You thought there’s none, but there is, there is, there is!
(Akala mo lang Wala, Pero meron, meron, meron!)

Filipinos (of course including me) got used to having self — made vocabulary, and that includes this legendary line
quoted from a Philippine movie “Bata, Bata, Paano Ka Ginawa?” (child, child, how were you made?) .
And I can say this is a very user — friendly quote. I know some folks who almost freaked out when they hear someone using that line for like a hundred times. Oh, I remember this one incident at the park. Guess what happened.
Well, okay, so this is how it began:
One hot summer afternoon (wow, my hair almost got fired up), a bunch of guy teens strolling around Luneta park was tripping with friends. They kept on saying “you thought there’s none, but there is, there is, there is!” And as I heard it they must be talking about a haunted house situated nearby and was known to have killed two strangers. Petty quarreling, one boy hit a fellow with a ball and accidentally, smashed the head of a 40–45-year-old guy seated near them.
With mouth agape, I watched the guy’s reaction as he gritted his teeth and advanced towards the teens’ direction who were dumbfounded by what happened.
“See what you did?” the guy asked the teen.
“Sorry sir we’re just having fun..” in an apologetic tone, the teen replied.
“Fun? Is this fun? “ pointing his forehead with a hint of blood, the guy said.
“ Sorry sir we didn’t mean it, ‘nothing wrong with having fun, sir. “
“ Well you thought there’s none, but there is, there is, there is!!!! “ Angrily pointing to each of them.

And I was stupefied.
Just how did they end up with that famous line I don’t know, all I can say is it’s either the influence of the movie or the “please give me an Oscar” performance of Carlo Aquino. Love that movie.

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