As a mother of two children, having a work at home would be a dream. Aside from taking care the children, you can take care as well as your home and husband. Five years ago i wish that there’s a work from home, because working at the comfort of your home is more beneficial. In the Philippines, most especially in Metro Manila, Edsa is the biggest parking around the metro. So if you came from San Pedro Laguna going to Makati and at the office at 8am you must on your way at 5 am so that you wont be late or else memo will slap on your face, yay!. Another thing if you’re a new mother and breastfeeding your baby, no problem you can breastfeed anytime you want, because you don’t need to go out to work, because the kitchen table, the center table in your sala or the freezer in your sari sari store is your desk. Super cold in the morning or worst than that is no water in the morning, all you need is brush your teeth and comb your hair, a cup of coffee yes don’t forget that because your office pantry is two steps in your bedroom. There’s a lot of advantage working at home you can sleep well and paid well, no toxic office mate and you can wear the dress you want. 
That’s freelancing.

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