create a pure Instagram theme.

Minimalist Black and White Theme

A minimalist black and white Instagram theme are as hard to maintain as it is simple. You have to put in a lot of effort to the selection of the scene, at least this is what the popular Spanish photographer, Jose Luis, pointed out. He added that unnecessary objects should be removed or reduced to not defeat the story each photo wants to tell. Here’s how it would look like.

Popular Instagram Themes: (6) Minimalist Black and White


The theme is not for everyone. One has to be a good storyteller and good in symmetry to achieve the desired output


Minimal and Elegant Theme

Had enough of the minimalist theme yet? Well, here’s another popular one. As a minimalist, this style requires more negative space than colors, but it is not as blank as you may think it is. In fact, beauty vlogger Kelsey Simone already has almost 700, 000 followers on Instagram with this theme on. Want to see how the theme is like? Check the photo below!

Popular Instagram Themes: (7) Minimal and Elegant


When emulating this theme, one has to be cohesive with his palette choice while retaining authenticity.

Vintage-inspired Theme

Vintage never goes out of style. It is and will always be among the popular Instagram themes. That shot of an unconventional, laid-back lifestyle is mesmerizing. One such adherent is DÔEN, a product-based account, which has garnered an overwhelming attention from followers and viewers.

Popular Instagram Themes: (8) Vintage Inspired


Up top are beautiful vintage-inspired Instagram photos whose color palette has an enthralling earthly tone.

Soft-hued Pastel Theme

There is nothing more color-consistent than a color-based theme. Thus, Tom Windeknecht, a photographer and content creator, aims at pink and blue hues to create a consistent color palette for his Instagram theme. You can already imagine it; nevertheless, here are some examples:

Popular Instagram Themes: (9) Soft-Hued Pastel Popular Instagram Themes: (9) Soft-Hued Pastel


Color-consistent themes like this will really radiate in Instagram feeds.

Pristine Food Theme

Ever seen an Instagram post with such unblemished mouth-watering food on a plate? That is the artistry that Foodstarz was blessed with which racked up more than 261, 000 followers, making them one of the best food porn on Instagram. Ready to peek? Here’s one.

Popular Instagram Themes: (10) Pristine-food


This popular theme harnessed quite an amount of creativity and artistry, which brought it to the pinnacle of excellence.

Delightful Cake Theme

Food porn Instagram feeds have been so seductive nowadays. Delightful cake themes are particularly heart-stopping. An example is Olga Noskova of Noskova bakes’ Instagram account which is followed by almost 600, 000 people. Her marble-like cake photos look so perfect that you hesitate to eat them.


Popular Instagram Themes: (11) Delightful Cake


If cake-selling accounts are to stand out, the theme should be more than the typical. Needless to say, Instagram users have to equate the quality of their photo with their actual product’s quality.

Instagram is a hub for the best photos and short videos. Unquestionably, a consistent, unique and eye-catching theme is key to attracting viewers and increasing followers. The number of Popular Instagram themes are increasing by the day, so one has to be updated to keep up with the trend.

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