Freelancing, My Best Option

As one of the OFWs living outside the Philippines, away from home and family, there is no way of embracing loved ones but virtually through video calling. Technology is quite convenient, right? You can see and talk to them online. Watch your kids grow, watch them open balikbayan boxes that you sent, watch them play, celebrate holidays with them…ONLINE:(

As technology makes us all connected, why not technology let us come together.  Freelancing is the best option I see.  As a single parent, I want to be with my child all the time and take care of her. Who doesn’t want that, right? Being away from her makes me feel bad. Now I want to take part of her growth and I want to teach her personally about everything. How will I do that if I am away from her.

Surfing the internet, I happened to see one of Jason’s posts about freelancing, virtual assistant and working from home stuffs. I got interested and signed up for the free courses. I watched the videos posted on his youtube channel and checked out his FLIP group on facebook. I got inspired by the jassuccess stories he posted and I noticed that mostly are full time moms and dads who are able to take care of their family while earning dollars. I want to be one of them so I decided to give it a try.

Now I am taking the course and my goal is to finish everything and be hired in a month. I am doing this for my baby, for her future. I am a terrible writer haha. But for her I will do everything. While there’s an old saying “If others can, why can’t I”, I am wishing every student the best luck in job hunting. Fighting Pinoy!!



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