Mother working at home with her kids.

We have seen and heard  a lot of violence happening in our country, victims of rape , pedophile , beaten by other people to whom  we entrust our children. Why are those things happen? Because both parents are working in a corporate world, away from their kids, they will go to work early in the morning and go home late. Moms and Dads work hard to give their children everything they need.  But they did not realize other needs of their children  like the precious time the child is longing for.

Being a mom, I always think the best for my kids. I’m an OFW and spent ten years working abroad, although I’ve chatted with my family everyday via skype and viber I felt the emptiness inside of me, I really miss them, I want to hug and kiss them, be with my family. Working outside the country is a tough job, you worked with people who has different culture, food, and climate,  you have to adopt everything,  different housemates and roommates, working in shifting schedules 3 months day shift, 3 months night shift, 2 weeks night shift and 2 weeks day shift. How can you really take care of your kids if you are not with them? There are times when your kids didn’t understand why you are not with them during birthdays and special occasions.

Most  OFW’s  didn’t like to leave their family but they don’t have any choice, that’s the last option for them to earn more money.

Freelancing is the best option for stay-at-home moms or dads, because we can earn more money at the comfort of our home and take care of our family at the same time.

Parental guidance is very important  to our children, you can mold and shape the child’s future. Being a freelancer you can choose the best job that fits you,  earn a living and doing what you love,  a flexible time, so you can attend your kids school activities and meetings

“For parents who want to spend time with their children, self-employment can provide the flexibility to ease back into work in a way that many workplaces do not offer,” said Duncan O’Leary, Demos research director.

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